‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day!’ Says Karissa Shannon in This Bikini

March 17th, 2011 // 84 Comments

Alright, folks, it’s St. Patrick’s Day where those with Irish blood like me-self are duty-bound to get shit-your-pants drunk or at minimum, chuck a wee pataytoh at a lass for not birthing six children like a proper Catholic. God, I love stereotypes. So I’ll be seein’ ya tomorrow, boyos, provided I don’t wake up sometime next week clutching a cow liver and demanding it switch places with my own via osmosis.


- The Superficial

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Jimbo

    What else is there but DAMN!!!

    • Hugh Jorfan

      Can somebody come up with 1 solid reason why this irrelevant person is continually featured on this website ? Her and her nobody boyfriend need to take a long walk off of a short pier and leave the rest of us alone .

      • Hurp

        No straight guy can honestly say she’s not attractive. Useless attention whore that’s dating a nobody that appeared in a mediocre show for a couple seasons? Sure, but she’s definitely attractive in, wait for it… the superficial sense (get it? I’m somehow doubting you do)

      • johng

        you should rename this website:

        How many times do you have to click on the same shit and reload it over and over again until you get to what you are clicking on?

      • Deacon Jones

        @john g,


      • I can honestly say this crap isn’t attractive, and I still have no fucking clue who she is. Fried hair and over tanning just doesn’t do it for me. Than again, I have no penis so I need a little more than a hole to turn me on. But what do I know, I am still in love with Leeloo Dallas. (the supreme being,lmao)(!!)

        Time to enjoy my vodka; I will most likely change my position on her level of do-ability in about… oh idk.. 4 shots?

    • ick-abod


  2. juaquin ingles

    No douchebag staring into space today, whoa.

  3. Is it a coincidence that the stem of the shamrock looks like a penis?

  4. RoboZombie

    I’d like to kiss her Blarney Stone.And by Blarney Stone I mean…aw, you know what I mean.

    • i don’t know what you mean? i know i would suck on her asshole…

    • Jimbo

      Are you talking about here nether region? her ho ha?, her nasty spot? her vagina? her pussy???? Is that what we are talking about?

      • RoboZombie

        Well Jimbo, when a man and woman love each other, they do special things to make each other feel good. Sometimes, the man takes his ***** and will put it into her *****. She may even ask him to put it in her ****** or *****! Of course, the Lord frowns on this because you can’t make babies when you put it there…

      • Jimbo

        I don’t want to make babies with her so I will opt for the ****** or *****!

    • RoboZombie

      Jimbo for the win!

  5. Anonymous

    Who is this chick and why should I care?

  6. St Patrick

    Yawn…. all the girls in Ireland look like that whats the big deal?

    • DKNY

      All the girls in Ireland are fat, pale-skinned and ugly. Wtf are you talking about?

    • Alyson Hanigan is half irish and half-Jewish. and michelle trachenberg is half russian and german jew.

      • Misanthrope

        She’s American. Ask an actual Irish person. What her descent is is another question. What’s with the tendency of some Americans to say they are from countries they’ve never been to, and in many cases have to go back several generations before there is anyone in their family who actually has? Is it that bad just being from America?

  7. jew

    god. she. is. hot. her sex tape was good too. what a dirty, naughty little slut. built for sex. that is her only purpose. she is like a sex terminator.

    • Jillia

      Wait, wha….? She has a sex tape? Where?!

      • K Soze

        yup, sex tape is solid…. certain parts seem preplanned but for the most part it seems pretty candid.. and she gets fucked – well- several times. At one point when he bends her ass over the bed and films it from a distance while she lies there waiting, she……ok ok nevermind, im getting a bit carried away.

        Look,its not Francis Ford Coppolla, but shes hot, shes eager, and fucks well enough. Would i pay for it? Nah.. but take the time to rip it? Certainly.

  8. jew

    i mean she was sucking on her black boyfriend’s nut sack. which is pretty much proof that she’d do anything. it’s like slutty fear factor.

  9. Any Guy

    I bet her snatch smells like a burnt mattress.

  10. Holy 72pt font FAP

  11. Here’s hopin to see Taylor Momsen in a bikini tonite lol! But yeah girl don’t go braughless cos Fairfax County’s a police state. Ask Red Hot Chilli Peppers..

    Now say this in an Irish accent: OIL BEEF HOOKED

    Down the hatch~

  12. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Captain Obvious
    Commented on this photo:


  13. Parker

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll give her a DNA enema anytime.

