Hayden Panettiere bikini pictures

July 9th, 2007 // 191 Comments

Hayden Panettiere, the cheerleader from Heroes, spent her weekend at the beach frolicking around with some dude. And if you thought I was kidding when I said to expect two more months of celebrity bikini pictures, I wasn’t. My God, was I wasn’t. There are two things I never joke around about. One is celebrity bikini pictures and the other is broccoli. You lose your concentration for just one second in this game and you’ll get burned. By, uh, broccoli. …What?

NOTE: I think this chick is like eight or something. If your eyes are open right now you’re probably going to jail.

UPDATE: Turns out the guy with Hayden is Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach. Thanks to everybody for sending that in, though there’s really no reason anybody should know that.


  1. BladAsBritney

    Douche x 2=Douches

  2. whitegold

    Heroes is a cool show, so I’m not gonna say anything mean.

  3. Rosie O.

    It’s so good to see several stories in a row features girls who are healthy instead of anorexic. I hope all girls eat in a more healthy way, and plump up their thighs, ass, and guts to reach a nice, healthy roundness. None of them should weigh less than 150 lbs. That’s just unhealthy. 175 should be their target, minimally.

  4. George Bush

    If I were her dad, I would have started a wrestling “game” back when she hit puberty, so that now I could laugh at her boyfriend because I’d been fingering her every day for the last 6 years.

  5. Wee

    She’s not B-cups, she’s less than that.
    My wife’s boobs are B’s and they’re bigger than those. If those were B then they would look like a D on her, her body is too small.

  6. Skip Panettiere

    I have her “the shocker” every night at bedtime, starting at age 12. She loved it! The only problem was going back to my own bedroom, where I’ve got my very own fuckin dried-up plastic surgeried desperate housewife waiting. Best I could do was say I didn’t feel well, then roll over and spend the next hour smelling my fingers. I love my fuckin daughter so much!!!

  7. Coco

    at #26 – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i’m still laughing at that. i shouldn’t, because i’m female, but well done, very amusing.

  8. she’s hot……..what else can I say?

  9. Those pictures made me feel like a Chester.




  10. Zeriouz Breaking Newz:
    for anyone who haz family in Sanford, Fl..Seminole county..on Wilson Bay Court//
    a zmall 330 Cessna twim engine crazhed into 2 homez and the pilot iz dead and 3 people are in critical condition..the airplane waz leaving Datona Beach for Lakeland. 4 other people were not in there home when the plane hit the 2 homes..smoke in the cockpit supposedly waz the cause…ztill inveztigating..hope itz no one any of U know.

  11. you horny bastards are way too late. this nasty whore has probably been having sex since about 13. she should have a sign that says ‘you can’t be first but you can be next’. either way I’d glue her eyes shut………….and make her give me a rusty trombone

  12. I’d give her pure anal………….

  13. shanipie

    Anyone else get the feeling that looking at her you can really see her becoming fat one day? Like she has the potential to be a total porker?

  14. yeahright

    #110 Fuck you, kelli, I’d believe that you’re really truly concerned about the people involved in this if you still weren’t typing everything in z’s – that’s calculating of you. Nice use of someone else’s tragedy, good going.

  15. PrettyBaby

    #103- Target weight of 175?!!!???? Ummmmm…..yeah. Do I dare say it?


  16. Ozzie

    This ho has the potential to blohan Lindsay off the map….

    I’m thinking mother/ daughter Carnival booze cruise with she and Blohan, and her mother and Dina….


  17. theblender101

    chunky ,she definitly is chormal (chubbby normal)

  18. theblender101

    chunky ,she definitly is chormal (chubbby normal)

  19. Bill O'Reilly

    There’s nothing wrong with a little light molestation of your daughter, as long as you really love her.


    all you people need to get a life! hayden is one of the only real females left in hollywood. the rest are all fake.

  21. Hulla

    Great body. Definitly not on the skinny side but nice and fit.

  22. stephen

    and exactly how is she fat again..what were you expecting a nicole richie look a like.

