Hayden Christensen meets Sienna Miller’s family

February 1st, 2006 // 34 Comments

*hayden_sienna_thumb1.jpgRumors have been going around about Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen, and now comes a report that Sienna is so excited about the budding romance that she’s flying her family to the US to meet him. The two have become increasingly close since they met on the set of upcoming film Factory Girl.

A source is quoted in Britain’s Daily Star as saying: “Sienna has had strong feelings for Hayden ever since they met on the set of the movie. But she tried to fight against them because it was too soon after her split from Jude. She finally stopped fighting her feelings for him and they have been inseparable ever since. But she doesn’t want to get too serious until she has won her family’s approval.”

If Sienna flew her family around to meet every guy she’s hooked up with recently, they’d have enough frequent flyer miles to reach Pluto. As for Hayden, I’m just happy he’s alive, since most people in his position would’ve killed themselves after the recent Star Wars movies. But maybe Sienna liked his impersonation of Darth Naked.



  1. Lil Timmy

    “Nooooooooooooooooo” – Jude Law

  2. PinkRose

    Hayden..RUN!!! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

  3. sikofdis

    Great! Two D-list (by a very generous assessment…and I do mean ASS!) actors paired off. I hope they marry, and are so happy in their collective stupidity and talentlessness that they keep each other out of the world’s view forever

  4. Kitchy

    Is it me or does she look just like that goofy southern chick (Crystal Bernard) from the show WINGS? Can somebody please tell me what stylist decided to make her a member of the flock of seagulls? Is he sexy? I cannot decide and that’s weird.

  5. Average

    I dont think Christensen is D-list actually. Both movies he has been in outside of the star wars trilogy has earned him awards and nominations. He is A-list with productions, just not with the star wars fans.
    (Fans blame it all on the actors instead of realizing it was Lucas’ toddler writing abilities.)

    On the other hand the only reason we know the name sienna miller is because her girly-man husband diddled the nanny in an attempt to prove to all audiences he is actually straight.

    I think all this shit is just something they both devised to help each other out.
    Now she is trying to get in good with the respectable A list movie makers by dating their poster boy. Heath ledger is already married so she couldnt get him. I doubt it wasnt for lack of trying though.

  6. HollyJ

    My God! It’s a photo of Dorothy Hamill after radiation therapy!

  7. ESQ

    I thought Sienna was hawt? She looks like a bad remake of an ’80′s chick with a Dorothy Hamil haircut in desperate need of an eyebrow wax and hair color.

  8. Whatup

    D-lisT?!?! He should be honored if he could make it that high. I agree with sikofdis #3 assesment.

  9. Dee

    I don’t know how that guy made it out of his first audition. He really killed the final 2 star wars films.

    Anyway, they are both boring as hell so maybe they are a good match.

  10. playahater101

    Does anyone really care about these bridge trolls and what they do? She looks like a raccoon in that picture.

  11. davina85

    sienna miller is beyond ugly. My neighbor who has Down Syndrome is better looking.

  12. rivercmb

    You can’t blame the guy for his Star Wars performances. The script was pure crap, just download a copy and try reading the shit to yourself. And if you look at the making of’s, Lucas told the guy to act like that.

    The guy has given decent performances in Shattered Glass and some other shows, but running into Lucas is like hitting a brick wall. Look at what he did to Mcgregor, Sam Jackon and Portman. Liam Neeson was the only smart one, he only signed a contract for one movie.

  13. Captain Awesome

    Shitty actor with shitty actress? HOW CAN THIS BE?!?!?!

  14. ogie

    That’s not even Sienna Miller!!!!

    it’s Lola Skye, Hayden’s actual girlfriend

  15. stevie511

    Oh thank god! I thought Sienna was looking a little pig-dog-esque. With looks like these, it’s no wonder poor Lola got the heave-ho. As for Hayden, D list would be about right. D for dead boring. D for dork. D for “wooDen, by-the-numbers acting”. Although, to be fair, George Lucas wrote wooden, by-the-numbers Star Wars prequels. Who to blame?!

  16. thebor

    I can just hear him trying to give her the jedi mind trick “let me bang the nanny you will HMMHMM”

  17. innit

    You guys, I’m 99.999% certain that is Sienna Miller done up for her Edie Sedgwick role in Factory Girl. I’ve seen other pics of her on the set wearing that leopard coat. And yes she is very hawt — but she looks godawful with those painted on black eyebrows!

