Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher had drunken space sex

April 29th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Han Solo and Princess Leia knocked space boots – for real! Apparently, Harrison Ford got a hold of Carrie Fisher’s cinnamon buns and gave her a bit of The Force during the making of the first Star Wars film. Here’s what Carrie revealed on an upcoming British TV special, according to The Sun:

“I went on the film saying ‘I’m going to have an affair’, like it was a kiwi, an exotic fruit — because I’d never had one!” She adds: “I had a crush on Harrison for sure. Harrison is great fun when he’s had a few drinks.”
Shaking her head and saying: “I’m going to get in so much trouble,” she adds: “Once I left the room and came back and he was in the closet not wearing a lot of clothes.”

For all you Star Wars geeks out there, this means that Harrison and Carrie had what grown-ups call “a special hug.” You see, when a man loves a woman, or drinks enough gin, he feels the urge to put his penis into her vagina. Okay, I lost you didn’t I? Um, alright, got it: The man wants to put his “lightsaber” into a woman’s “Sarlacc pit.” But, don’t worry; there’re no tentacles or giant teeth. Well, sometimes. That’s where the gin comes in handy…

Thanks to veggi for the tip. May the Schwartz be with you!

Photo: Lucasfilm

  1. Jenipurrr

    “got a hold of Carrie Fisher’s cinnamon buns and gave her a bit of The Force”

    OMG, I’m dying over here! LOL

    For the record, I’d bump uglies with ford too.


  2. NickiChick

    Wow, superficial writer guy, way to give us an up-to-the-minute, breaking news story =)

    My guess is Bill O’Reilly is still confident in his job security.

    Little does he know you’re lurking around the corner..

    :: insert evil laugh here ::

  3. eh


    i had to ask my self who is Carry fisher

  4. dude_on_a_wire

    You just know Chewbacca got a piece of that.

  5. ian

    lolololol one of your funnier posts. Not too surprised by this.

  6. Donkey Ass

    Carrie Fisher 1980 = kind of attractive

    Carrie Fisher now = my penis commits suicide rather than see her hoo-ha

  7. veggi

    You’re welcome fish.. and where the HELL is the picture of Harrison??? A little love for the ladies please????

    Ohhhhhhhhh Indy!!!!

  8. Sarah

    What a hooker, she’d never had an affair, like it’s something everyone has to do to fulfil their lives

  9. Ninja ButtKicker

    10. “Get in there you big furry oaf, I don’t care what you smell!”
    9. “Luke, at that speed do you think you’ll be able to pull out in time?”
    8. “Put that thing away before you get us all killed.”
    7. “You’ve got something jammed in here real good.”
    6. “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”
    5. “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.”
    4. “Sorry about the mess…”
    3. “Look at the size of that thing!”
    2. “Curse my metal body, I wasn’t fast enough!”
    1. “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”

  10. Darth invadeher

    So what? Who cares?

  11. combustion8

    sarlac pit, great stuff!!

  12. veggi

    If she was really eager for adventure, she should have tried ATM with James Earl Jones. Although, if it’s a black guy, how do you know if there’s any “A” on it when you go “TM”? Frist, little help?

  13. mamadough

    she’s about as attractive as sally fields…

  14. veggi

    @10- I see your innuendos, and I raise you “lines in Star Wars that are improved by using the word Pants”

    The pants may not look like much, kid, but they’ve got it where it counts.

    I find your lack of pants disturbing.

    These pants contain the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it.

    Han will have those pants down. We’ve got to give him more time!

    You are unwise to lower your pants.

    Don’t worry. Chewie and I have gotten into a lot of pants more heavily guarded than this.

    Maybe you’d like it back in your pants, your Highness.

    Your pants betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially one . . . Your sister!

    PS: She may not be so hot now, but shes frekin funny as hell as an author..

  15. veggi

    @13- eat shit and live asshole..

  16. Andy

    She’s extremely bright, extremely funny, extremely creative, with a very colorful overall personality.

    So, no, I don’t want to fuck her.

  17. jrz

    I just wish I could see that stick Calista Flockhart’s face when she hears another woman saying “Harrison is great fun when he’s had a few drinks.” Especially now that she’s stuck with old Harrison and not young hot Harrison.

