Happy Thanksgiving!

While Courtney Stodden’s thankful for silicone, lax child marriage laws and an absentee father robbing her of the self-esteem she needed to grow up as a well-adjusted adult, all (two) of us at The Superficial are thankful that 90% of you are already out of the office so we can justify cutting the hell out early.

However, for those of you still stuck at work without anything to distract you from legitimately earning a paycheck – or in need of something, anything to keep you from knifing relatives in the face – you can peruse our massive Photos collection, skip right to the Bikinis, catch up on that Bieber fellow knocking up all the kids today or literally click through an entire year’s worth of Most Important People comment posts (below) thanks to our new endless gallery feature. We gotcha covered, Boozeface.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Photos: WHPhotography.net