Dammit, We Lost Egon (1944 – 2014)

February 24th, 2014 // 41 Comments
Harold Ramis Egon

While Alec Baldwin throws his hissy fit in the media he hates so much, Hollywood lost a true icon today when comedic actor/director Harold Ramis died early this morning. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Ramis, a longtime North Shore resident, was surrounded by family when he died at 12:53 a.m. from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that involves swelling of the blood vessels, his wife Erica Mann Ramis said. He was 69. …
Ramis leaves behind a formidable body of work, with writing credits on such enduring comedies as “National Lampoon’s Animal House” (which upon its 1978 release catapulted the film career of John Belushi, with whom Ramis acted at Second City), “Stripes” (1981) and “Ghostbusters” (in which Ramis also co-starred) plus such directing efforts as “Caddyshack” (1980), “National Lampoon’s Vacation” (1983), “Groundhog Day” and “Analyze This.”

As someone who grew up on his movies, I can’t help but appreciate Harold Ramis’ final gift to the world of giving everyone the chance to go, “Haha, 69.” Which, in retrospect, seems beneath him, and now I just tarnished his whole legacy. I’ll stop talking.

Rest in Peace, Egon


  1. No disrespect, but I hope every molecule in his body exploded at the speed of light.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Damn, that sucks!

    Didnt realize he had some of those other movies to his credentials. I guess Ghostbusters 3 isnt happening

  3. If Murray decides to proceed with GB3, I will find him and bitch slap that shit-eating grin off his face.

  4. I’ve seen Stripes a few million times. Every time I watch it, the scene where Ziske starts his ESL class makes me laugh like it’s the first time seeing it. “Son of Bitch. Shit.”

    Bye bye to a very funny man.

  5. Mr. Ramis, thank you for “Ghostbusters”, but also “Stripes” , “Caddyshack”, and “Groundhog Day”. You’ve made our childhood pretty damn awesome.


  6. RIP Harold Ramis.

    I will never cross the streams.

  7. “I looked at the trap, Ray.” -Egon Spengler

    One of the best, most inconsequential, throw-away yet funny lines ever spoken by any actor in any movie.

  8. You can’t put together a top 10 list of movie comedies without mentioning at least three (or more) of Harold Ramis’s gems.

    Cross the streams, dude. No one deserves it more. RIP.

  9. The Most Interesting

    “I’m gonna take back some of the things I said about you, Egon.”
    [pulls out candy bar]
    “You… You’ve earned it.”

  10. Too bad that God took Egon, but even worst he still keep Alec Baldwin around xD

  11. JBJJ

    Man this fucking sucks. My chances of GB3 are in the toilet now. Harold Ramis was one of the greatest 80′s icons of movies and I’m sad to see him leave. Hopefully he can bring is comedy to his next life. R.I.P. my friend.

    • Shaggy 2 Dope

      I’ve always been kind of a pacifist. When I was a kid, my father told me, “Never hit anyone in anger, unless you’re absolutely sure you can get away with it.” I don’t know what kind of soldier I’m gonna make, but I want you guys to know that if we ever get into really heavy combat… I’ll be right behind you guys. Every step of the way.

  12. Urbanspaceman

    SCTV was never as funny after Harold departed. And all that other stuff. RIP.

  13. Edward Elizabeth Hitler

    For fuck’s sake, this is news I could have done without. It’s not like GB3 was ever going to happen thanks to BIll Murray joining the fucking celebrity golf circuit anyway.

    If you want GB3, play the Ghostbusters PS3/Xbox game. Even Murray participated. It’s fun and it’s got a movie-style storyline that doesn’t suck (like GB2 did).

  14. Bane

    Well this sucks. This guy was a major talent. He could write, act and direct. A lot of people are unaware of his body of work.

    Well shit…..

  15. Bubba

    You know, it is possible to pay respects without some sort of lame attempt at humor attached to it, Fish. Be human, for once.

  16. PassingTrue

    The world just became a slightly sadder place. RIP Harold Ramis. Your work lives on.

  17. See you on the other side, Egon.

  18. Beer Baron

    Egon, but not forgotten.

  19. So sad. RIP. You have provided laughter for me through some dark days.

  20. cc

    Shit. Honest to God I was chatting about my favorite funny movies of all time and ‘Stripes’ came up and I couldn’t remember his name. Now I feel bad.

    Talk about a guy who brought a lot of laughs to a lot of people.

  21. I can’t help but think of Back to School right now. RIP

  22. This one makes me seriously sad. Egon was always my favourite, and Harold Ramis had a lot of talent as a writer and producer as well. Sad day. RIP, buddy.

  23. Jenn

    Animal House, Meatballs and all kinds of crap I shouldn’t have been watching at a young age but I snuck around and did anyway, laughing quietly in the middle of the night. RIP Mr. Ramis, thanks for my perpetually warped sense of humor.

  24. I’ve had it with you, God. Piss off.

  25. Loved him in Stripes and he was great in Knocked Up.

    What a terrible loss.

  26. Sarah

    Groundhog Day is an all time favorite of mine. I was truly saddened to hear of his death. RIP.

  27. So many great movies under his belt. Thank you for everything. R.I.P.

  28. Doug Neidermeyer: “And most recently of all, a ‘Roman Toga Party’ was held from which we have received more than two dozen reports of individual acts of perversion SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here.”

    So sorry to see you go, Harold. Neidermeyer was one of the best characters ever written. RIP

  29. Colin

    At least he will live on in Lego Minifig form.

  30. AndrewMacCloud

    If you’re seeing things
    Running through your head
    Who we gonna call now?
    Who can you call??????????????

  31. I got my ass kicked in Wisconsin once. RIP HR.

  32. Vii

    Grew up with him on SCTV- John Candy, Eugene Levy … So damn funny!
    Too young. RIP

  33. EuniceWigglesbottom


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