Have You Heard Alyssa Milano Breastfeeds?

Alyssa Milano is an avid proponent of breastfeeding, to the point where she Instagrams herself doing it, so when security at Heathrow Airport confiscates her breast milk for being over the allowed amount, you better believe there’s Twitter rant coming. Via Page Six:

I suppose it’s not okay, because she’s a celebrity and the rules — admittedly ridiculous as they may be — don’t apply to her. I also suppose it’s not okay, because she’s a woman and she doesn’t like something that literally everyone has to put up with, but it finally intersected with her life, so now we’re all going to hear about it. Now that I think about it, I’m actually impressed that her husband somehow shifted her attention away from his face and onto her Twitter account, freeing himself from the life-draining minutes of pretending to listen and waiting for the brief pause in her mouth sounds to say “I know, honey, right? This is just crazy.” Did he make her a phone made of shoes? No, that makes no sense, he’s a fucking magician. I’m going with magician.

Photo: Instagram