Hayden Panettiere bikini pictures

July 9th, 2007 // 191 Comments

Hayden Panettiere, the cheerleader from Heroes, spent her weekend at the beach frolicking around with some dude. And if you thought I was kidding when I said to expect two more months of celebrity bikini pictures, I wasn’t. My God, was I wasn’t. There are two things I never joke around about. One is celebrity bikini pictures and the other is broccoli. You lose your concentration for just one second in this game and you’ll get burned. By, uh, broccoli. …What?

NOTE: I think this chick is like eight or something. If your eyes are open right now you’re probably going to jail.

UPDATE: Turns out the guy with Hayden is Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach. Thanks to everybody for sending that in, though there’s really no reason anybody should know that.


  1. Smoking Hot

    Meh. Not much to see. She had to work really hard to get that OK body. Those kinds always go downhill after 25 – flat, Lohan butt and floppy lil boobs. Right now she’s ok, but shouldn’t you be when you’re only 18? At 34, I still look way better, but then, I wasn’t born a stump. At least she’s rich.

  2. She’s hot in clothes. The real trouble here (as shown best in pic 2) is her ass is either wide and flat or just super flat. I mean I’m not Sir-mix-a-bunch, but seriously it has no shape whatsoever.

  3. roughdaddy

    who cares? i have to feel guilty cuase shes underage,,,what happen to the paparazies morals? ill be they cant wait till she have a nip slip…and neither cant i

  4. G Fresh

    Baby got back! Girl you betta check yoself before you wreck yoself.

  5. kristina

    it’s steven from laguna beach. Hayden was the little girl in remember the titans and she’s been in random lame movies over time.

  6. Hayley

    It aint some dude, it’s steven from Laguna Beach. they’ve been dating for a couple of months.

  7. leelee

    How many times can you come up with good comments for bikini pictures?

    Besides tmz does anyone know of any good gossip sites to check out with fabulous writers like old school The Superficial?

  8. Bexx

    EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeew! She’s swimming @ freaking VENICE beach! home to some hella nasty water! and creepy hippies!! For christ sakes she prolly just got Level 10 Clap from setting foot in the water! gross gross gross!

  9. blpressure

    Look at pic 15, that’s an almost perfect body! Bigger tits would be perfection. She’s over 16 right? Well that’s legal where I am so it’s all good baby.

  10. Danklin24

    Good God i love summer. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  11. lula mae

    she’s short, has knock knees, and a large alien head. and people think that’s hot?

  12. Danklin24

    The isnt she 5 comments are just retarded. She’ll be 18 in August, assholes

  13. blpressure

    I’ve heard about this show “Heroes” but never watched it. Think I might start to fill the gap ’til “Lost” is back.

  14. blpressure

    lula mae, I’m assuming you’re a (jealous) woman. Any man who considers himself straight and says what you said, should have a long hard think to his past, and try to remember any homo-erotic feelings he’s had.

  15. CC

    I love this girl purely for her muscular legs and toned body. She is definitely awesome: she won’t give in to Hollywood’s pressure to be a bobbleheaded anorexic little stick, and that makes me happy. =) Three cheers for healthy people!

  16. #1 & 2….
    I’m FRIST!!!
    I’m the real FRIST!!!
    All you other FRIST!!!S
    Are just imitating
    So won’t the real FRIST!!! please stand up
    Please stand…ok you all get where I’m going with this…

  17. lastangelman

    I don’t watch Heroes so I don’t know who this is. Should I whack off to pre-schoolers? I don’t think so … I don’t think so …
    I think I should whack off to snaggletooth Kirsten Dunst cause that’s the kinda guy I am .. now hand me that cheroot and opium snuff .. I must cogitate a cure for fraidycats

  18. charm

    He reminds me of Charles in Charge. but that being said, I still think he’s attractive. They make a cute couple.

  19. lula mae

    blpressure: nope, i just don’t think she’s cute. isn’t that allowed?

  20. justaguy

    Ahh, crap.

    Looks like I’m going to jail.

    And for all the whining morons that wonder who she is, or think she’s not hot, remember this:

    The chances of you ever getting a girlfriend, yet alone one half as hot as this chick, are pretty much fucking zero., Now shut the fuck up.

  21. 34: Uhm obviously she’s not a nobody since she’s been in several movies and a hit television show on NBC. But nice try??
    33: totally agree.

  22. Manny

    Guess I’m going to jail. :/

  23. HankTheDwarf



  24. Someguy

    id hit that

  25. jt

    Stephen Coletti

  26. random dude

    major shaven camel toe visible in picture 14; these pictures have kept my left hand busy all night long

  27. stopitwiththebikinipictures

    Bikini pictures are starting to get really boring. Really fast!

  28. hey why lie

    These pictures are only hot if she’s underage. When she’s legal, she’ll just be another runty cute chick with too-small boobs and a too-big butt (penguin syndrome, the bane of shorties everywhere).

  29. Cynthia


  30. Father of the Year

    Goddam! This is one hot girlie! As soon as the pictures loaded, I rubbed one out, and then smeared the semen on my own (ugly) daughter when I tucked her into bed.

  31. frenchie

    What an ugly swimsuit …on an ugly chunky body. There is no taper or feminine lines at all. Average American girl you would see at Rubios.

  32. MissPMS


  33. buent

    first, she and steven have been dating for over a year and she is actually not ugly at all. you’re just jealous or pissed that you can’t get her. so shut up

  34. buent

    oh and he actually is not living his 15 minutes of fame still through her..he was on serval episodes of One Tree Hill this season.

  35. Quinn

    Linebacker with 2 chins Now that’s fckin’ HOT

  36. blondamnation

    *81 you’re a fucking sicko wether you’re kidding or not-I hope you wind up on Dateline with that Chris Hanson dude if you haven’t been already..

  37. #1 and #2

    Cant you fucking spell First right.

  38. lex

    its so good to see NOT ANOREXIC chick

  39. Lucky#13

    She’s really pretty. Although in some photo’s, her body looked like it was a man’s.

  40. Cojo

    She’s going to be ugly in a few years. And fat.

  41. miss oblivious

    That bikini is ugly and waaay too small on her. And her body is kinda stocky looking. And she’s only 17? Her body should be looking alittle tighter than that. Either way, I don’t see what the fuss is abt this girl. Maybe they make her look super hot in photoshoots for Maxim or something??? Jeez, you can make almost anyone look hot w/ some photoshopping, etc, etc, but guys fall for it everytime.

  42. cerveza

    this girl is hot. although she was hotter when she was on malcom in the middle. 14 year olds, yum.

  43. Chauncey Gardner

    Fucking A. Nice thing to wake up to. I wonder how often she masturbates?

  44. AG

    She must be young because her short little legs don’t appear to be fully formed yet.

  45. deano

    i’ll admit this girl is OK looking, but seriously….go to any beach in the world, and you will find hundreds of non-famous girls 1000x prettier than this chick.

  46. jus'stupid

    She will be one way fine piece of booty. I like that she isn’t bones sticking out skinny. Very sweet. But waiting until September to say I want to boff it until my eyes bug out.

  47. That is one lucky bastard who gets to do her.

  48. norton

    What is she, all of 3’9″ tall? What is with actors being short anyhow?

  49. J-B Ramsey

    Good lord, she’s already peaked. She was hotter a couple of years ago. I hate it when they grow pubic hair.

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