Hayden Panettiere Is All The Excuse I Need To Post The Unrated ‘Blurred Lines’ Video

June 10th, 2013 // 29 Comments
Hayden Panettiere Blurred Lines Graham Norton Show
WATCH: Hayden Panettiere Dances To 'Blurred Lines'

Hayden Panettiere appeared on The Graham Norton Show Friday night along with Robin Thicke and Pharrell who, according to her Twitter, talked her onstage to dance during their performance of “Blurred Lines.” In fairness, that’s the only way she’ll tell you how to find her treasure. More importantly, this gave me an excuse to embed the unrated video for “Blurred Lines” (Thanks, Niki.) which is literally the entire point of the post. I don’t even have a joke about giant penises.

DO NOT WATCH THIS AT WORK. That said, this is easily the greatest music video I’ve seen in my life:


For educational purposes: The insanely hot naked brunette is 22-year-old Emily Ratajkowski who you’ll find below in safe for work, clickable fashion. That’s right, dance, my little puppets, dance…


  1. Sam

    Those ‘back up singers’ didn’t sing a single line. awesome.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Backup Singer on right –

    “Who’s this bitch” face at 2:01.

  3. ruckus

    The same chicks are in both videos i think. :)

  4. JC

    Oh, the awful “dancing.” Isn’t Hayden on a show about music?

    Oh, right. A show about country “music.” Never mind.

  5. Unrated Version of “Blurred Lines” gets my “Finest Music Video of All Time” award.

    • Deacon Jones

      Yes, that video is sweet, other than the shitty song and “#THICK” flashing across the screen.

      Im surprised they got someone of her caliber to star in it, great, great body all around.

  6. Yeah, where did all the background singing come from? Nobody back there ever open ed their mouth.
    Now kids, I rememeber a time when you would go to see a live performance, and the singers would actually sing. Yes, it was along ago. Such a differnt time back then.

    Also, Hayden Panitierre is horrible! What an annoying idiot. Cant dance, stupid gaping maw look on her face…

  7. tlmck

    The girls are hot, but the singing is worse than an ice cold shower.

  8. dark matter

    she moves like her bf just went balls deep in her anus for an hour

  9. BTW, do women really think it’s cool to be called a Bitch?
    (Yeah, F*CK you I’m old)

  10. Fishbone

    Welcome to 3 months ago

  11. I can’t watch this video in my country. That’s racism. Fish teased with a dancing midget and now I can’t see it.

  12. JPC

    When you have to put up a big sign in your video saying ” (I) have a big dick,” odds are your dick is probably quite tiny.

  13. Jason Petrello

    why is pharrell dressed as a lipstick lesbian? almost worse “style” (or total lack thereof) than kanye west… almost! Get over trying to start a fashion trend – will never happen with zero class or style. both need to stick to trying to sing/produce – which also clearly needs a lot of help!

  14. I think everyone here is missing the point of the unrated video, which is TITS!!!!

  15. Ariella

    Nothing says you have a small penis like writing on the walls that you have a big penis.

  16. anonym

    that bitch has some nice tits

  17. Fine, I’ll say it…
    Smokin’ women. Fucking horrible video.

  18. s45qu4tch

    The other 2 from the uncensored video are Elle Evans (blonde girl) and Jessi MBengue (black girl). Looks like Jessi is the only one to make it to The Graham Norton Show.

  19. I liked the music, and the beautiful topless women dancing to it made it just that much better. Hayden Panettiere is cute, but who gives a shit anymore? She went and got implants and she’s fucking that giant Russian. She’s dead to me now, and I wish someone would tell her that.

  20. Captain Dick

    Love The Graham Norton Show. I turn the channel when he has the horrible “trendy” musical guests tho. like this.

    Why not have Metal bands instead of this talentless garbage?

  21. Emily Ratajkowski looks so fucking amazing. I hadn’t seen the unrated video yet but wow. Her tumblr is quite pleasant too. oh and thank God for Pharrell.

  22. RocketMan

    Oh shit Anna Nicole is back from the dead as a backup singer???!?!?!

  23. Tom

    Seriously, no one here has seen this?? http://vimeo.com/40362931

  24. az

    trainwreck !

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