Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones

June 22nd, 2007 // 59 Comments

This is the first shot of Harrison Ford back in costume for the new Indiana Jones movie coming out in 2008. I was gonna make a joke about the movie being about him yelling at kids to stay off his lawn, but he looks amazingly good for a 64-year-old. When I’m 64 I’ll be lucky if I’m not a giant bag of ash.


  1. Pariz iz free eating
    cupcakez while U zlept..
    she walked out at 6:00 a.m.
    waving and smiling and walking
    to her motherz armz …

  2. Kenny de Konk-Kerne

    Oh fuck! I love that man, Indiana Jones was my idol when I was younger…maybe he still is my favorite hero. Thanks Harry for making me dream since the beginning of my life….LOVE YOU

  3. ??

    god! some people (not gonna say names but u know who u are ..freak) are stupid. like paris hilton. oh, and they like the letter Z.

  4. ??==afraid to zhow your name,
    it figurez, U can’t take the
    heat..Y R U in here?

    whatz the matter?
    did your daddy yell
    at U too much, and now
    U juzt can’t fuckin
    ztand it anymore?

  5. millicent drunk-dscriver

    You got a Job already!?
    You are supposed to be in- mourning-still over our traumatic-breakup like 10 years ago already!?
    Remember 1998?You saw me doing my failed community social worker-act and you were besozzled…
    But it all came to a hideous train-wreck end…Somethin’ you mumbled incoherently about it’s not you minnie-spinnie i mean millicent! it’s me and my vintage bi-planes i even tried to get-back with dipsh*t-ellioyott but he wouldn’t have me neither!
    Yo are one mean son-of-a-gun Huh.
    Oh by-the-way-did i tell you i have met this handsome young OXBRIDGE ARCHEOLOGY PROFESSOR called uhh…Dr Indiginous Bones..Yeah so uh..like i guess i’ll see you around,huh?

    a disgruntled-dumped-but-not-down,

    Millicent drunk-scrdriver

  6. ellioyott

    I’m awfully sorry, Harrison Old man that is cyco mary-jane doing her usual pretending to be somebody-else routine again just to get-back at me cuz of uh ..nevermind…:(

  7. I am down. they fixed Indy after doom. so why not again. I for one do not think skull is as bad as everyone says. It has moments of greatness. Get rid of the aliens and bring on religious overtones again and we will be in for a good ride.

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