Happy Labor Day Weekend!

August 29th, 2008 // 147 Comments

As I’ve often said for many years, “It doesn’t get more American than ogling a British lingerie model (Katie Downes) walking the streets of ole’ London town.” Cohesion: It’s what for dinner I started drinking at noon. SHAZAM!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everybody! See you jokers on Tuesday.


  1. rough daddy

    oh my lord!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe

    If they don’t airbrush her skin you don’t have to bother specifying that the model is British.

  3. ihatework


  4. rough daddy

    sirina homewrecker miller with boobs!

  5. God Bless the Nordic Invaders!

    I love the Viking blood of the English this bitch is insanely lovely!

    Thanks Fish! (zip, plop, phhhap, phhhhhhap, phap,phap, phap,phap,phap…)

  6. Guy

    Well it’s not normal that they airbrush paparazzi photos, now is it?

  7. mmm fish and chips…

  8. CaptainMorgan

    I’d buy that for a dollar! Which is all I’d have left after the wife kicked me out and took everything I had. Damn that’s what I’m talkin about!

  9. mensa

    Thank god the Superficial Writer finally posted pictures of a woman that is actually hot.

  10. michele20

    I agree with #2

  11. Don A

    If the Superficial writer were a true American patriot and not some run of the mill pinko commie, he would have posted pics of Allessandra Ambrosia.

  12. pistolita

    what do you all think of the hips on that girl?

  13. a reader

    now I’m stuck with this half naked woman for three days…I’d rather be laughing at the things you jokers post on every picture. have a good weekend, don’t burn many brain cells.

  14. Angus

    She sort of looks like she has the syndrome of the same name.

  15. blowup doll lover

    My blowup doll isn’t a pale ghost and doesn’t have those dots all over her body like that. My blowup doll is a perfect 10

  16. Angus

    BTW – My blowup doll is going to give me some head tonight

  17. #15 eat blow up shit .i fuck that ass!!!!!!!!!

  18. bitter fat girl’s back (15-16), right on time

  19. UK_Matt

    Oh Lordy. An actual real non airbrushed unsurgeried woman.

    Hmmm. Scrummy.

  20. Tim

    I’m laboring to get the lid off the jar of vaseline!

  21. gor

    Now, *that’s* a Vice President I could vote for.

    Ditch that 44 year old Bible thumping birthing machine and give us this tight piece of ass!

  22. “what do you all think of the hips on that girl?”
    Incredibly enticing, I find her low muscle tone, blue eyes, lips and nose, attractive too.

  23. diane

    hey #11 isnt Alessandra Brazilian?

  24. Now see! Some caucasian women look good pale… like Nicole Kidman for example. If everyone would just be themselves then their natural beauty would shine.

  25. sharpeidude

    #11 – Needs to go suck some serious dick and pass out on someone’s lawn.

    The girl is smokin’ hot! Thanks Fish!

  26. I love SueMe

    Yay you are still with us! The world still rocks! Have a glorious weekend cutie!

  27. Erik

    I agree, she looks good as a natural fair-skinned girl, compared to all the spray-orange sticks with chesticles.

    Which reminds me: Condoleezza Rice. She’s not white, she’s black. Yes, she’s in Bush’s administration, but as Secretary of State she’s made a lot of progress in a short time in restoring U.S. diplomacy.

    Hey…wait…what a great choice for McCain’s VP!!!

    Oh…sorry, guess not…

  28. edie

    pale now = you don’t look like luggage by the time your 35

  29. soahc

    My god, anyone know where to buy those new sperm protectors for computer keyboards? It’s overcast, just like it probably is in London, and it looks like it’s going to jizzle.

  30. Why thanks #26. I will do my best to have a great weekend, but an MA’s work is never done. Unfortunately I work at a clinic that opens on weekends, and doesn’t close for most holidays. I just couldn’t leave The Sup. I was just on vacation sweetie.

  31. Oh #26 where the heck are my manners. You have yourself a glorious weekend as well.

  32. Ted from LA

    Has anyone else played connect the dots on her tits? I did and, if I’m not mistaken, it turns out to be a picture of Rush Limbaugh taking what looks to be a vicodin pill.

