Hannibal Buress Gets Death Threats Because of Bill Cosby

If the point of Bill Cosby’s weird pajamas video was to make everyone go, “Goddammit, he has dementia. Show’s over, everybody!” it pretty much worked because there’s barely been a single news item since. Except last night Jimmy Kimmel asked Hannibal Buress what’s it been like since his “Google Bill Cosby Rape” routine did the job that 13 rape accusers couldn’t do in 2005 because the media is a goddamn sewer. (Urethra post, anyone?) Turns out Hannibal gets a lot of death threats which is weird because I could’ve sworn the Internet only used those for important shit like video games and comic book covers, but why not toss defending (alleged) rapists into the mix? Variety is the spice of life – and your drink. Huzza buzza your friend’s not finished yet a bowzim bizzum!

Photo: YouTube