Hank Williams Jr. Quit/Fired From Monday Night Football For Calling Obama ‘Hitler’

October 6th, 2011 // 251 Comments

Because World War II is still too fresh in our minds after 80-something years – I can still feel his little moustache… – Hank Williams Jr. has been fired from ESPN’s Monday Night Football after calling President Obama “Hitler” during a FOX News interview where he was simply playing to the audience. But of course, we’re going to make a big deal out of this:

“We have decided to part ways with Hank Williams, Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.”

While Hank initially apologized – which he shouldn’t have, but whatever, we’ll get to that – he’s now changed his tune and says he quit ESPN for treading on him, so here we go:

“After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision. By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment
Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run.” — Hank Williams Jr

Seriously, is anyone actually offended when someone calls something they don’t like “Hitler” in the year 2011? It’s pretty much expected at this point. Christ, I’ve referred to sandwiches as the Holocaust. But a Republican country music star called Obama “Hitler” on a right-wing propaganda station? Oh my stars! NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS ANYMORE! What ESPN should’ve done is exactly what everyone else did: Heard the news and went “Eh. What’re ya gonna do?” Instead, they’ve now created a media sensitivity-fest where Hank can wrap himself in the American flag and say, “Look what thar librul media done to me.” People say words other people don’t like. Fucking. Deal. With. It.

Now, that being said, Hank Williams and his Rabble Rousers need to back their Rascals up with the First Amendment talk because going on FOX News and criticizing the president without being jailed for it is literally the fullest exercise of Hank’s First Amendment rights possible. And this is what simple, conservative folk don’t get: Criticizing, or reacting negatively to something you just said is not a violation of your freedom of speech. Hank Williams Jr. has every right to call Obama “Hitler,” and ESPN has every right to pull his song off their property. That’s how shit works, but I’d be more than happy to explain it to at gunpoint while giving a retarded person the chair. (I’m slowly learning their language.)

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  1. know your rights

    Free speech is a right. ESPN shit all over that… fuck em. Hank is right.

    • Thanks for proving my point.

      • Some people confuse “freedom to speak” with “Others are required to provide me with a forum to speak from”.

        The constitution protects us from government oppression, not from losing commercial sponsorships.

      • ESPN- SUCKS

        What point, that you’re a fucking Liberal? We can pick that up by simply reading your daily diatribe and chuckling at it. Sorry for not being Politically Correct in my response, are you now going to call me a racist?

    • DFENS

      You’re free to say whatever you like, but don’t expect there to never be consequences. Like if walk into work and say “morning all you cunts” you probably won’t be working there very long.

      Remember in the USA we have freedom of speech.. just don’t speak freely or you’ll face the consequences. Welcome to the land of those who are told they are free but have less freedom than most first world countries.

      • Cock Dr

        What’s so shocking is that he wasn’t fired long ago for being an ugly no talent motherfucker.

      • Exactly what’s wrong with “morning all you cunts”? I think it sounds right neighborly!

      • Keith

        I love all the silly rednecks coming to his defense. It’s very amusing.

      • ESPN fan

        Well said sir and people please do not forget that ESPN/Disney is a company. They can hire and fire employees at their own discretion. Hanks spoke “freely” and now he is “free” to look for another gig.

      • Jenny

        Freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee the speaker freedom from criticism and job loss. It guarantees you from not be arrested by the government. Frankly, John Boehner should be more insulted to being compared to Netenyahu.

      • eli


      • J.T

        The Government cant restrict your freedom of speech .Espn is a private company they can .Maybe some of you so called constitution experts should try actually reading it and understanding it.

    • Todd S

      Freedom of Speech is about the government controlling speech, not your employer. ESPN has the right to choose who they associate with and were well within their rights to choose to separate from HW, Jr. His rights haven’t been trampled on, as he states.

      Now if we can figure out how to get Fox from using that stupid jumping, hopping, posturing robot/transformer looking thing during their football broadcasts, all will be right with football again.

    • McFeely, it’s more like, “others are required to agree with me and promote my opinion as their own”.

    • InLikeFlynn

      This is all about free speech. ESPN exercised their right to say ‘you’re fired.’

    • DFENS, just what other “first world” countries are you thinking of that are so tolerant of your “speaking freely” and calling people in your workplace “cunts”? Have you ever been out of the country? I suggest you actually go to another “first world” country like England, which has censorship of the press, and where you can be sued for libel if you write “good morning” and it isn’t.

