Harriet Tubman Having Sex? Now That’s Comedy!

If you’ve somehow completely missed this shitstorm, yesterday Russell Simmons launched his new All Def Digital YouTube channel with a comedy sketch featuring Harriet Tubman making a sex tape. Which on its surface sounds like a hilarious concept, but keep in mind I’m dead inside and have no sense of decorum. Surprisingly, it did not go over well and eventually Russell pulled the video but then also released a statement basically calling everyone who didn’t get it an idiot and literally tried to call the whole thing “politically correct.” Although in his defense, the people screaming “RAPE CULTURE!” were a tad overboard because there was nothing rapey about it, outside of the historical context of slave masters raping their slaves which actually sounds really bad now that I just typed that. Forget that whole sentence. Anyway, where this thing really went wrong was the part when someone went, “Haha! We’re making our culture’s most beloved historical hero act like Kim Kardashian,” and then didn’t hire an intern to shoot everyone in the face who thought that was a good idea. That would be my only criticism. And the shit-awful writing.