Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones

June 22nd, 2007 // 59 Comments

This is the first shot of Harrison Ford back in costume for the new Indiana Jones movie coming out in 2008. I was gonna make a joke about the movie being about him yelling at kids to stay off his lawn, but he looks amazingly good for a 64-year-old. When I’m 64 I’ll be lucky if I’m not a giant bag of ash.


  1. donnabonnawonnafefifofonna

    first? and yes he does look great!

  2. Rachel

    Love him!

  3. Get Him

    He’s amazing.

  4. Aerialgreen

    DILF! all the way…

  5. JumpinJ

    Hey, isn’t that Calista Flockhart right behind him? Oh, nevermind, it’s a broomstick. So easy to get the two confused.

  6. First ROcky Balboa, Die Hard, and now Indiana Jones, man can’t people think of new movies anymore? That’s a really cool classic, I just hope they won’t ruin it with this…

  7. Bubba

    Damn, not first. I’m so disappointed. Clearly I’m a loser for not posting first. I wanted to be cool, but alas, not to be!


    It’s every normal male’s boyhood dream to be searching for treasure in lost ruins as a depends-wearing senior citizen.

  8. Mallory

    the movie is gonna be awesome. there’s no way Harrison Ford with all of his success and really great track record is gonna let Indy4 ruin the franchise. I hope there are lots of snakes and I can’t WAIT to see it :)

  9. bungoone

    docta jones!

    yeah this shit better be good & it better not just be all special effects. i’m skeptical.

  10. Kamiki

    Oh hes plain evil bring in someone cute and good looking please, his days as Indy are over. YUCK.

  11. Indiana! I, too, consider him a DILF. rowr.

  12. Snatch

    I like older Hollywood men. Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford. Good movies and nice to look at.

  13. Skip Smith

    Indiana Jones and the Adult Diaper of Doom

    Indianan Jones and the Early Bird Special

  14. Chauncey Gardner

    As a HUGE fan of the Indy trilogy (I preferred it to Star Wars) I was terrified of another Indy film this late in the game. They shouldn’t have waited so long.

    And, the last few entries from all parties involved – Lucas, Spielberg and Ford – have been so disappointing that the thought of the old team coming back together, with a cast of big-name actors (something the original films never did, outside of Connery and Phoenix) did little to ease my mind.

    Seeing this new image of Dr. Jones makes me really happy – if cautiously so. After all, the trailer for Episode One was pretty badass; then the movie came out and ‘poo-dooed’ all over the entire franchise. If these guys don’t watch their step, I’ll be around the corner, ready to shoot poison Hovito darts into their senior citizen ankles.

  15. good lord! he’s playing sean connery as indian jones’ father…

  16. whoneedsenemies

    I remember seeing that there was going to be a new Indie. Does anyone know who that actor is? Isn’t it the kid from Constantine?
    DILF, LMFAO!!!

  17. Wanky

    he looks almost the same…or maybe a dirt farmer?

  18. Oozz my azzhole is so red
    brother is fuckin me zo hard
    zze wont stop
    mom is watzching
    i like it

  19. Mia

    I don’t see any post about Eddie Murphy being the father of Melanie brown…

  20. Mia

    Kelli, you butt pleasure addicted pervert, stop teasing me…

  21. Ooba Gooba

    Krazihotkelli, kindly do us all a favor and fuck off.

  22. Honeycom's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Two words: Fuck yeah!

  23. veggi

    I want him! gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!!!!!

  24. I would love nothing more than for EVERYONE to tell this bitch to fuck off.

    **crouches in corner pissing on kelli**

  25. eye

    He looks amazingly good for someone COVERED IN MOVIE MAKE-UUP!! What, you really think they didn’t use make-up to make him look oh I don’t know YOUNGER in front of the camera. Don’t forget how Spielberg loves those zooming close-ups on the main actor staring oou of the screen at some huge approaching peril. Now picture Harrison Ford’s enormous wrinkles and age spots magnified a thousand times. Yeeees, that’s why they use make-up!

    Aaaah, it all falls into place now. You’re a moron.

