Happy Labor Day Weekend! (Plus Bikinis)

September 4th, 2009 // 98 Comments

What’s up, guys? Going to take off for the Labor Day weekend and get some much needed R&R, but in the meantime, here’s a shit-ton of bikinis for your edification. See how much I care? It’s almost like we know each other so well we can finish each other sentences. Except not really because I do all the writing around here. And you like it.

See you Tuesday,

- The Superficial

Bikini Babes (In Order with Links to Original Posts):
1. Kim Kardashian 2. Britney Spears 3. Sophie Monk 4. Paris Hilton 5. Bar Refaeli 6. Mena Suvari 7. Heidi Montag 8. Megan Hauserman 9. Holly Madison 10. Demi Moore 11. Kendra Wilkinson 12. Monica Cruz 13. Ali Landry 14. Jayde Nicole 15. AnnaLynne McCord 16. Whitney Port 17. Lisa Rinna 18. Katrina Darrell 19. Tara Reid 20. Gemma Atkinson 21. Katy Perry 22. Jessica Alba 23. Miranda Kerr 24. Adrianne Curry 25. Nicollette Sheridan 26. Jennifer Lopez 27. Amber Rose 28. Jamie Lynn Spears


  1. Suck up

    Bye Fish, come home fresh and funny!

  2. Guest

    Bar Refaeli is so ridiculously hot, it makes me want to cry.

  3. Poopie Stains

    Are you talking about #19? She is the prettiest.

  4. Taz

    thanks for the gift

  5. Name Ho

    Damn it, I wanted Jennifer Love playing tennis. I guess I will just have to stroke to JLO..

  6. Gemma

    Ali Landry and Bar Refaeli are the best.
    We should all look like those two.

  7. Fudge

    I’ve got to give the props to Miranda Kerr. Best bikini pic of 2009.

  8. FcukHead

    I’d do everyone in less than 10 minutes ( I’m a quick spunker)!!!!!

  9. havoc

    You’re a good man Charlie Brown…..


  10. What?

    Kim Assian should not be the lead picture. She is a photoshoped freak. Come on, there are actual bikini models in this litter.

  11. KIKI

    8. Even herpes hilton and Tara Reid?

  12. Randal

    Well, a good Labor Day weekend does start off right with Kim being number one on the list. As for Sophie Monk, she needs to be switched with Heidi Montag while Paris can be switched with Adrianne Curry. Teri Hatcher can round number five, even though she’s not on the list. She should be!

    The best top 5 @ The FISH!

    Have a great weekend everyone. High fives to the lads, kisses to the gals.


  13. Randal's Fan

    Have a great weekend Randal. Kisses right back!

  14. @5, agreed. Or the Jennifer Love cellulite black bikini bottom that set off the firestorm would have been a nice touch.

    Bar Refaeli is #1

  15. Eve

    Who the hell is Sophie Monk and why does she have a faux hawk at the beach? Poo on that!

  16. Haha, what a wiieee picture

  17. I'm thinking

    Katrina Darrel looks the best.
    Why is Paris Hilton on here.
    and why Jamie Lynn?
    thank god you didn’t put Lindsey.
    There’s quite a few why are these women here on the list.
    You should have women more like Olivia Wilde or Kate Beckinsale.

  18. Name (required)

    Adrienne curry looked WAY better before she got her implants.

    @2 … yes, yes she is. ^^

  19. Grub

    Miranda Kerr!

  20. GM

    kim is so fine. and that ass…

  21. Catherine

    Paris Hiltons belly button looks like a cats butthole.

  22. Catherine

    Paris Hiltons belly button looks like a cats butthole.

  23. Amber rose is ridiculously hot, don’t care what anyone says about it. Smokin hot.

  24. Bob

    HA ha, looks like Kim K.’s ass cheek implants are slipping down the back of her thighs.

  25. Nameless

    WTF is Paris Hilton doing in this set. She looks like a grisly piece.

  26. Pilatunes

    Bar Refaeli best butt, closely followed by Heidi Montag and Jessica Alba. Best boobs that might be real, that Emma chick.

  27. WTF

    DAAAAAMN, Mena Suvari is skinny!

  28. Weeblo

    I love the guy with bitch-tits behind AnnaLynne McCord

  29. Bar Refaeli is definitly the prettiest in my opinion but I do love Heidi Montag’s hair.

  30. look at all the good you do

  31. M3


    Thos are some damn fine pics……..I knew she was hot….but that Damn body, and that fine ass….HOLY!!!!

  32. these pic are as hot as sun

  33. Kelley

    The post was utterly ruined with Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag, sorry, the rest are OK, even Britney … but Paris Hilton is “not hot.” Yuck.

  34. ooooo it hot , i didnt mean the girls the enviroment is hot

  35. Alex

    I’m sure you’d like to know, so that you can write an awesome post when you’re back, that Spencer Pratt legally changed his first name to “King”. King Pratt, that is.
    Anyone have a shotgun? I’m going hunting for this guy.

  36. Kelley

    Me toom man. Are you kidding me ? Holy giagantic ego, Batman …

  37. wtf

    why does Kardashian’s ass look square from the side,? did her foot kick her bootie cheek in an earlier trampoline shot and now it’s all dented? it was lookin hot but then i did the full lateral view and somethin ain’t right about that ba-donk-a-donk. hmm

  38. First Lady

    oooh oooooh ooooh AAAHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHHH!!!

  39. john

    much needed R&R? you write a damn blog for a living, I’d say your entire career is R&R bud

  40. alll in sexyyy girll. Thaxxx friend

  41. The picture of Paris Hilton apparently about to lose sphincter control and shit herself, almost ruins everything. But then I have Megan Fox put her awesome toe thumb over the picture of Paris and it’s all good. Isn’t that right, Foxy?

    [Megan purrs at me, while I stroke the small her back and she sticks out her tongue]

    Yeah, it turns out my monitor is an interdimensional portal to the internet. So, gotta go. So many bikini babes, so little time.

  42. whatever

    Women read this site too….i’m just sayin’

  43. dontlooknow

    Damn! Hilton is looking like Madonna.

  44. Darth

    Is this the Labor Day Weekend bikini top 28?

  45. Gando

    That can’t be,there’re some bikini champs missing.

  46. AJ

    Kim’s big saggy butt melting into her legs always makes me laugh because she tries so hard to lie about it and hide it with airbrushing but not this time ha! ha!

  47. MEO9


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