Hayden Panettiere & Bristol Palin battle teen pregnancy

May 7th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Hayden Panettiere and Bristol Palin joined forces on Wednesday for National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Day in NYC sponsored by The Candies Foundation. It was an unlikely matchup considering Hayden campaigned for Obama while Bristol’s uterus sunk her mother’s entire political career. Us Magazine reports:

“It’s very nice that she’s come out to support this, and it’s nice to have her,” Panettiere said. “Teenagers get to look at her, and she can say, ‘This happened to me.’ This is all politics aside. She is just a girl out here saying, ‘Look, it happened to me — it can happen to you.’”
Although Panettiere didn’t promote abstinence, she said she believes teens should be responsible.
“There’s a lot of different viewpoints on sex, and I’m not someone who will ever boo-hoo anything or say, ‘This is not right,’ or, ‘This is wrong,’” she said. “You’re going to do what you’re going to do, but at the end of the day, it’s okay as long as you educate yourself, as long as you’re safe, as long as you’re smart.”

You know what would unite this country? If Bristol picked up Hayden and carried her in a Baby Bjorn. Now that’s a photo op you can believe in. Also, anyone who’s about to suggest some sort of breast-feeding transpire, stop reading my mind loving America so much.

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  1. Come-Honor-Face

    Bet Bristol goes back to Alaska knocked up again. and 1st?

  2. sad


  3. Randal

    Look at the smile on Bristol’s face just from meeting a big time celebrity in Hayden, who also has given some great life tips and advice for future young moms around the world.


  4. ok

    does anyone else think that they look oddly similar? in the face? and by the way, hayden is looking fat again.

  5. ph7

    I’d pick Bristol if it weren’t for that Alaskan mullet. But, then again, it would nice to grab onto that mane while banging her on all fours.

  6. HERO261

    still do’em both…….at the same time……then have’em go iron my shirts and cook my dinner after….there you go girls….thats right know your place!

  7. yo


    she’s adorable, i love her

  8. no no no

    wasn´t she the one with the pregnancy scare? arround 18 with 30-somethig-year-old-bf?

    talk about hipocritical, baby

  9. It’s sad that we even know who these two talent-less twats are…

  10. wtf

    “it happened to me – it could happen to you”
    Pregnancy doesn’t just HAPPEN to you, like you suddenly get cancer or something.
    you have to do something in order to have it happen, and that thing is called unprotected sex.
    let’s not make this bristol bitch out to be some sort of martyr because she got knocked up.

  11. mikeock

    Now there’s a brain trust.

  12. kat

    i hate that midget bitch, hayden or whatever

  13. Joe the Plumber's Crack

    …and then somebody with a working brain cell walked into the room and said “Teenagers appreciate the value of abstinence only AFTER pregnancy, like Bristol here, so if you want to PREVENT teen pregnancy, it doesn’t work.”

  14. “This is all politics aside”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Funniest thing I have read all day.

  15. mikeock

    Can I get a 3-way with these brainless twats?

  16. I can’t stand Hayden, but at least she is taking the realistic approach by saying “be careful and smart.”

    The Bristol talks you’d think birth control didn’t exist.

  17. I can’t stand Hayden, but at least she is taking the realistic approach by saying “be careful and smart.”

    The way Bristol talks you’d think birth control didn’t exist.

  18. I can’t stand Hayden, but at least she is taking the realistic approach by saying “be careful and smart.”

    The way Bristol talks you’d think birth control didn’t exist.

  19. Juan Motime

    Hayden is so small she could rent herself out as a pin~ata. “I want candy!” Kind of a chubster… Bristol has that eskimo glo

  20. @16,17,18 duh, in her house id dosen’t. Stupid relgist extremists.

  21. Donkey Punch

    Bristol is such an idiot. The whore got herself knocked up and she thinks following the Christian party line does any good other than make uneducated tramps like her pregnant?

  22. PunkA

    Bristol is a really cute girl, but her hair is just horrible. Her style gives her a fivehead. Plus, it is not really a style is it. If she had an Aniston cut, she’d look awesome.

  23. Ted

    So how did they arrange this, exactly? It looks like they started with Hayden, and then she said “And now, please meet an actual slut!!!” and out walks Bristol.

  24. Deacon Jones

    Bristol shouldve at least worn a white shirt to show off her tits, then maybe she’d be taken more seriously.

  25. Mr. Obvious

    Is Bristol legal yet? I would totally go for either of those girls.

  26. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    I actually like Hayden Panetierre, yes I do, she’s a cool chick. and promoting abstinence is just utterly ridiculous, sex education and self esteem building are the only ways to reduce conception rates as the vast difference between US/Europes teen conception rates proves. even the UK (highest in europe) has a teen preg rate half that of the US.

