Has Anybody Checked in With Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey has had a pretty rough couple of years. His on-and-off girlfriend committed suicide in 2015. Since then, he’s been dealing with an ongoing legal battle with her family who claim that Carrey was responsible for her death. On top of all of that, he was lumped in with the anti-vaccine nuts because he saw a misleading documentary about neurotoxins and thought the California government was making a bunch of money because they were injecting kids with mercury… like I said, he’s been better.

Carrey has admitted that he has struggled with depression his entire life and it doesn’t help that his STD’s may have caused a woman to kill herself, but it seems like he’s embraced a way of coping with his shitty cards — nihilism.

Only a true nihilist would show up a New York Fashion Week party in a designer suit to blab about how bullshit it all is and how “we aren’t really even here.” Kind of like the moody kid in high school who called people posers for going to the homecoming dance, then wound up going.

At first I was all about this interview. As soon as he tells Catt Sadler that he was looking to come to the most pointless thing he could find, I thought to myself: “Yes, Jim! You tell ‘em!” It could have kept going that way but as soon as he started talking about tetrahedrons and how nobody really exists things shifted more towards worry. Sure, E! news only wants to ask stupid questions about who you’re having sex with and how fun it was to polish whatever turd movie you just made, but this kind of behavior isn’t helping his already tainted image… but then again, what is image to that which is not real?