  18. Why is that boy dressed up as Mandy Moore, and why do you people keep calling him Sienna Miller? I’m confused and pants.

  19. JTTenuf4Me

    That guy’s a total ponce. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve her, since she’s nuttier than squirrel shit and I don’t envy any guy who tries to understand or even like her on a personal level. I’m just saying that ANY woman can do better than a talentless bonch-rocket like this guy.

  20. andrewthezeppo

    Sienna is a hoebag, all she does is attempt to sleep her way to the top, but you know she must not be that great in bed because Hayden is quite a step down from Jude.

  21. ludwig

    hayden doesn’t swing that way, its all a publicity scam!

  22. Jayne

    Hayden was love in Shattered Glass and Life as House.
    Star Wars..yeah everyone sucked in three movies.
    I’m glad Sam Jackson hit that Lucas-wall.
    For I can’t stand him and I want to see his overrated and hyped ass away from the big screen.

    back to Hayden..
    yeah um.
    Good Luck w/your new g/f.

  23. AussieBaby

    ok this is so strange what in the world is going on here Hayden can do better that someone like her. Sorry whoever is a Senna Miller fan but she is no not pretty or even remotely bright(smart)and it looks like Hayden thinking with his brain but more of whats between his legs right now.

  24. velvet_morning

    Both of them look pretty terrible here.
    Sienna looks like the worst of the 80′s
    Hayden, i usually find attractive. But that turtleneck?!?!
    No one can ever pull off a turtleneck, especially someone like Hayden who is fighting a losing battle to convince the world he is straight.

  25. SparkMeUp

    maybe it’s a plan by sienna to get out of the lime light… she’s clearly looked back at last years photos of her bizarre fashinon sense and thought that she’d go to ground with a z list celeb for company. it’s all reverse psychology.
    or maybe all that rowing with Jude has left her partially sighted. And him leaving has left her desperate.

  26. Bailey

    I like #14 – “It’s Lola Skye, his real girlfriend.” And by “real girlfiend,” we mean, of course, an actor named Trevor Blumas.

  27. LaydeeBug

    Who the hell are these people? Are they actors? How come I can’t name ONE movie they were in (and I watch movies, people). Wait, could it POSSIBLY be that they are now known because of who why know, marry, blow, date, rape, etc? I can’t remember her face because IT IS NOT MEMORABLE AND SHE IS UGLY! Oh and speaking of ugly, Jordan is NOT 27. Puh-leeze!

  28. starshot

    Yes, it’s Sienna. Her hair that way for the movie. And they are dating, making out and going out all around town, but apparently, they are very cool and Sienna is very nice. Glad Jude is gone, though. He caused a lot of problems from what I understand. Good for Hayden and Sienna though.

  29. Baby Gurl

    OK, Hayden Christensen is an acclaimed actor he has starred in both Episode 2 and 3 of the Star Wars trilogy he also was in Shattered Glass and Life as a HOuse with Kevin Kline. Sienna if I’m correct played in the movie Crash…I do believe Hayden can do much better. Him and Natalie (Portman) should have so hooked up. I think that Hayden is just experiementing…Sienna is the lucky one in this situation to catch a hottie like Hayden she should be thanking God everyday!!!!!!!
    Congrats Sienna!!!!!!!!
    Hayden, baby, you can do better!!!
    What about Jessica Alba, Hayden shes a far better deal.

  30. cindy

    omg yeah well all thts stuf about them is over couse resently they brooke ^

  31. hisforalways

    she’s fugly. that hair is hideous.

  32. Lexi

    Who would want to be with either of them!? I mean, Hayden was hot in Star Wars thanks to hair extensions, CGI & About a pound of MUF Pan stick on his face, but in every other movie I’ve seen him in, as well as real life, he
    looks like a real nerd w/ serious acne and super pale skin. He is in reality just gross looking, and has probably no money. Sienna Miller is also a total slag. She is dog ugly.

  33. Katlyn

    Hayden and Natalie should get together because they look Perfect together! NO JOKE! no else ,besides me, in the world looks good with Hayden then Natalie(and me)

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