Hank Williams Jr. Quit/Fired From Monday Night Football For Calling Obama ‘Hitler’

October 6th, 2011 // 251 Comments

Because World War II is still too fresh in our minds after 80-something years – I can still feel his little moustache… – Hank Williams Jr. has been fired from ESPN’s Monday Night Football after calling President Obama “Hitler” during a FOX News interview where he was simply playing to the audience. But of course, we’re going to make a big deal out of this:

“We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams, Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.”

While Hank initially apologized – which he shouldn’t have, but whatever, we’ll get to that – he’s now changed his tune and says he quit ESPN for treading on him, so here we go:

“After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision. By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment
Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run.” — Hank Williams Jr

Seriously, is anyone actually offended when someone calls something they don’t like “Hitler” in the year 2011? It’s pretty much expected at this point. Christ, I’ve referred to sandwiches as the Holocaust. But a Republican country music star called Obama “Hitler” on a right-wing propaganda station? Oh my stars! NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS ANYMORE! What ESPN should’ve done is exactly what everyone else did: Heard the news and went “Eh. What’re ya gonna do?” Instead, they’ve now created a media sensitivity-fest where Hank can wrap himself in the American flag and say, “Look what thar librul media done to me.” People say words other people don’t like. Fucking. Deal. With. It.

Now, that being said, Hank Williams and his Rabble Rousers need to back their Rascals up with the First Amendment talk because going on FOX News and criticizing the president without being jailed for it is literally the fullest exercise of Hank’s First Amendment rights possible. And this is what simple, conservative folk don’t get: Criticizing, or reacting negatively to something you just said is not a violation of your freedom of speech. Hank Williams Jr. has every right to call Obama “Hitler,” and ESPN has every right to pull his song off their property. That’s how shit works, but I’d be more than happy to explain it to at gunpoint while giving a retarded person the chair. (I’m slowly learning their language.)

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  1. Hitler's moustache

    Less politics and hillbillies – what’s next, the Swamp People?
    I’m all for hilterisms and policies of appeasment provided you throw in a few Eva Braun upskirts, Hank Williams doesn’t do a thing for me.

  2. Toby Weymiller

    Last night Hank checked my oil. Tonight I am going to touch him in a very naughty way. I am not from earth but this place seems to have some very bad music.

  3. Meat

    He should’ve went with the Idi Amin/Mr. Rogers analogy.

  4. TomFrank

    My banner ad is for “Master of Arts in Military History” from Norwich University Online. These Hitler blog posts at least attract a higher class of advertising.

  5. DeucePickle

    I think we’ve all learned the most important lesson here,
    You can say anything you want, but not the word Hitler or you’re fired.

  6. I’m sure Hitler will forgive him for the slur.

  7. bob

    What’s really sad is that they will have another artist replace the iconic song … I’m guessing Katy Perry … yechhh!

    • Keith

      Iconic song? I guess the same way “Dueling Banjos” is an iconic song – a trailer park anthem for dumb hillbillies to wake up from their slumber and not piss their pants before MNF.

  8. skunk

    constitution is outdated. needs an update version 2.0

  9. kurgen99

    Geez, you’d think that would have gotten them BETTER ratings with the MNF crowd.


    Ah AmeriDUH…land of the free. Funny that if you so much as whispered “Burning Bush” the Secret Service would be crashing down your door and sending you to an unspecified prison. But call a black man “Hitler?” Oh that’s FREA SPEACH, you MORAN.


    Thanks for speaking your mind Hank and not worrying about being so frigging Politically Correct. ESPN has every right to let you go but it’s also their stupidity of playing the PC game. Being one of your Rowdy friends I hate to see you go and will never watch Monday Night Football again. ESPN…. grow a set a balls for crying out loud you spineless jerks!!

    • Keith

      LOL. This dude will be watching MNF next Monday night. These slack-jawed dunces said the same thing when Limbaugh was shitcanned from MNF. But rednecks are not known for their willpower.