  14. DKNY

    Karissa Go Bragh-less [please]

    • The Critical Crassness

      Why, they are fake anyway!
      Keep your “bragh” on, Karissa and remove yourself from public view instead!

      • K Soze

        Sound advice, fuckstick, how about you follow it? You make the same asinine, whiney comments almost daily, and its a tired act. Youve obviously got some sort of inferiority complex that results in you having to insult chicks who are far fucking hotter than any you’ll ever get within 1000 feet of (at least thats what the restraining order entails). Your act is tired, shut the fuck up.

  15. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Frida's boss
    Commented on this photo:

    The ocean?

  16. I'm a jerk

    More proof that the 90′s were the last great decade. Stephanie Seymour is 42 and she looks a billion times hotter than this Hef cast-off. Maybe I’m just getting old.

  17. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    guy rossi
    Commented on this photo:


  18. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    You’re both correct.

  19. cc

    Nornally, I am not a Karissa Shannon fan but…I think you’d be hard pressed to find an (honest) straight man who doesn’t look at pic 6 and doesn’t immediatly think of how great it would be to fuck her from behind.

    That ass is probably all I will think about for the next hour. Unless I go back and look at the Kelly Brook pics.

  20. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, isn’t that just a beautiful view.

  21. One of these for every man on Earth. I think even the gay ones might convert.

    World Peace.

  22. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    This gal is a violation of the pure food & drug act! And I want to evaluate her!

  23. Deacon Jones

    She reminds me of a cocktail waitress at an average shorebar.

    You just keep pounding drinks all night, each time, a little bit more convincingly to yourself, you mutter “yeah,…..Yeah I can see it” until you’re 5 Long Islands and 11 Miller Lite’s deep, ask her her name, and fast foward to 2:30 am you’re banging her on the beach. With a mouthful of dyed blond hair so brittle it feels like straw in your mouth and she’s bitching about getting sand in her pussy.

  24. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks as poised and graceful as a Barbi doll flung by one leg at a stray cat. There’s not a single photo of this chick that doesn’t look painfully staged.

  25. sick

    I just want to know if she works out, or if she is naturally that fcking hot. Perfect ass and legs. Now do as we’ve commanded and go braghless, ya dirty whore.

  26. blonde

    Lame sauce.

  27. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    You cant have rough without the cream sauce
    Commented on this photo:

    That has got to be rosier than a pot O gold.

  28. molly


  29. thanksforthemammories

    Pics aren’t displaying on mobile today for some reason…sux!

  30. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    ung, ung, ung, ung ohhhhhhhgod I just came

  31. Who else just noticed that “four-leafed clover” rhymes with “poor queef blower”?

    I’m drunk.

  32. Marco

    New found appreciation for green. And ass.

  33. oermens

    her most candid photos to date. i know i always walk around with a giant inflatable shamrock.

  34. Burt

    Oh, she’s certainly physically attractive…But, the fact she’s still with her soon to be put away for up to 20 years boyfriend makes me think the girl’s got issues.

  35. the captain

    at least she is blond.
    ………..AND DUMB, folks!!

  36. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    why do people think WHITE hair is hot?

  37. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Too bad she’s hooked up with that lowlife mud person.

  38. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    1holly shit!! a dolphin in the water

  39. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she is beautiful!

  40. Keith

    My penis is kelly green from Fapping to this.

  41. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF?!?! That’s a three-leaf clover, not four!!!!. As an Irishman, I could never love her! Well, maybe for three or four hours, but that would be it!

  42. Rainbow

    The bikini glows neon when it detects herpes.

  43. One Ball Joe

    Did Fish die or something? When is this fake skank piece o’ trash with the prolapsed rectum gonna stop being at the top of the page?

  44. boner

    I’d eat her shit. No joke. I’d eat that shit.

  45. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Honest Abe
    Commented on this photo:

    Soo freakin’ HOT!!

    Question; are those waves, or is that all the spooge she’s seen in her life time?

  46. Fred Garvin

    Please fish, your 3 beer maximum before hallucinating will never get you an invitation to the betty ford clinic, sorry.

  47. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she likes black guys, right?

  48. Alice is Chained

    She will premier her new line of sex toys in the next week or two.
    Vibrators that resemble used dump truck radiator hoses and hydraulic lines.
    You go girl.

  49. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She has big ribs…

  50. Karissa Shannon Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Prime grade A eatn pussy!!!

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