Hayden Panettiere & Bristol Palin battle teen pregnancy

May 7th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Hayden Panettiere and Bristol Palin joined forces on Wednesday for National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Day in NYC sponsored by The Candies Foundation. It was an unlikely matchup considering Hayden campaigned for Obama while Bristol’s uterus sunk her mother’s entire political career. Us Magazine reports:

“It’s very nice that she’s come out to support this, and it’s nice to have her,” Panettiere said. “Teenagers get to look at her, and she can say, ‘This happened to me.’ This is all politics aside. She is just a girl out here saying, ‘Look, it happened to me — it can happen to you.’”
Although Panettiere didn’t promote abstinence, she said she believes teens should be responsible.
“There’s a lot of different viewpoints on sex, and I’m not someone who will ever boo-hoo anything or say, ‘This is not right,’ or, ‘This is wrong,’” she said. “You’re going to do what you’re going to do, but at the end of the day, it’s okay as long as you educate yourself, as long as you’re safe, as long as you’re smart.”

You know what would unite this country? If Bristol picked up Hayden and carried her in a Baby Bjorn. Now that’s a photo op you can believe in. Also, anyone who’s about to suggest some sort of breast-feeding transpire, stop reading my mind loving America so much.

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  1. Seal

    Hey # 43: For a party that wants transparency & loves taxing, the D men sure don’t want to comply: Rahm Immanuel (Chief of Staff for Oboe) did a 3 yr stint Wall Street-earned $16 million, caught 5 yrs not paying taxes. Charlie Rangel- Chair of House Ways &Means- caught cheatin’ on Carribean & NYC rental income. I could go on. It’s on both sides of the aisle my friend. Hey, thanks for playing tho.

  2. These two cock jockeys promoting abstinence is as ludicrous as me promoting anti-marijuana legislation to Michael Phelps.

  3. em

    #52, learn to read. They’re NOT promoting abstinence.

    It’s good that they’re both campaigning for this cause as it is such a large issue in many countries, but I agree with #10, pregnancy doesn’t just happen, but mistakes and irresponsibility can cause unwanted pregnancies that are causing problems.

  4. #53 – “learn to read”? OOOOOOOOOO, you cut so deep man… I bet people just hate pissing you off because they always leave crying… blow me, idiot. You’ll forgive me if I didn’t take the time to research what these two idiots’ cause du jour happens to be…

  5. hayden@panoftears.com

    Heroes chicky is a dwarf right? Look at her regular human sized noggin on her dwarf body.. totally out of proportion, lollipop head.

  6. em

    #54, nah, I wouldn’t touch a loser like you with a barge pole. Sorry “man”.

  7. Prettybaby

    This is pretty humorous to me….

    Ummm there is NO way Hayden doesn’t boink all those old Hispanic dudes she dates in Hollywood. C’mon. Both of these girls like the dick.

    #52 haha Rich… cock jockeys!
    #56 zip it

  8. Kalhe

    My question is, who is taking care of Bristol’s kid while she’s out campaigning to be abstinence and not make “her mistake”? Personally, all she’s doing is parading around that you can get knocked up and then get glorified while shunning your responsibility as a mom =/. While I won’t knock Bristol for changing her mind on abstinence, you’d think for someone who grew up on “abstinence only” she’d realize that you can’t throw your eggs into one basket and assume only one method of safe sex is the only method that works. She’s a big shout out, that it isn’t.

  9. em

    #57 oh sure I’m gonna listen to someone who calls themselves “pretty baby”, jeez.

  10. I really like Hayden Panetierre, yes I do, he’s a cool girl. Proves just utterly ridiculous and promoting abstinence, sex education and to build self-esteem only U.S. / Europes vast difference between the rate of teen pregnancy as a way to reduce conception rates are. Even (UK highest in Europe) is one half the U.S. rate of teen preg.

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  12. She’s cute.

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