Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart still together

September 23rd, 2005 // 64 Comments

When did Harrison Ford grow man boobs? Indiana Jones is supposed to be manly hot, not womanly I have breasts hot. Although I must admit, breasts are pretty hot.


  1. Lizardqueen

    Man! Han Solo he ain’t. Which is too bad. I have a thing for Han. Having bigger jugs than you’re girlfriend, not so hot. In fact it looks as though Calista has gotten stung by two bees in her abdominal region.

  2. Do you think he is considering getting a ‘bro’?

  3. emma

    what the fuck is up with her face? it would make me want to HIT that rather than hit that.

  4. maetl

    he’s making up for calista’s lack.

  5. Martin92

    Calista looks like Meg Ryan in that picture. But less botox. Still scary though.

  6. sexymama

    love the fanny pack

  7. CANADIAN Tracy

    WHO is that lady in the backround hahahahahhaha HAHAHAHHA…

  8. Gophergutz

    it’s about time someone in that relationship got some boobs. he probably got tired of waiting around for her to reach womanhood.

  9. Proteon

    I love how HIT means FUCK.

  10. undrew

    Two words–Fanny Pack.

  11. d-list

    she looks like a chicken.. she has the face of a bird.. and that is not a compliment in any way.

  12. Sdvora

    She must have the longest nipple to clavicle length in the known universe.

  13. RedDebKelly

    Still, he is Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan and Bob Falfa. He could eat crackers in my bed any day of the week!

  14. Sdvora

    “what the fuck is up with her face? it would make me want to HIT that rather than hit that.”

    Hahaha. Violence against women. Hi-larious… You idiot.

  15. bone_daddio

    ya know, before he was Han Solo, Mr. Ford was a carpenter by trade. Guess he still likes bangin’ boards. Can we call him splinter dick?

  16. Gophergutz

    “what the fuck is up with her face? it would make me want to HIT that rather than hit that.”

    “Hahaha. Violence against women. Hi-larious… You idiot”

    It is if you’re wearing a clown suit when you do it.

  17. Sdvora

    Let me explain something to all the men out there: if you want your women to be skinny, as most of society is telling them they must be, than you have to understand that they aren’t going to have breasts, unless they get surgery, which they are usually ridiculed and crucified for doing anyway.

    I like reading this site, because the author is funny, but I hate reading all these posts that are so ridiculously stupid. So, I realize I’m probably wasting my time pointing this out to this group, but perhaps you all should stop masturbating to pictures of fake women and realize that there are real ones out there…and that for all the men who like to tear down women that don’t match the ones in the magazines…I’m sure you’re not exactly centerfold material either.

  18. Geno

    If you don’t like reading the posts…don’t!
    Harrison Ford is in his 60s or so… He looks good for a guy that age. Calista… ick.

  19. Starshine

    Man boobs or not, I love Harrison Ford. I’m going to kidnap him.

  20. Oh please he is still all man in my book, look that forearm and bicep..hawt. BUT i have to say perhaps he could loan Calista some of his man boobs.

  21. mutterhals

    In defense of the men posting, you catty ass dumb ass women are just as bad. Ally Mcpuke is too skinny, Vierra McSlut is too slutty, Tara’s too fat, Terry’s too skinny. At least men who say these kind of things are doing it out sheer horniness, not jealousy and bitterness like you hags.

  22. DallasFish

    To Sdvora:

    To paraphrase the great George Carlin:

    Have you ever noticed that those women who bitch about equality and “don’t treat us like objects” are women you wouldn’t want to f**k in the first place?

    Relax, everyone is just having fun.

  23. Juliette

    The lady in the back kills me.

    As for HF…well he’s getting up there in age and its much harder to keep toned. Women get saggy boobs and men lose their pecs. Its a fact of life. He ain’t 20 anymore.

  24. ImRichBitch!

    They r a funny lookin couple

  25. Sdvora

    To DallasFish:

    Yes, I guess it could be considered fun when you are in the group in charge. George Carlin was a comedian trying to make people laugh, so I understand why he said what he said. But, to little girls with eating disorders, trying desperately to fit in, “relax” isn’t very helpful advice.

    I really don’t mean to be a preachy downer, it’s just the deluge of bullshit that I hear and read on a daily basis, all in the name of keeping women in their place, just gets to me.

