Harvey Weinstein Is Being Blackmailed, You Guys (Okay, That Might Be True)

*crumples up non-existent screenplay I keep pretending I’m going to write* Welp, won’t be needing this…

Harvey Weinstein found himself in some shit earlier this week when he was accused of groping 22-year-old model Ambra Battilana, according to the New York Post:

The former Miss Italy contestant told cops she met Weinstein at the red-carpet opening of his Radio City “New York Spring Spectacular” last Thursday. They exchanged ­emails to set up an audition in Weinstein’s office on the third floor of the Tribeca Film Center on Greenwich Street at around 6 p.m. Friday, which is when the Miramax co-founder allegedly came on to her, law enforcement sources said.
She claimed “he asked if [her breasts] were real,” a source said.
Weinstein then allegedly grabbed her breast, and she said, “No, stop,” she told police.
She claimed that Weinstein, 63, a married dad of five, then put his hand up her skirt and asked her for a kiss.
She responded “No” and left, she told police. She later went to the 1st Precinct station house off Varick Street to file a complaint.

Weinstein and his lawyers are accusing Ambra Battilana of blackmail, and in a statement to PEOPLE yesterday, they’re confident they’ll make this go away:

“We are cooperating fully with the authorities and are confident that we will be fully vindicated,” Weinstein spokesman Ken Sunshine tells PEOPLE.

In Harvey Weinstein’s defense, Ambra Battilana does have an interesting history of accusing powerful men of sexual assault, but if Bill Cosby has taught us anything – “allegedly” – it’s that picking victims no one will believe is key (read: anyone with a vagina, literally anyone). Not only that, but you can do it at least 30 more times and a shocking amount of assholes will still think you’re innocent. So don’t hold back or else they slut-shamed all of those women for nothing. That’d be the real crime.

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