Here’s Video Of Harrison Ford’s Plane Almost Killing 110 People

Last week, NBC News reported that Harrison Ford almost crashed his plane into a jetliner carrying 110 people while accidentally landing on the taxiway, which is a huge deal and has already launched an FAA investigation that could result in him losing his license. Now, TMZ has video of the landing (above), and honestly, it’s nowhere near as terrifying as the control tower audio where it sounds a lot like Harrison Ford has no idea if he’s flying a plane or a fucking banana. Via PEOPLE:

In newly released audio obtained by TMZ, the Star Wars legend is told his tail number, “Husky Niner Hotel Uniform,” and a personal code of 0214. However, Ford responds by stumbling over his words, telling the control tower that he was flying a helicopter rather than his single-engine plane.
The 74-year-old actor is also told his radio transmission was made to the wrong tower — rather than switching to the Los Angeles tower, he’s still communicating with the Santa Monica Airport from which he departed.
Just 18 minutes after the transmission, the licensed pilot of many years accidentally maneuvered toward a taxiway rather than the runway he was cleared to land on. His plane flew over an American Airlines departing flight with 110 passengers on board and a six-person crew.

Now I know it seems like I’m piling onto Han Solo. However, he almost piled a plane onto a goddamn 737, so I’m honestly just trying to help by saying get your old ass out of the sky and play golf or something. Shit, design your own earrings. Literally anything that doesn’t cause people to scream, “Fuck, it’s Harrison Ford! Run before he Pearl Harbors us in the dick!” Knock yourself out.

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Photo: Getty