Happy Labor Day, suckas!

September 3rd, 2007 // 110 Comments

  1. I’m so sick of those two.

  2. I'm Awesome


  3. zhuo

    they’re cute, but I’m not expecting cute from this site..

  4. Lexoka

    No idea who they are. The girl’s got a nice ass, though.

  5. where the fuck are the big photos i want to see that ass

  6. roger

    oh, SIXTH

  7. Riotboy

    She’s kinda thin, but I think I’d still hit.

    /yeah I would

  8. woodhorse

    Thanks for making me feel old on a Holiday, Fish. You’ll get yours someday. And your little dog, too.

  9. wwwuker

    You are the biggest Sucker involved with this Blog. Hope you are successful in seeing how many cans of Bud-Light Jessica Alba can push up your butt.

  10. jeff

    these two are stupid… the same as with their movie…

    high school musical is idiotic

    the only reason you should post about vanessa hudgens is when she gets caught with a nipslip or a pussy slip

  11. harlow

    Look at the way he’s holding that camera! he’s taking pics of HIMSELF….ROFLMAO!!!! What a loser!! and he’s totally gay!

  12. adonistic

    isn’t he a little young to grow a beard?

  13. Yar

    the things i would eat out of her arse.

  14. skyhydragonfly

    closer…..getting closer

  15. Nikky Raney

    ugh. i thought they broke up.

  16. Abby

    Ugh. Most annoying couple ever.

  17. doodie

    i’m still flaccid here. i have yet to get my daily erection from this site. maybe some pics of that burly guy from Balls of Fury. not the colored guy, but the jewey looking guy with the long hair and glasses.

  18. ana

    i wish i was her there

  19. Jackau

    Someone just posted a poll about Zach Efron and gf Vanessa Hudgens’ hawaii pics on pollsb.com. Link:

  20. howard

    I wonder if she could take 8″

  21. Annie Rexia

    Ah….Zac’s got a girlfriend. I hope he gave her proper instructions on how to use that strap on. That’s what you get for dating the fags, honey.

  22. betenoir

    I draw the line with cynicism directed at the pre-pubescent adolescent set. Leave their icons alone!

    Some of these posts have a pedophilic tone to them.

    You know that line? Some of you are very close to crossing it!

    Suppose some of the kiddies googling their favorites stumble across this site.

    Not good.

  23. Patricia

    Theese pictures are so old !!!

  24. Zac Efron's Butt Plugg

    My god! Someone please pull me out! I’ve been up this homo’s ass for a week now! Lord knows the girl is never around to help! Please

  25. Sweet_cheeks

    I love you, superfish guy enjoy your day off- but i better see some more of your commentary tomorrow.

    ^^^ is 22 and has no clue who this fruitcake is or what the fuck ” HSM” is

  26. gigi

    What is Highschool Musical?? am I supposed to be watching this? In these photos the chickie reminds me of Annette Funicello/ and the dude like her Frankie Avalon…. but isn’t he gay tho? I smell studio-produced beard couple…

  27. Malffy Hernandes

    The cuteness is burning my eyes!!!

  28. W

    Omg, he’s using a disposable camera. I didn’t know people used those cameras in the 21st century.

  29. shanipie

    Ok she is cute an all, but whats with her bikini lookin like its cuttin into her sides? I mean is she wearin a suit to tight for her or is she a freak whos ass is actually smaller than her hips?


  30. Nikky Raney

    READ :::

    HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is a disney movie series.. :]
    which features zac efron, ashley tisdale, corbin bleu, and vanessa
    it’s on disney
    and it’s really really popular.
    the end.

  31. Nikky Raney

    #29– her ass is smaller than her hips. she’s filipino like me.

  32. civil

    I thought they broke up and he started dating the chick from hairspray?!?!?

  33. Heath and Michelle split? Jennifer Lopez preggers? and loads loads more just click ma name bitch!

  34. klakes

    Amazingly classless comments always on this site-cowardly commenting in an anonymous arena.

  35. @34

    f off Zach. By the way, you can’t act, sing, or dance, dafodill.

  36. klofi

    he seems to have had a funnel chest or pigeon breast. the two symmetrical scars below his breast show that he´s been operated as you can see here:


  37. shnoobie

    #31 – are you saying that all filipinos have asses smaller than their hips? noob

  38. chistiiine


  39. leatherdaddy

    i just used the word sucka this morning when texting my ex. weird- since i havent used that word in a while, or seen it on this site.
    this chick has funny looking skin. its actually turning me off. …which is hard to do. where are the hotties?

  40. Crash! Bang!

    i’d fist it

  41. Sarah

    OMG Zac is so cute!

  42. T

    she’s got a hot body, and i’m loving the bikini

  43. Vanessa Hudgens is smokin hot! She’s going to get a tribute alright ;)

  44. wisp

    #22 – how are any of those comments pedophilic? They are both over 18..

  45. Chloe

    I find it a little odd that they both must make thousands with everything they’ve done in the past few years & neither of them has a frickin’ digital camera. who uses disposables anyways!?

  46. 15piecesofflare

    Nice try Zac.

  47. L dubba

    How come in some of this pics, or the High School Musical movie, Zac looks like he has down syndrome? Make it a drinking game. Pop in the movie, and everytime his face looks “down syndromy”, take a swig of your favorite beverage. Happy Labor Day all!

  48. L dubba

    I spelled “these” wrong. Guess I gots the syndrome.

  49. lostinspace

    I hate her…she pisses me off to no end. And High School Musical sucks. I’m surprised no one on this site has heard, but there’s a nude photo scandal going on with her right now; just google it.
    I love Zac though! Please do more posts on him!! :D

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