Hannah Davis Is Your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model

Sports Illustrated had a pretty good run just making Kate Upton the cover model for two years in a row, and last year’s decision to go with the three spectacular asses of Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge was an acceptable excuse for not going with big fat titties again. But this year they’re back to one model again: Hannah Davis who I’ve never heard of before in my life [Edit: Scratch that. She ate Jeter’s butt. Mystery solved! – SW] and does not have large Kate Upton-esque breasts, but apparently we’re all supposed to be okay with that because she makes with the almost-vagina. What if I just stopped showing big fat breasts on my site and went with almost-a-vulv? It’d be anarchy in the streets. World governments would collapse. Are you a terrorist? Because this is terrorism. That body though.

Adding… You may have heard some hub-bub about plus-sized model Ashley Graham appearing in the new swimsuit issue which is kind of true if you count her being in an ad that SI cashed the check for. Todd breaks it down.

Hannah Davis Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Photo: Sports Illustrated