Happy New Year, you sexy beasts

December 31st, 2006 // 119 Comments

Have a safe and happy New Year everybody. I’ll probably see you Tuesday, depending on how many baby koalas I have to save. Take that, Angelina Jolie. My heart is twice as big as yours. Twice as firm too. Mmm, and supple.


  1. zoe15


    Happy New Year’s, everyone!

  2. cherie

    second, biatches.

  3. frenchtoaststix

    Happy New Year, fellow SF posters. Unfortuntely, I have to work tonight. In the words of the immortal Nacho Libre, it SUCKS to be me right now. Everyone have a margarita for me!

  4. ash

    I’m in Australia, and its been 2007 for exactly 13.5 hours.
    Soooooooooo..happy new year!!!

    Lets make some predictions…I think Britters will continue to party minus underwear…I think Lindsay will continue to be a firecrotch…and I think my prime minister and your president will continue to be in bed together!

  5. In Virginia, 10:45pm. My idea of partying consisted of taking my kid to see Charlotte’s Web for her B-day, and now I get to do work on my computer. So someone drink one for me too–strawberry margarita, frozen, with salt. Here’s to more gratuitous crotch shots, ya’all.

  6. m1ndys

    yea virginia!

    happy new year to you too, superfish!

  7. Binky

    Well , it’s still early over here – 5:20 am.
    But so far 2007 seems to suck as well.

  8. OOppps Deja whatever
    Well , it’s still early over here – 5:20 am.
    But so far 2007 seems to suck as well.

  9. Mo

    Happy 2007 all! May all your alcohol be the good stuff and your undies be off only when the cameras aren’t rolling.

  10. Binky

    And – for the good of the children – don’t drink and blog…

  11. suzy

    1. i love how that pic is from 2006 lmao
    2. i also wish the master behind superificial and all of the site’s readers a very happy, wonderful, safe, and blessed new year!!


  12. Daughtry – they recorded a platinum-selling album, played live on Fox’s New Years, and suck.

    Creed meets Fuel… now THAT’s a winning combination…

  13. Kristin

    Happy New Year. =]

  14. lilystar

    Happy New Year everyone!!! ?

  15. penissary contact

    happy new year!!! this year is special for me – i rang in the new year with sudden anal sex by a stranger! i’m torn and happy! big tip for all of you: the color for 2007 is blood red!!!

  16. Kate

    Happy New Year, bitches! Love ya all!

    You too Superfish!

  17. magickal

    I’m on my third bottle of brut.

    Happy New Years, my fellow cunts and douches.

    I mean that with love. :)

    Two thousand mother fuckin’ seven biotches!

  18. madaboutmark




  19. happy new years!!!!!

  20. mztry

    Happy New Year from one of us
    Who does it nicely and won’t cuss
    But feels the need to make a fuss

    To Britney and to Lindsay too
    Another year… a new tatoo
    Better times for both of you

    To Nicoles Kidman and Richee
    Better times I hope you’ll see
    And grams of weight to gain with glee

    Kristen can hold her head up higher
    Which comes from hangin’ with a spider
    While jealous people just get snider

    Tara’s not a Frankenstein
    Compared to all of you she’s fine
    And looking better all the time

    But I’ll pray this year for Tom and Kate
    Whose name he’s changed you’ve heard of late
    There are some things I can’t relate

    God Bless Tiny Tim!

  21. cayana

    Happy New Year Superficial!

    Wahaha.. 3 months of posts gone.. all the fighting and namecalling and potty talk.. Let us have a moment of silence for all those lost posts. *muffled laughter*

  22. Cherokee Chocolate

    Happy New Year Superfish and Friends!!! 2007 is going to freakin’ rock!!!

  23. MrSemprini

    New year comes softly
    Still the night sleeps
    Until Paris takes off her panties

  24. Lowlands

    Hey people!I wish you all a happy new year!I know i’m a bit late but i was all day busy with charity works blah,blah and bringing the living word blah,blah and semen.I just put the second bottle of champagne between those front-fleshpillows of this amazing woman to keep the bottle on temperature.The service is also much better this way,just pinch the niple for a imediate refill.If there’re some bitches which don’t like this,you can clit-slap me later.I hope you all enjoyed your new year!

  25. Happy New Year!

    Hope you all have great sex this year!

  26. Sophie

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    Happy New Year 2007

  27. Nikky Raney

    happy new year

    but i think we should mention things about new years eve

    such as rhianna’s dress..
    when she did her little dance
    and how she was not even TRYING to sing.

    and christina kissing ryan sea crest and then saying OOPSY MY HUBBY.

    and other things :]

  28. Missallanpoe

    Lol, ty you too. Man…I didn’t make any new years resolutions! Possibly Look hotter this year..if that’s possible.

  29. just so you know..koalas are mean sumbitches. best break out your best body armor. the kind you use to shake paris hilton’s hand would do nicely.

    happy new year to all! and to all a good hangover.

  30. Courtney

    Happy New Year)(!*#)*#!

    I’ve made your resolution for you, Mr. Superficial – No more Paris Hilton posts! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to see it my way.


  31. BarbadoSlim

    Merry New Year all!

    Was looking at the Forum section superfishdoode , ouch, is THAT what you wanna go with? It looks like shit. It doesn’t look “superfishy” you mess with the look and you’re gonna lose hits.

  32. There's a Surprise Inside

    Happy New Year, You Dirty Mofos!

    I love you BarbadoSlim! Even more now in 2007.

  33. ImaCracka

    Happy New Year all……

    In a drunken stupor last night I bought a tow hitch off ebay for my Jeep…

    How good do you think a tow hitch off Ebay is?

    And how sad is my life that on New Years Eve I am surfing Ebay looking for a trailer hitch……

    Damn I need a life…..

  34. Denimpetal

    LOL ImaCraka that is a splendid way to ring in the new year, I think parties are such a cliche.
    I stayed at home with my mum and my little brother. At seven p.m I was saying “no I don’t want any champagne” apparently at around 5a.m I stumbled into the living room and screamed “There’s no more champagne you bastards! Now what the fuck am I supposed to drink???????” and I called my ex who I’d recently told to fuck off and get over himself and moaned about being all alone at christmas and would he like to come over and give me one for the road?
    I am extremely proud of myself. But a lot of me wishes I was on ebay looking for a trailer hitch.
    Thankgod, I don’t get hangovers! haahahaha

  35. Italian Stallion

    I like little boys.

  36. I like little girls.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  37. killeristic

    okay. im a little too slow. hahaha.
    still HAPPY DAYS AHEAD! 2007!!

  38. I like licking little boys private parts.

  39. Truthseeker013

    Happy New Year to all of you mad, wonderful souls. You’ll be seeing a lotmore of me in the eyars to come. Blame the CIA hit squad that was too inept to close the deal for that…

  40. herbiefrog

    lol all you guys :)))

    we were busy…

    our bitch

    looks like we missed some fun thoughts


    ps fuck you all and happy new year

  41. hopefully this year has much crazy crap happen as last!

  42. yeah, but you have to save *baby* koala bears!

  43. i don’t know if it’s that good

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