Hayden Panettiere Is All The Excuse I Need To Post The Unrated ‘Blurred Lines’ Video

Hayden Panettiere appeared on The Graham Norton Show Friday night along with Robin Thicke and Pharrell who, according to her Twitter, talked her onstage to dance during their performance of “Blurred Lines.” In fairness, that’s the only way she’ll tell you how to find her treasure. More importantly, this gave me an excuse to embed the unrated video for “Blurred Lines” (Thanks, Niki.) which is literally the entire point of the post. I don’t even have a joke about giant penises.

DO NOT WATCH THIS AT WORK. That said, this is easily the greatest music video I’ve seen in my life:


For educational purposes: The insanely hot naked brunette is 22-year-old Emily Ratajkowski who you’ll find below in safe for work, clickable fashion. That’s right, dance, my little puppets, dance…