  33. @ Eric a.k.a. #27 I agree with you on the funny looking unnatural tans. Don’t get me wrong, because most people tan naturally and even black people tan. The fake tans just ain’t workin though. Just like black women with the funny looking weaves. For all my black women out there…yes I can afford to talk since I don’t wear hair weaves, and hate make-up, and have never had a pair of fake nails since the day I was born. Oh and btw, Im happy with being nappy.

  34. britney's weave

    a little spray tan goes a loooong way. plus, she ought to have those moles on her stomach removed. otherwise, she’s cute.

  35. dude_on

    Pretty girl but we are back to the dental stereotype. Notice how she doesn’t expose her chiclets when she smiles? It remains a travesty that the UK has outlawed dental work.

    You would think a couple of the citizens there would sneak out of the country for some work on their teeth, but then again a naturalized UK citizen would stand out like a beehived crack whore if they had a good set of chompers.

  36. zoo

    Some of you Americans are so ignorant it is unbelievable. Have of you got lovely skin? Perfect teeth? I think not. Have many of you even been to Europe? Do you own a passport?
    All you do with your idiotic comments is continue the stereotype that the rest of the world have of you. ( oh and just so I’m clear…it’s not a nice stereotype)

  37. dude_on

    zoo – first of all let me compliment you on your ability to write in American. Yes, I’ve been to Europe (lived there for a couple years) and I’ve likely been to your country as well. What you may have missed in my comment is what we, on this side of the pond, refer to as sarcasm.

    Americans are ignorant in many ways, but we do not necessarily take ourselves so serious that we cannot laugh at our individual flaws. Feel free to utilize one of our many American search services so you can find out more about sarcasm and good luck with your anger issue(s).

  38. Hey Zoo that’s what I’ve heard about us Americans, and I guess it may be true to some. I am however glad that you didn’t group us all into one, and your key word was “Some.” Not all of us are lacking class you know.

  39. soupofdefish


  40. gabriella20

    Yay for once a women that dosent looks like a tooth Pick .

  41. sicasso

    It wouldn’t kill her (too quickly) to drag her arse out into the Ibiza sunshine once a year. Blimey. She’s so pale, I can see her pancreas.

  42. deacaf

    I can’t stand pudgyt fukkin’ bitches! No soft tummies! EVER!

  43. Sid

    She looks tired.

  44. MonkeyMan777

    Okay, ‘scuse me, gotta go have some private time. Fine looking real woman.

  45. sg

    you all know that she’s a dirty scouser right? she’ll nick your hubcaps in a heartbeat.

  46. menchi

    Ahh the gorgeous Katie Downes, has no one here ever heard of Page 3, full of young all natural(no silicon) girls http://page3.com/girl/katie_downes/index.shtml

  47. deacaf

    zoo: last time I was in Jolly Ol’ England you mum was more than happy to suck my knob, then she tried to pass me off to your fucking nan but the bitch dropped dead when she saw the size of my tremendous PENIS! so don’t FUCK with the USA! YEAH!

  48. 27. If you must spew toxic political fecal matter, if it’s not too much trouble, could you at least pick a harder target? “Condi” is the token Negro in the Bush administration. And even in this administration, she is decidedly unqualified. However, Condi and Bush share a common bond, while history will arguably view Bush as the least competent President in U.S. history, Condi is working very hard down the stretch to earn the comparable most incompetent Secretary of State award.

    Let’s briefly review Condi’s failures, just from Dubya’s second term. Nuclear ( no “nucular” is not a word, no matter how many times illiterate Republicans elect to say it ) weapons tested in North Korea, accelerated Uranium enrichment in Iran, Russian invasion of Georgia, a U.S. ally and candidate for NATO membership, and occupation of Georgian territory, accentuating the deterioration of U.S. Russian relations to the lowest point since the end of the cold war, diplomatic mismanagement of costly and unsuccessful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan ( the nuclear power largely responsible for North Korean nuclear weapons technology ) on the verge of rule by Islamic extremists and possible civil war, … I could continue ad nauseum, but since you won’t understand what I’ve already written, I’ll conclude by wishing you frequent painful anal gang rapes during an extraordinarily long HIV-infected life in prison. And remember, Jesus loves you!

  49. Oh, and 42 is absolutely correct. Bitch will be 200 pounds in 5 years, and the freckles, moles, whore make-up, and big-ass-fucking-hips don’t do anything for me now, …

    And remember, vengeance is mine thus sayeth the Lord, bitches!

  50. ldsqtbea

    LMAO best comment ever #35

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