  26. ME

    #5,,HILARIOUS!!!!! HAHAH LOL!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!!!

  27. He is filming this right her in CT!! They are at a University in the New Haven area. I don’t know for how long though, I want to go down and see if I can see him.

  28. Lowlands

    This pic looks more a Viagra campaign to me.Big chance he’s trying to secure his pension with this movie.What’s the title of the movie btw?Indiana Jones and the home for the elderly of doom?

  29. Gayboy

    I’d fuck him.

  30. Leeshkamonster

    As long as he took that lame earring out, I’d hit that 15 ways from sunday. Oh, but I’d make him put on a stormtrooper costume. Maybe I should talk to a shrink about that. ;) Oh, and the new movie title? Indiana Jones and the temple of HMOs.

  31. I bet he gets more tail than any fag on this site.

  32. The Devil's Prom Date

    I used to fantasize about helping him find the hidden treasure in his pants.

  33. Sauron

    Holy Galactic shit!Rheumatism,incontinence,impotence,Parkinson desease,slaver etc.Who’s this guy who seems to be waiting till somebody helps him to cross a busy street?This body has maybe 10 more years to go.Much to old for my reincarnation!Pretty please for your body Lowlands?

  34. miss oblivious

    Wow, look at all us poor girls going crazy because there’s finally some manwich on this site. Its about damn time, but lets get something younger and fresher, say, under 50? Harrison was really hot in his day, and he’s not bad for an older guy, but I personally wouldn’t be feelin’ it anymore. And #5; freakin hilarious, thanks! You bring a tear of joy to my eye w/ your funny!

  35. Penis Mightier

    If Stallone pulled it off with another Rockey, Indy will have a glorious comeback. I hope there are Nazis in this one!

  36. techclerk


    I had sympathy for you when you described the molestation you suffered from your father, but now it sounds to me like you must like it because your brother does it too. You are a sick girl, krazihotkelli. Stop telling us about your incestuous exploits. GROSS!

  37. Lux

    Kamiki (10): Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones and always will be. If they were to bring some stupid young actor in to replace him it would ruin the series. And yes, he is evil, if you mean so hot, no woman can resist him! Yum!

  38. Lowlands

    (33)Your windy Highness,i’m totally amazed.You’re the only one who can make true medical diagnostics with only a brief look on a picture of somebody.I’ve to mention some women on age can still be attractive.But those women are blessed with eternal youth.

  39. Will

    wow, he still looks the part!
    can’t wait for this movie!

  40. KMG

    This movie had better not suck. I’ll pretend it never existed if it does.

  41. woodhorse

    He’s Indiana Jones. He’s definitely a DILF. Lowlands, if he’s a Viagra commercial, he’s the only sucessful Viagra commercial I’ve ever seen. I’ll feel the same way if Johnny Depp does a Pirates in 15 years.

  42. frenchie

    He needs restalyne injections in his nasal folds or a mid face lift.

  43. Hollywood Agent

    In Hollywood you are considered middle-aged when you hit 30. So that means that this guy is dead, dead man walking. He probably has dementia, is incontinent, wears diapers, and wonders around aimlessly. I hope they are paying him the big bucks, so he can afford a Nanny.

  44. #18 & 24==well, at leazt
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    unlezz of courze U loved it..which
    U did..and for techclerk..got off
    on that, huh,,lookz like U had
    your zizter too, lozer pervez!

  45. testertheresa

    He’s fantastic! Gotta love him!

  46. babs

    how crazy is that an old ass man can still pull it together to be indiana jones but tobey maguire could barely stop playing daddy and eating tacos to play spidey got to love the old school.

  47. that old fucker probably
    zmellz like azz..like he
    can do any of hiz ztuntz..
    and that ugly girl he goez
    with iz like the walking dead.

  48. macncheez

    I’d still fuck him – he can be Indy one night and Han Solo the next. Whew! I need a drink!

  49. hell yea, I’d fuck him. he’s just my type, old and stinky,bring it on big dick.

  50. hi ……….u r amazing main ok.

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