  23. dr phil

    So an underage incest victim in a bikini “is one of the only real females left in hollywood.”

    That’s just sick.

  24. Jodi

    Ew why are they not wearing shoes on the venice beach sidewalk? they are standing in cigarette buds…gross.

  25. Bill Clinton

    Every night when I tucked my daughter into bed, she would reach up and give my cock 10 good hard strokes. When I watch Hayden on TV I like to think she’s that type of daughter, too.

  26. Kell

    I think Stephen has a chub…Look closely in picture 16 where Stephen is giving her little piggy back ride.

  27. maeby

    How did Stephen Coletti get her to date him? Thats the real tragedy people, her bad taste in men.

  28. pedophelia is a crime

    I’d hit it.

  29. lindsay

    The fact that she is hanging out with Stephen explains why they are hanging out at Venice beach! He’s such a tool.

  30. Ashley

    Does anyone know when these pictures were “actually” taken? His hair looks alittle long for recent pictures.

  31. Meh

    I bet if I threw an apple at her face it would orbit her head like a small moon.

  32. pat

    Isn’t that the guy from the laguna beach playing with his kid? What is she, 5? 6?

  33. Jethro

    #88 – who fucking died and left you in charge of spelling?
    p.s. look at every other post you fucking dimnut.

  34. She’s SO Hot! Like a young Hillary.

  35. bang the cheerleader

    they went home & fucked like monkeys. he probably gets about 2 strokes in before he nuts. he’s probably her 1st so his 2 inch dick and pre-mature ejaculation doesn’t bother her, but eventually she’ll want someone who can give that snatch a proper work out.

  36. Smoking Hot

    Die pedophile. I have two beautiful little girls and I live for the day when I can lop off the balls of the first man I catch ogling one of them. So does my husband. It’s To Catch A Predator, vigilante-style. Anyone who finds this average midget teen sexually arousing should seek help immediately.

  37. hot people don't call themselves hot

    Smoking Crotch, just relax. She’s a month away from 18 years old. Her face looks her age. She’s petite, and she’ll be petite when she’s 40 years old. Maybe you should shoot any guy you find walking past the “Petite” clothing section of a department store. You’ll get put away for life, but I’m guessing your kids are in full-time special ed anyway, so they probably won’t notice.

  38. francesca

    #19, are you kidding me?? I would fuck him until I was dry. He’s completely hot. You know that treasure trail drives me crazy!!

  39. Kingnitro

    Another Lindsay Lohan in the Making! I can see the headlines in ’10 already, she’s headed that way fast!

  40. brooke

    she has a cute face, but she has the body of a 12 year old. and what is with these laguna fags getting all of these celebrities? Talan is dating the chick from the pussy cat dolls? i know collin ferrel may be busy lately paying child support but im sure he could find time to squeeze these girls in.

  41. Cassie

    I think she’s very thin actually…there’s no fat on her whatsoever.

  42. hollow

    you can’t really deny that she has a little bit of fat.
    but i think they’re cute.
    stephen esp.

  43. ldfgkh

    She’s 5′ 1″.

  44. lagunasucks

    Why is this loser Steven considered to be such a stud? Cause he was on TV? Honestly, my 11 year old brother is built better than him….

  45. btard

    Sprokse her moonie!

  46. #6

    a. No way in hell those are B cups. B cups are typically visible.

    b. What flabby ass? It’ll be a nice ass to look at in 10 years when she is legal.

    c. This really is pedophilic. This probably should be taken down. Actresses lie about their ages to get parts all the time.

  47. flo

    I can’t believe some of you are calling her fat. But I forget, anything over 90 pounds is too big. Man, how could I have *not* remembered that?

    She’s cute, but nothing too special, really.

  48. Ju

    so yeah fine NOT THE HOTTEST BIKINI BOD.
    but i still like her as the Heroes girl and she looks kinda hot in a bikini.

  49. Idres

    omg she looks so fukin hot. I love her to atoms. lol. who that dikhed nxt to her that should be me. I want to have her kidz!

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