Uncle Harv Thinks He’s a ‘Martyr for Social Change’

PageSix is reporting that a source told them that Harvey Weinstein feels “that he was born to take the fall for his behavior in order to ‘change the world.’ He is resigned to his punishment — as a martyr for social change.” Holy shit…

While Representatives for Weinstein have already said that that’s “absurd,” I wouldn’t put it past the guy to develop a messiah complex amid the shit storm that’s been festering in his bathrobe for the past 30 years. Honestly I think PageSix found this ‘source’ the same way they find a lot of their sources (hanging out in their own break room), but you can’t deny it makes for a triggering headline.

Yes, the guy is a monster. Yes, he’s a huge piece of shit who has shown very little public remorse, but I really don’t think he’s that stupid… is he?

Even if it were true and we are living in that alternate reality from the show Fringe where everyone travels by blimp instead of airplanes, dedicating your entire life to being a predatory scumbag seems like some next-level dedication to enacting social change. Over 80 women have now come forward with claims of sexual misconduct by Weinstein over the years and he’s even being investigated for the big ‘R’ in a lot of those cases. Will he see jail time? I don’t know… he (or one of his friends) obviously still has some pull with some powerful people if he’s able to plant drug charges on Rose McGowan from his “rehab resort.”