  18. George Washington

    Thats odd.
    She always seemed as if she needed a good horse fucking.
    I guess Solo couldn’t deliver the goods, bummer, always thought he was a candy ass.
    I bet Chewy could have roughed it up nicely….

  19. Sandy

    I’d be shocked if Calista Flockhart has any interest in sex. I’ve always assumed that’s why she married Mr. Saggy Balls.

  20. Weird. It seemed implied that R2D2 had some sort of device that would pleasure the Princess, some “Galactic Sybian” or, if she’s as kinky as she seems in real life, a “Death Starfish”.

    I watch quite a lot of porn.

  21. #13 haha, I get it. ATM blah blah blah you are such a loser..

    Hey real veggi: I think you have to send the Fish dude a pic of Ford, he only has chick pics.

  22. Eric

    Harrison said he had been attracted to her ever since she did her infamous sexy photoshoot in Girl’s Life magazine.

  23. pinky_nip

    So… he had to be drunk to bone her… no surprises there.

  24. #13 – Besides, she was a princess, why would she degrade herself by fucking that n i g g e r???

  25. Mo


    Oh, that comment was made of all kinds of win. :D Thank you so much for the laugh.

  26. Spongebob Gangsta

    You know Yoda had a piece of Leia too…

    “Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!!”

  27. #25 oooohhh….so original..

    Get a life. I’m outta here. It’s lunch.

  28. I always thought that Han Solo was HAND SOLO if you get what I mean

  29. tight lipped smiler

    Hans better soak his bullwhip in some Viagara before he starts whipping it around these days. Ooops, wrong movie.

  30. woodhorse

    Way cool – Jabba no bodda Veggi.

  31. Chupacabra

    “Once I was about to bone my girlfriend, but Star Wars came on and she said, No way.”

  32. hanshotfirst

    Wow — all of a sudden, my user name is pretty frickin’ relevant…

  33. eric

    My respect for Harrison Ford just went up even more.

  34. Ted Mosby

    I sense a disturbance in the force

  35. Auntie Kryst

    Veggi, great story!! Funny though, you don’t look Druish.

  36. LL

    “Gave her a bit of The Force…” That’s some good shit. I’m gonna start using that one.

  37. lulu

    fo’ sho..what veggi said– where’s a pic of harrison? you know you DO have female viewers. but this doesn’t surprise me…it’s hott! <33

  38. lisabeller

    Carrie is a member of a millionaire club ” M I L L I O N A I R E L O V E R.C O M ” where the millionaire & celebrity have romance!

  39. shannaners

    Oh man if they did sleep together she was one lucky girl!

  40. Clover

    If I was gonna make a movie with Harrison Ford, I too would walk on set thinking I wanted to have a fling. Carrie Fisher had the right frame of mind!

  41. Memo

    Carrie Fisher rocks! She is one of the funniest actor/ writer out there and I hope she was lucky enough to screw Harrison Ford! I would and still would even if he is an old man, because he’s Han Solo!

  42. ad

    good for her. i don’t care what anyone says, harrison is still fucking sexy. you can’t blame the girl for hitting that!

  43. Stay

    Ugh, Ford, man, I thought you had some taste. Oh wait, no you don’t.

    Don’t worry though. We’re still friends.

  44. Inner Circle

    “The man wants to put his “lightsaber” into a woman’s “Sarlacc pit.”"

    Factual error: Han Solo doesn’t have a lightsaber. However, in Empire Strikes Back, he doesn’t hesitate to borrow Luke’s to get into… well… “This may not smell good, kid, but it’ll keep you warm.” Well, who else was in that closet with Fisher and Ford? Say, somebody named Hamill?…

    By the way, Harrison will be forced to make some sort of comment now. My guess is that he’ll say that the whole thing happened while he was frozen in carbonite and couldn’t defend himself.

  45. Erast Petrovich Fandorin

    No problem. Princess Leia simply senced the force inside and outside.

  46. dnice

    Love the spaceballs reference (you too, Auntie Kryst)

  47. Grunion

    Star wars and sex just don’t go togehter man, they just don’t.
    Some of these posts are proof of that.

  48. prez

    that was funny

  49. herbiefrog


    you did actually read the article ?

    Shaking her head and saying: “I’m going to get in so much trouble,” she adds: “Once I left the room and came back and he was in the closet not wearing a lot of clothes.”


    so… are we nearly there yet ?

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