Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart still together

September 23rd, 2005 // 64 Comments

When did Harrison Ford grow man boobs? Indiana Jones is supposed to be manly hot, not womanly I have breasts hot. Although I must admit, breasts are pretty hot.


  1. him_lover

    her face looks like The Joker (a la Jack Nichelson)
    the bitch needs to eat something more than harrison’s bologna pony

  2. izzy

    the lady in the background looks like my government teacher… when i was little i thought i was going to marry harrison ford, thank god my mom didn’t let me send those naked pictures, he didn’t really age gracefully did he? i love calista, she was so cute in midsummer-like a puppy.

  3. stinkypinky

    I think the woman in the background looks like a laughing squirrel who is hungrily eyeing the “nuts” Calista has cleverly hidden in the front of her dress.

  4. DevastatorX

    His boobs are bigger than hers!

  5. seminole

    okay, the very first comment here mentions that he has bigger breasts than she does.

    nothing more to say.

  6. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    Oy, Oy, Oy!

    Poor Calista. She still hasn’t gone through puberty. I’m sorry, but I’d be scared to knock boots with something that skinny. Call me goofy, but I like a woman with meat on her bones. She’s certainly doesn’t have any womanly shape, maybe Harrison likes de oral mucho more. Look at her mouth and she tells you in the picture.

    Think about it, O my bretren and sisters. Great art and your first pleasurable experiences are next to the warm, soft flesh of your mother. We men spend the rest of our lives to keep that experience.

    How would you feel if you woke up cradled next to C.’s ribcage? My ear hurts thinking about it.

    In Praise of Real Shaped Women!

    Can I get a witness!?!?!

  7. IvoryFingers

    Moobs LOL

  8. funkylo

    man boobs…yeah but what about that fanny pack…that is for Looooozzzers!

  9. calista looks really thin. she’s perfect.

  10. Danny Fein

    Is it really a fanny pack if it is worn in the front? What do we call that, a Groin Sack?

  11. karrot

    They look very happy. Famous, wealthy and happy…imagine that.

  12. Lynette Carrington

    I will poke a little fun at celebrities now and then. But, Ford? No. You don’t make fun of Harrison Ford. That’s just all kinds of WRONG.

  13. ekw

    Boots are made for walkin’, and celebs are made for knockin’. It’s the price of admission. Ford, I would say, however, is more than a celebrity. He’s the real deal in terms of accomplishments as an actor. And Ms. Flockhart, bless her little clavicle, is an actress with some reasonable claim to that title. Neither is the kind of celebrity who is only known for being known. Still, if you get the perks you must contend with smirks, or is that jerks, I never remember. Anyway, you are free to fire away. They can take it. Money really does help. A lot.

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