      I bet this clown is just mad that he didn’t call Obama a dirty N-word like he usually does.

      Go paint the confederate flag on your truck and leave the rest of us alone, dork.

  12. aqua

    Hitler,like it or not, was an effective leader who unified a nation and brought about an economic recovery. Obviously,Obama is no Butler.

    • Keith

      I guess you didn’t visit Dresden in 1944.

      • Keith

        I’m from NY and graduated college so I think I know a lot more about history, the world and the human condition more than you and a bunch of slack-jawed, stepandfetchit idiots from the South. That’s why I’m here in Zuccotti Park! Even though we’re all the same color as Hitler, we’re way more educated than Hank and Faux News! I love NPR! Corporations are like Hitler playing golf with Chairman Mao, but Mao would win! Karl Rove and war for oil and Bush lied and 1.20.09! My professors are geniuses! 99%!

        My name is Keith.

  13. aqua

    Well, to be fair, Obama &Hitler both continued wars that couldn’t possibly be won.

  14. aqua

    Hitler was an effective leader who unified a nation and managed to lead an economic recovery. Obviously, Obama is no Butler.

    • BOB, no batteries required.

      “Unified” to the point of it being at your person peril to be in opposition… speak openly against and you were either shit-kicked or never heard from again.
      Concentration camps had Germans as their first tenants and Hitler certainly didn’t have a 100% approval rating.
      As far as economic recovery, alot of it begain during the weimar republic just prior to Hitler seizing power… granted however Hitler did run with it (but to suggest Germany’s recovery was soley on Hitler’s back isn’t entirely accurate

  15. Hank Williams Jr is a good actor, nevertheless show his talent being natural and humble. jewelry watches is today’s trends for jewelries fashion.

  16. AtomicMug

    ESPN sucks.

    Hank’s NFL song was fun.

    Libs are such kill-joys.


  17. kingofbeer

    AHAHAHA Another FAT FUCKING REDNECK bites the dust LOL talk about putting foot to mouth!!! it’s special!

  18. kingofbeer

    Oh and Hank, your music sucks! you can’t act and you’re a fucking moron on top of it all. any play you get is purely for your cash because you are one ugly piece of shit! lol

  19. D-chi

    Okay kiddies, I know this is just a gossip site, but the need to point out that everyone makes mistakes, and not all conservatives are ignorant hillbillies. It’s just not true, and we do ourselves a disservice by subscribing to these stereotype ideas.

  20. Danklin

    He didn’t even call Obama Hitler. He use it as a fucking simile. He was using it to compare something. Fox news and ESPN jumped the gun. Dipshits.

  21. What he said was dumb but he never said Obama was Hitler. ESPN has every right to fire him. And no, his free speech rights were not trampled. But I wish those on the left would be consistent and pont out to Bill Maher and the Dixie Chicks that their free speech rights were not trampled either. They have whining about that crap for years.

  22. Akiyama

    Well there goes the only thing on ESPN I actually enjoy watching.

  23. me

    I think if every American that talked shit about Obama got fired from their job, we’d have a lot of ghost towns. I could see if Williams Jr. was working at the White House and got fired, but not for being the dude that sings “are you ready for some football?” This country measures high on the “fucked-up-o-meter”.

  24. Sad Panda

    Seriously. Hitler rounded up millions of people to kill them because he didn’t like them. I don’t see that happening in the USA. So who cares about Liberal vs Conservative, the comment itself is absolute stupidity. Comparing the majority elected leader of your own country to a man that perpetrated the worst genocide in history… wow.

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  26. Hank Williams Jr Obama Hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    what does the hand gesture mean?

  27. forrest gump

    it’s like comparing apples with pears.

  28. Van Bones

    Replace him with Chris Brown, All the felons in the hood will love it.

  29. hollywood_hillbilly

    I just hope these inbreds try and secede again.

  30. Whyask

    When Bush was President, a celebrity compared him to hitler every twenty minutes.

