The Most Random Sh*t You’ll Read All Day

Hanson created Amy Winehouse. No, really. Via Starpulse:

Hanson star Isaac Hanson has been left floored after learning his family trio was the band that sparked Amy Winehouse’s interest in music.
Winehouse was a big fan of the “MMMBop” hitmakers as a teenager in north London – a fact Hanson didn’t know until recently.
And the information hit him hard after the young Brit died last month.
He tells WENN, “It is really, really tragic when you see someone like Amy Winehouse. You go, ‘She had a really great voice. She’s got a talent that is unique and powerful…’ She had this soulful passion and intensity.
“It is tragic to see people not be able to fully deal with that inner turmoil, which unfortunately, most artists, including myself, have. You have this tortured element within you and you’re throwing yourself out there emotionally.”
… “I didn’t know that she was a fan.”

So basically Hanson – Or Jonas Brothers: Zero if you want to get technical. – caused Amy Winehouse to enter the music business which ultimately provided her with enough fame and money to go on an almost decade long bender resulting in her death at 27. Welp, there’s your murder weapon. Want me to pick them up or you just want to send the paddy wagon? (I’m assuming cops still say paddy wagon because that’s what Dick Tracy would say. He also likes chili, but I don’t, so we’ll let that one go.)

Photo: Splash News, WENN