Are Hayden Panettiere’s Implants Supposed To Look Like That?

November 25th, 2013 // 49 Comments

After a rough take-off, I grew to love Hayden Panettiere‘s implants, but not to the point where I forgot she’s still a woman with other body parts for me to objectify. It was a beautiful symbiotic relationship if there ever was one. Except something’s going terribly wrong because now they’re trying to suck me into a dimensional vortex where on the other side she’s the giant, and I’m the midget in a cheerleader outfit. Although, if I got implants, I could simply slide back to our universe through my own tit-wormhole after learning all of their reverse-human secrets. Make it so! *dives headfirst into monitor, ricochets to the floor unconscious*

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  1. Hayden Panettiere Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s either an optical illusion or someone put an arc reactor in her chest to power those implants…..

  2. Weeblo

    Hockey players call it the Crease

  3. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    So I guess this conversation happened:

    Hayden: “Does this dress make it look like I got hit in the sternum with a trailer hitch?”
    Stylist: “Yes!”
    Hayden: “Excellent! Let’s go!”

  4. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Looks like Sylar did remove her brain in Heroes after all.

  5. almost as if a giant tittyfucked her into oblivion….

  6. minty

    buy two
    get a jizz cup

  7. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    What? Come hither… to your bedroom? Don’t mind if I do.

  8. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Tara Reid says “wtf?”

  9. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Holy shit, this looks like one of those neck pillow you buy. Ugh.

  10. How many tickets do I get for landing a Skee-Ball in that hole?

  11. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Maybe she needs a mini-arc reactor implanted in her chest to keep tiny bits of metal from entering her heart. You know, like Tony Stark.

  12. That’s the fucking Virgin Mary and don’t try and tell me it isn’t.

  13. CptCreep

    Engaged to a giant Russian. Looks up “Russian” on Urban Dictionary. Welp… that explains it.

  14. Donuts

    I’ve never seen tits make a U-turn before.

  15. looney

    Result of Klitschko’s foreplay…

  16. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    It’s obvious she’s Iron Woman. The hole in her chest is where she keeps the arc reactor that powers her suit.

  17. Beer for thought

    If there’s a tori spelling-esque situation going on here, why the hell would she want to accentuate it with that dress? And if there isn’t a tori spelling-esque situation going on here, why the hell would she want us to assume there is one?

  18. Blob

    Most women would require a minimum of five kids and a wait of forty-odd years to acquire that look. But to see this in one so young? Truly astonishing. Stardom surely cannot be too far away…

  19. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Clearly the imprint work of Wladimir Klitschko’s 10 kilo dong.

  20. wtf

    In Nelson Muntz’s voice, “Ha-ha!”

  21. Hank E. Ring

    Photoshop a picture to create buzz. Well done.

  22. lawn

    What’s worse, that hole acts as an echo chamber that makes her screechy voice even more unbearable.

  23. kery

    What is that? why she has that hole on her chest?oh my god this girl doesn’t have enough money to go to a good surgeon? who knows.

  24. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Her tits look weird in these pics but I would still like to do her in the butt.

  25. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    So she’s now one of those putting machines for her man?

  26. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    No !! Photoshoped, do you think she would wear something like that knowing her chest looked like that??Nope never happen!!

  27. Christ Aguilera

    For those who think this is photoshop, why the hell would anyone photoshop something like that? Why would they not photoshop see through over the nipples or something? You can’t make up something like this chest hole. LOL
    If you look at her previous bikini photos, you can see the chest hole clearly. This dress just accentuates it and makes it look even more cartoonish.

  28. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    i see the same thing with tori spelling….

  29. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    that is just really an unflattering dress for her implants and for her!

  30. Hayden Panettiere Implants
    Federal Boob Inspector
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    No need to fear gentlemen, It’s just the lighting and tan lines causing an optical illusion.

  31. Stephanie M

    It’s because of the mesh. I have a bodycon dress similar to that. From certain angles, the mesh will catch glares and look morphed.

  32. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    they are trying to escape.
    she didn’t need implants

  33. Hayden Panettiere Implants
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    Since the first time I saw a pic of her new implants I said this has got to be one of the worst boob jobs ever! She should seriously get some reconstructive surgery or something. Those things are horrible! How can she actually think that looks good?

  34. bess

    Who cares!!! She looks like a brood sow!!! Ugh!!#

  35. Scott

    It’s the sheer fabric giving the optical illusion of a topographical map. Paris Hilton recently had the same problem with her “no underwear” dress.

  36. Hayden Panettiere Implants
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s just a weird tanline

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