    BTW, I have a boyfriend who fucks me on a regular basis. I can be uppity and attractive at the same time, believe it or not.

  26. Joe Mamma

    I’d like to To Calista into Katrina and see how far she would fly.

  27. ImRichBitch!


  28. mutterhals

    To sdorva:

    Not to be rude, but people like you make me wanna pull my hair out. instead of being the perpetual victim, why dont you focus your energy on something more important than little rich white girls who make themselves puke b/c they are too stupid to realize the images they see on tv and in print are fake. and what does criticizing a womans appearance have to do with keeping her in her place?your muddled feminism is laughable

  29. DallasFish


    Who’s the “group in charge”? Calista Flockhart has an eating disorder? Deluge of bullshit? Daily basis? Huh? What?

    I miss your point. BTW, congrats on being fucked on a regular basis? Any tapes available?

  30. DallasFish

    BTW, Svdora…you see Vida Guerra? Now THERE’S a…..aw, crap, I need some Kleenex….

  31. Xarah

    In the famous words of David Spade’s SNL skit, “Ally McBeal needs an Ally McMeal”.

  32. Pat the Bongo

    With that hat and sunglasses, Calista looks like the Hamburgler.

  33. savita

    I still love you Indiana Jones!

  34. ensiform

    Well, I may be alone in this, but I think Calista’s moderately attractive. I’m not a big fan of the starved look, but she has a cute face and if she had implants, I’d be repulsed. She’s a cute, slightly too-skinny chick.

  35. EspressoMilitia

    I think they both look pretty nice. That dress isn’t flattering on her, but I think not too many would look right on her. Maybe a babydoll, maybe something schoolteacherish with a high neck.

  36. Mugato

    Yeah, because the media only portrays good looking girls. There are no celebrity males that are in shape or good looking. Poor little girls.

    As for Ford, Indiana Jones does notwear a fanny pack! He wears a big leather purse.

  37. Julies

    why does everyone have to find something to make fun of people about. Calista is small, that’s her. ALL you people are skinny, fat, big breasted, small breasted, man breasted, bald, whatever. everyone is different! i’m getting so sick of people not accepting people for who they are. At least calista and ford have more money than you ever will!

  38. georgiabunny

    maybe it’s the 4 stout beers, or the lack of food in my body…but has anyone considered the very REAL possibilty that ford has one of those perverted daddy-little girl fetishes, and the split screen to this pic is calista tied up in a raggedy ann costume? takers? anyone?

  39. sugarplum

    fanny pack

  40. heartstring

    there is a huuuge age difference between them. and that lady in the back is having fun!

  41. stinkypinky

    What is bothering me are the people that are coming on this site and complaining because everyone is being mean and critical. The whole point of this site is to make fun of people and criticize them in any way that we can find. This is fun for us. The site is called “The Superficial” not “The Politically Correct”. If you can’t delight in making fun of celebrities then go find a different site where you can make your nice cutesie supportive comments and not be bothered by what we have to say.

  42. Dude, that is so effing depressing seeing Han Solo in this condition. I need to get my Indiana Jones DVDs out just to comfort me from seeing him like that. I know actors get old, but do we have to watch them do it? Keep the fantasy alive!

  43. LadySpankington

    Maybe it’s not a fanny pack.

    Maybe it’s a codpiece…

  44. John Davies

    Most likely his “fanny pack” contains a concealed pistol.

  45. mrwok

    Please remind me why Calista Flockhart is famous?

  46. Ms. Dilligaff

    I think when Calista gets tired (which, let’s face it, must be quite often–how does she hold herself up?) Indi just folds her up and lays her gently in his fanny pack, kisses her gently on the forehead, and tells her to just clooose her eyes and take a nap.
    Incidently, remember that little chicken that used to chase Foghorn Leghorn on Bugs Bunny? That’s who/what Calista reminds me of.

  47. Angry Wino

    Harrison is not hot anymore. Not hot at all.

  48. ki

    Fanny pack = #1 in American style!

  49. missinformation

    I wonder if Callista plays with his boobs since she has none or vise versa… *scratches head* If you put their boobs together, they might equal a small b cup…

  50. torrance

    I guess some one has to wear the pants in the relationship. And I guess some one has to grow the boobs.

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