Hank Azaria needs more friends

azaria-poker.jpgHank Azaria’s assistant has sent out an email to try and fill some empty seats for Hank’s poker party tonight.

HANK Azaria is hosting a poker party tonight at his SoHo pad. How do we know? We were forwarded the following e-mail from the actor’s assistant, Illana Manaster: “I have seven spots for poker on Thursday night at Hank Azaria’s place in SoHo. The game is no limit, $500 buy-in. I will happily reserve spots for the first seven people who get back to me. The game will start around 8:30.” Others who were cc’d the e-mail included actor/producer Fisher Stevens, chef Bobby Flay and nightlife power player Scott Sartiano.

There’s something incredibly pathetic about a man’s assistant having to email strangers to try and find people to play poker with. I bet he frequents the local soup kitchen, paying homeless men to occasionally drop by his house and be his friend. It’s sad until you think about it. And then it’s funny. And then sad again, because your mind wanders and you picture a lonely deer getting shot in the woods.

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