  27. “You know what would unite this country? If Bristol picked up Hayden and carried her in a Baby Bjorn. Now that’s a photo op you can believe in. Also, anyone who’s about to suggest some sort of breast-feeding transpire, stop reading my mind loving America so much.”

    Funniest thing I’ve ever read.

  28. SSJPabs

    I have no problem with promoting abstinence as part of a program. It’s cheaper and full proof and requires little in terms of proper education in how to go about it. Hell I practice abstinence during day most of the time.

    Abstinence only is BS though.

  29. mike

    Its sad that Bristols ditz of a mother is sending her daughter out on all these damage control missions. Just so she can get trounced in the 12 elections. If you look close enough you can see Bristols puppet strings.

  30. Darth

    I’m quite impressed! Teen pregnancy that’s pretty important stuff!

  31. geez

    ultimate facepalm…….just let them fuck who cares

  32. Rhialto

    I’ve difficulties with getting up from bed lately.Can somebody here give me a wake up call??

  33. Seal

    hey # 29 : The right is so bad aren’t they? At least Bristol is healthy. Breck boy Edwards has the terminal wifey shilling for him, trying to rehab his career so he doesn’t have to chase ambulances anymore. Pathetic. He’s toast. Don’t even start me on gaffemeister Biden and his coke daughter. Or Barney “buttpirate” Fwank and, and …oh yeah, he’s gay! Why don’t you save your hate and energy for those across the globe who would rather have your head on a skewer! C ya.

  34. Would Bristol message be less effective, if she wore other than black fabric? I dont understand…

  35. jack

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Hayden hasn’t been having sex with all those old men that she’s been with…

  36. jay

    that outfit hayden is wearing makes her look kinda chunky, even though she isnt. she is really going to have to watch her weight or she will balloon out in a few years. bristol looks better than hayden, but i agree with the comments about her hair; makes her look like the hick she is..anyway, both of the girls should just shut their mouth, because neither of them are even remotely intelligent.

  37. mike

    Wow #33! Ever hear of the term hypocrite? You tell me to save my hate after you just unleashed that. You can rip on Edwards till your blue in the face for all I care. There aren’t many bigger douchbags on this planet than John Edwards. As far as Frank goes. At least he’s brave enough to admit he’s gay, unlike the closeted homosexual Larry “foot tap”Craig.

  38. Scott

    …or pedophile Mark Foley…or Ted Haggard

    But back on topic, “I’m not someone who will ever boo-hoo anything…” did Hayden mean “pooh pooh” anything?

  39. Seal

    ..or Bubba Clinton (well he finally admitted it) or Ted (she’s quit bubbling) Kennedy.

  40. Objac

    Umm didn’t Hayden do an ad on Funny or Die where like she said that if McCain-Palin got elected we would all be fucked?

  41. Matt

    Bristol is sooo fuckin hot. I would nut in her without thinking once…let alone twice. After I nut on her face though….

    But yeah…she’s pretty smokin hot.

  42. anon

    hayden looks frumpy

  43. Scott

    #39 Taking a reading comprehension class might be something you could consider (I’ll let you try and figure out why your last post doesn’t make sense).

    For a party that hates the gays, the R men should love their homosexual sex.

  44. Truth Doctor

    hayden looks frumpy because she’s a megabitch. Her twat turns coal into diamond while-u-wait.

  45. mellowyellow

    I agree with the be safe and smart message..because at the end of the day kids are still gonna have sex. The abstinence thing doesn’t work. However, don’t come all “Oh I’m pregnant” like its some mysterious disease. Kids need to realise that its a by-product of sex-WOW. That’s news.

    Bottom line-contraception. No excuses these days. We all know that babies aren’t dropped off by the stork down the chimney, etc. And only completely idotic people cannot remember to take a pill each day. Bam you are covered pretty much!

  46. prop8myBALLS

    Hayden was campaigning for WORK in Hollyweird ,because all of the actors are scared to speak out against the homos and not get work. Mickey Rourke said in an interview that Sean Penn was” THE BIGGEST HOMOPHOBE THAT HE KNEW” and that was before the OSCAR MYER MY WEINERS !

  47. …………..VISIT THE GUY’S, folks.

  48. Rachel

    Ironically, considering their political stand points, I think they look like sisters!

  49. Kodos


    Can we all say “two girls/one fill-in-the-blank”?


  50. nicole

    no fucking way… i once got drunk with bristol. i live in juneau and the governor’s mansion is like, 3 blocks away from my house.

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