  31. Hank Williams Jr Obama Hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    “See, it’s an iron triangle of Hitler, Obama, and…is it racist to say the finger with the diamond ring represents the Jews?”

  32. RivernEygpt

    LOL at comparing Obama to Hitler, Obama isn’t even from Austria………….

  33. Elihu Smails

    This stupid dipshit exercised his freedom of speech. ABC removed him from their program. Both are right . Everybody can stop crying now .

  34. Fart Fartington

    Are you fucking kidding me? You skewer Johnny Depp for comparing a photoshoot to rape, but you’re going to give a pass to Hank for comparing Obama to Adolph Hitler? Really?

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I actually agree to an extent that Hank was just playing to his base, and that he was trying to illuminate what he perceives to be the ideological gap between the two parties by dressing it up in vernacular that spoke to the simple-minded fuckwits who get their information from Fox News…it’s just the hypocrisy here that’s baffling.

    It’s either “Get over it, people say shit other people don’t like,” or “Johnny Depp is an insensitive douchebag who should apologize immediately.” You can’t have it both ways, because ultimately they did the same fucking thing. They both used unpleasant metaphors to get a point across. How is one worse than the other?

  35. slappy magoo

    “…’n this is how I plan to stand and pee on Preznit O’nigra’s grave when a patriot does what needs’n to be gittin’r'dunnin’…

  36. SIN

    Fuck ESPN and their Liberal whiny ass. I will compare EPSN to France, surrenders at tghe 1st chance. He was asked his opinion and he gave it. Liberals only want to hear what they think and if you say otherwise you must be removed. That IS like Hitler. Hank was right.



      I wonder if you even are self aware enough to realize what a complete moron you are. ESPN isn’t a liberal organization. All you conservative fucksticks ever do is blame the LIBRUALZ MEDIA when something doesn’t go your way.

      Well guess what, the reason you think everything is a liberal conspiracy is because your politics are fucking stupid and never work. Rub both your tiny brain cells together and objectively realize that someday and maybe you’ll get out of your cave and enjoy some science or something.

    • Fart Fartington

      Like any good Conservative troll regurgitating this rote propaganda, you make all the easy comparisons and hit all the buzzwords without the first fucking clue as to what any of them mean. The France comparison, for example, is clearly one you’re repeating now because you’ve heard it elsewhere, and have no earthly idea what the context is, only that it sounds good so you’ll use it.

      ESPN has a right to maintain a certain image, and that’s what they’ve done here. Why should ESPN allow someone who brings so much negative press to their product to remain associated with them? If you went on TV wearing your McDonald’s work shirt, spouting off about Obama’s birth certificate, I’d bet my bottom dollar that McDonald’s would fire you as their overnight french fry cook. Why? Because they don’t want any part of that kind of nonsense.

      And way to prove you know absolutely nothing about Hitler or the plight of Europe in the 30s and 40s.

  37. me

    top o’ the mornin’ cunts.

  38. JN


  39. mahogma

    Now how the fuck am I supposed to know to get ready for some football?

  40. Tuppy

    Country music is so simple that certified drooling idiots routinely make their top 10, Hank Williams Jr. is an ugly, no-talent dirtbag and the Teabaggers all sound like brittle, annoying lunatics as they constantly rally for the rights of the disgustingly wealthy to rip us (and them) off blind. So much for politics.

  41. Flexual Healing

    Robert Aquafresca, your “liberal media is destroying America” rant is as funny as it is stupid. You know what isn’t in your “ultrasmart, conservative essay”? One single fact. Run along back to glennbeckistan and stick to coloring books.

  42. Flexual Healing

    Mitch, you are officially the least intelligent person on the internet. Time to unplug your computer, remove glenn beck’s dildo from your rectum, burn your confederate flag, divorce your sister, and start over….this is life, and you’re doing it wrong.

  43. Leroy

    HWJr is a fucking no talent ass clown. He meant to call Obama Hitler without saying it directly.

    The football people also have freedoms and are free to fire people for acting like douchebags.

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