Hayden Panettiere bikini pictures

August 1st, 2007 // 108 Comments

  1. She is still no Hanna Montana

  2. jc

    most of you are retarded
    you know she is way hotter than any girl you know
    and if she let u, all u nerds would fuck her in a new york minute
    god i love these nerd liars who say she isnt hot
    please get a non-internet girlfriend then talk.

  3. yolatengo

    I am soooo tired of every fucking male going on and on over every underage/ average at best / ‘new’ girl on the scene… the count-downs and wink/-winks as they stumble over each other to prove to the pack that they’re a hetero, red-blooded ‘regular’ American male …..brintey, lindsay, olsens etc…. then the minute the deer in headlights actually becomes an adult female damn does this tune change from the youth- obsessed/pedophile fuckers that made the dumb bitch think she was the next marylin monroe…. poor dumb-ass is left hanging dry w/out a fucking clue as to what to do with herself once she is over the hill at the ripe age of 22.

  4. looks like Steven from Laguna BEACH IN PIC 2. He’s tapping her?

  5. PAULA

    oh, you all are just jealous of her pretty face and healthy body. I bet you all stupid girls look fat and ugly, but it’s always easier to talk trash when nobody can see your face, right?
    ASSHOLES… she is pretty, very pretty indeed!

  6. Hydro74

    Here’s the over under – she falls apart (a la Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears, Tara Reid, both the chick from Clueless (Silverstone and the one from Sin City, ad infinitum) by age …


    All she needs is a coke habit and a few weekends in Vegas, evidentially.

    I’d really like to start seeing her hanging out with Kim Kardashian. Then I won’t have to look at multiple web pages for shots of two chicks I could care less about but inexplicably find hot.

  7. petri

    shes shaped like a rectangle. i dont even know what she’s famous for and she has smaller boobs than lilo

  8. We-Le-Surrender....

    Ahhh… forbidden fruit…
    with ass flab in pick 4…
    get on the stepper baby… you are 17 only once…

  9. Pimpin' Cane

    when is the sex tape coming out? can’t wait to see someone spluge all over those tiny little titties. you can tell she’s a screamer. I could tap that ass 24/7.

  10. this guy

    Be sure to show off your raisins!!!

  11. Milandir

    I’d hit it… in just over 2 weeks.

  12. Elisabeth

    Actually, I think she`s fat. But maybe I am just visually f…d up by looking at starved nicole r. and paris h. all day. Whi knows.

    X e

  13. delight

    i don’t like her body at all.,,,she is no gross but its just ok

  14. gay4girls

    She’s so tiny, you can easily pretend that she’s 5 years younger than she really is. And THEN you get hard.

  15. MeatSack


    My parole officer would not allow a post on this matter.

  16. Italian Stallion

    @46 “lemon party”……….TSFSRT…………..

  17. Texas Tranny

    gay4girls, you’re right, if she keeps her pussy shaved it would be like fucking a 12 year old.
    I still think that’s a cute bikini.

  18. Scott

    Saw this picture in the Post this morning, what’s the big deal, she’s kind of fat

  19. Frick!

    I’m surprised so many people think this male midget in a bikini is hot. Don’t fricken get it.

  20. Sauron

    This is a healthy looking girl for her age.She looks fit enough to carry my grocery bags on saturday’s.

  21. Um, look at her ass in pic 4. Its going to be trouble real soon. She isn’t skinny, but she doesn’t have curves either, she’s wide and flat. But that face makes up for it…. for now.

  22. Dorkfest

    No way there’s hair there. All these stupid young bitches shave/wax it all off now anyway so no such luck. OOooooo, scary hair! OMG!!!

  23. El Ces

    She’s such a pretty, healthy-looking girl.
    I hope she doesn’t mess around with any plastic surgury.
    They’ll start trying to push it on her soon if they haven’t already.

  24. Lowlands

    I noticed this before that young girls need to get rid of their surplus of energy.Yes i think running is also a good option.

  25. Thatguyfromthatshow

    Weird why isn’t she licking stuff?

  26. Me

    She looks like a 14-year-old virginal version of Kirstin Cavallari, it’s no wonder Stephen went for her.

  27. ziggurat

    oh GOD! Get some clothes on! That put me off my appetite. Just as I was recovering from BS . . . and TR . . . If I looked like that, I’d put on a moo moo and a ski-mask . . .and never go out into daylight!

  28. sweetnsnooty

    Hayden WHO?

  29. I’m sure once she grows up (re: is legal) she will be super duper sexy and hot and all that. But not now. In one month she will be I bet.


  30. Hot! Just keep the meth and coke out of your nose darlin’, and you’ll be fine.

  31. LivewireT


    When it comes down to it, she has a normal body, but after reading the words “Male midget” I took a second look. In pic #11, you are absolutely right…lol I can’t stop lauging b/c it looks like she’s Mr. Olympia.

  32. LivewireT


    When it comes down to it, she has a normal body, but after reading the words “Male midget” I took a second look. In pic #11, you are absolutely right…lol I can’t stop lauging b/c it looks like she’s Mr. Olympia.

  33. She’s just so hot! I must have her…

  34. sara

    shes kind of dwarfish

  35. sara

    shes kind of dwarfish

  36. sara

    shes kind of dwarfish

  37. Albaham Rinkon

    Wow, that is I as I see is a nice piece of hangar steak in pic #4. She should have spankeen for such offense.

  38. Christine

    I think she looks like she’s pushing maximum density, as it there is a fat girl waiting to push out of her any second. I don’t think she’s fat at all; I just think she’s got it as a possibility.

  39. after careful study on the darkspots in pics 6/27, I have concluded that it is NOT pubic hair but rather a very large MOLE she is hiding down there. Although not harmful the mole can be rather distracting while trying to ‘get your groove on’. that is all, anyways I’d still hit it…..3 times!!!!!!!

  40. Frybread

    She’s pretty, but she’s too short for me. She looks like a midget in some pictures. In these, however, I’d hit it. Then I’d be thrown in jail :*(

  41. Sheva

    In due course she will be of a certain maturity to be struck with the thunderclap of my …..

    The day is coming. And cheerleaders can save my ……

  42. I’ll pass, thank you.

  43. keara

    her body is not like a man

  44. Britain's No.1

    What a girl! If you dont think shes gorgeous you a quite simply gay! She’s gorgeous, sexy, and simply HOT. People say she looks young but In England 16′s the legal age for sex and 18′s for drink! America must be shit if you have to be 18 to have sex and 21 to drink. Dont think i could live with that! Great Britain Rules!

  45. Britain's No.1

    Bulldog 50# you need a good slap and to get you sexuality sorted out.

  46. She is very pretty, I don’t get why people have to be so rude on the internet.

  47. mark

    A total munchkin with zero sex appeal and chipmunk cheeks.

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