Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell pose with stuff

November 15th, 2007 // 63 Comments

Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell pose next to two Lamborghini’s for a photo shoot yesterday in Los Angeles. I wonder if they’re going to get into character and have an insane superhero fight. Kristen will shoot lightning all over the place while Hayden loses an arm but totally grows it back. That would be awesome. But, first, like any good epic battle they should probably kiss. You know to uphold traditions and honor and stuff. Then maybe afterwards they could, I dunno, put on bikinis and wash the Lamborghinis while pressing their boobs against the windshield. They are looking kind of dirty, and, I mean, how else do you wash a car? Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Duh

    *Yawn* Stupid sluts.

  2. LL

    Kristen Bell is purty. Hayden is OK, too. If I was a dude, I wouldn’t turn either of them down.

    As for them being boring, I guess you’ve got a point if, by “boring” you mean they “wear underwear, don’t run into things with their cars and aren’t junkies/alcoholics.” That is awfully boring. Young girls need fascinating female celebrities to look up to, like Amy Wino, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney. Those 4 are like the Audrey Hepburn of our time. Decades from now, fashion historians will be writing books about the stumbling, underwear-free, tit-exposing style of Amy, Paris, Lohan and Britney. I only hope I’m still alive to see it.

  3. Steve

    They look like any other under-age tramps out there. Nothing Special.

  4. Sizzurp

    OMG, Your so hot, no you are, I know. Rocket science.

  5. em

    #12, stop advertising that damn site, according to you, every girl in hollywood likes guys who are fertile. it’s getting old, and not to mention fucking annoying.

  6. sweet looking hayden. really like her in heroes.

  7. midget

    Hayden is a midget with a huge head…… look at the size of that thing…

  8. LaDrones

    Is Hayden old enough to drive?

  9. Mdiz

    Dang…. That is my fantasy right there….. Just missing the bucket of KFC…Finger Lickin’ Good!

  10. big teeth

    maybe not the fighting but these two in bikinis yes please

  11. D. Richards

    I would laugh so hard if Hayden tripped and her legs slid-up underneathe one of the Lamborgini’s back wheels, and the driver ran them over. Ha!

  12. endoftheshityear

    I would have posted this sooner

    But the Cutie-Pie level of the main-pic caused my screen to temporarily malfunction

    And btw, how good was K-Bell at playing a vicious-cunt in Deadwood??
    Actresses make me wonder sometimes

  13. nipolian

    OK…..Let me see if I have this straight……She cares so much about the environment that she flies to Japan to save the dolphins…but yet she has no problem endorsing a vehicle that gets 2 miles to the gallon of gas. What a fucking hypocrite.

  14. WTF?

    “Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell pose with stuff.”


  15. Joe C

    I don’t get the big deal about Hayden. She is plain as the day. She’s not bad, but I wouldn’t look twice if I saw her walking down the street.

  16. blah, blah, blah

    Poor girl. She is cute now, but she is really going to have to watch it, and by that I mean stop eating altogether. She has the sort of squatty figure that tends to broaden suddenly and without warning with age. Even carrot sticks and celery show up on those hips. Bad genes and a bad choice on the skirt which points out the problems to come.

  17. Jetstream

    Look at Hayden’s face and shoulders. Sorry kiddies, but she has future fat chick written all over her stumpy little Britney body.

  18. not the same body.

    did you see the vmas 00, 01, 03? Britney with Michael Jackson singing ” the way you make me feel’ ?Hayden could never have the body britney once had. Britney is about 5 inches taller than hayden. if hayden ate like britney, she would be completely round.

  19. nipolian

    #48 here it is:


    You are right……hard to believe what a few years can do to someone if they stop caring about themselves. She was fucking smoking hot.

  20. lizzie

    well, she has her adult, I mean grown-up, acting career ahead of her. so she’s gotta keep herself trim at all costs.
    If she was not famous, then I agree that she would be a short and pudgy adult.

  21. Classic!

    My penis spontainiously combusted. Who’d a thunk? Twice in one week? Thats gotta be a record.

  22. Walizalawongaai

    Why why why oh why are these people relevant?

  23. She is so beautiful. Her nude profile and some of her nude photos were found on a nudist date site named http://www.nudistonly.com . I am curious why she was there ? Is she a nudist ? Anyone knows ?

  24. pennynickle

    I’ve got a troll!

  25. SHOES!

    Anybody know what brand the shoes are?

  26. me

    ITA with #32. These girls have class. Sorry if the internet porn stalkers on this site don’t appreciate that in women. But, hey, that’s what fantasies are for. Right?

  27. Pilatunes

    “Finally…two celebrities wiht a little class.”

    Sort of…there was that time I came back to my hotel room only to find Hayden using my belt to spank the daylights out of Kristen’s ass. You call that classy? They should have used their own belt.

  28. CD

    I think the site is called “The Superficial” for a reason… go read the Times or some other “real” newspaper of your choice if you want “relevant” information.

    @all the others complaining about what Hayden or Kristen pirctures are doing here:
    I don’t agree with many “articles” here (i.e. Britney doing nothing important, Britney still doing nothing important, Britney vomiting, etc…), but at least I (usually) keep my mouth shut and don’t cry like a little baby “please post something else!!!” If you don’t like it here then go away. It’s a free world. At least for now…

  29. JJ

    No apostrophes for a plural Superfish! It’s NOT “Lamborghini’s”.

    You’re obviously smart, so get it fixed!


  30. Yong

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  31. Yong

    I think they are so beautiful. But Hayden Panettiere ‘s clothes is not perfect. I SAW another good site sugarcupid .com have so many beautiful pictures with pretty dress.

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