Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Before I scoot off for the holidays, here’s Mariah Carey rocking clown boots and cleavage despite the freezing temperatures in Aspen. Somewhere there’s an inspirational message to be found here, I can almost feel it. – - Nope, just my monitor. False alarm!

The Superficial shall return this weekend where my words will swaddle you like the newborn baby Jesus. In the meantime, hopefully you get some sweet gifts to tide you over. If not, at least you aren’t Nick Cannon: Human Terrier above. No one deserves that.

Happy Holidays, everybody!


  1. missywissy

    @89- one more thing. Somebody had to place the explosives, and it couldn’t have been one individual. A. Who were they (military or contractors hired by the government) Somebody had to draw up the blue prints on this thing as well. B. How did they place explosives unnoticed????? C. Are they still alive? The plane that dissappeared into the building is not the same plane that dissappeared with people on it. They had to been vaporized (literally or metaphorically) has everyone involved with this thing been silenced or are they just really good at keeping a secret?

    Either this knowledge revealed would create total submission from all who feel helpless or it would create total chaos and all could fall apart.

  2. mee

    HO LEE SHIT!! Those are the ugliest effing boots I’ve ever seen, carefully color coordinated to match that fug puffy jacket, and the leggings make her ass look fat. Mariah, get out a LONG (ass covering) coat, and some tasteful boots; you’ll look much classier.

  3. Carlos

    Remember way back when Nick Cannon still had his dignity? Me neither.

  4. friendlyfires

    EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cannon brokebacks Mariah Carey, he has yet to to feel the sides of her sugar walls. Now we’re talking double agony time. Another sham marriage. Is Carey going to be the Liza Minelli of pop music? Is Cannon’s secret boy lover gonna’ be outed?
    To answer with a question:
    Does Whitney Houston sit up and beg like a toy poodle when offered a vial of pure street essence crack?

    Expect boy lover to become public before spring.

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  6. She looks fine from afar, but once you’re close, oh. Fugly. Even more disturbing. I also wouldnt say anything about him not such an annoying twat he was. Anyone else notice that in every video she her, her hair blowing machine to withdraw the wind is always blowing. Every Damned video. Gawd dumb shes.

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