      Read the First Amendment again – take your time, since we don’t have press censorship. You can’t be jailed or censored by *the government* for anything you write, print or say, and you have the right to proclaim it right out in public, on a soapbox, and even gather a crowd around you.

      But don’t expect everyone to agree with your opinion, or endorse your insults, or pat you on the head and say, “Aw, cute” when you go on a sports show that someone else owns and think you’re entitled to use it to state your political views because they paid you to use your song. If you’re at a party and some guy calls your wifeor gilrfriend an ugly bitch slut, I’m sure you’ll thank him profusely for expressing his First Amendment rights – iand you’ll be equallly grateful to your wife or girlfriend when she expresses her opinion of that endorsement.

      • DFENS

        Keep on telling yourself that sunshine. The USA is a veritable police state when it comes to most personal freedoms, but Americans are brainwashed from birth that they’re free and no other country is as good.

        I’ve lived all over the world, I suggest you do the same and see the truth.

    • We aren’t talking about “most personal freedoms” here – but about the First Amendment specifically. You want to talk about civil rights being denied to a number of citizens, yeah, I’ll agree. You want to talk about drug use being prohibited where alcohol is not? I could see that. However, neither of those are the topic, so file them under “red herrings”.

      I know of no “personal freedom” that allows me to stand on a soapbox and exhort people to join me to kill someone. I’m not allowed to use the First to incite anyone to murder. If you consider that a shocking limitation on your own personal freedom, allow me to point out to you that your “personal” freedoms cross the line when they start slopping over onto everyone else’s.

      I have lived in Europe and Asia (as well as Britain, “sunshine”) so I suggest you back up your statement and enlighten us all about the “truth” of which first world country would tolerate any of the “free speech” activities you laid out. Speaking of terrible “police states” like the US, Singapore sends its regards.

      • rican

        Justifiable, don’t be a moron, England does not have censorship of press.

      • Juano

        Rican, the UK doesn’t generally censor the press, although the government has that power. What they do have are very strict libel laws, so public statements viewed as derogatory or insulting are actionable, which is why celebrities over there are always suing News of the World, the Sun or some other garbage newspaper for libel.

        In the US, to prove libel is a lot more difficult, giving people a more enhanced right to make stupid, insulting comments without fear of arrest or litigation. It does not, however, give you the right to prevent your EMPLOYER from firing your ass for being a moron and making asine comments.

    • bob

      What’s really sad is that they will have another artist replace the iconic song … I’m guessing Katy Perry … yechhh!

    • Derpderp

      Freedom of Speech is afforded by the Constitution with regards to the government. It doesn’t have shit to do with a private organization pulling honkey’s song off the air because he’s an rtard.

      ESPN doesn’t give people rights, ESPN doesn’t have to abide by a document that is strictly between the government and citizens. Go back to fucking 8th grade Civics class, cause your shit fails.

    • Juano

      You don’t have to be a liberal to know that Hank’s issue is with ESPN, not “freedom in the USA”.

      Just as I said when idiots like Rosie O’Donnell compared Bush to Hitler, those sorts of comparisons are extreme to say the least, regardless of what you think about Bush/Obama/Reagan/Clinton policies. So, Hank can cry all he wants (most likely into the bottle) but ESPN had every right to yank him off the air.

      If he wants to be a political commentator, he needs to accept the consequences in other BUSINESS endeavors he has. Notice I said BUSINESS. No one says he can’t have an opinion, even if it is a ridiculous one. For example, I think HWJ is a big walking shitbag, which is my OPINION and protected speech, meaning I can’t be arrested for it. I can, however, be fired by an employer for it if it violates their stated policies.

    • Holly

      @know your rights. If you said the same thing when Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks was blasted by conservatives for telling a British audience that she was ashamed Bush was from her home state of Texas, then you win the “Not a Hypocrite” award. Otherwise…

    • Jim Jones

      With freedom comes responsibility. That something the right seems to frequently neglect with all their self-martyrdom. Hank Williams had every right to say what he did. ESPN had every right to can his ass for being an ignorant, racist hick.

    • Artofwar

      ….This turd has the right to say Obama is Hitler, and his bosses have the right to say “you’re FIRED.” See how everybody involved expressed their constitutional rights to “Freedom of Speech”—sort of how I’m about to exercise my rights to “Freedom of Speech” by calling you a dumb–ass. Now do you understand how “Freedom of Speech” really works???…Artofwar

    • wv_ladyt

      Go Hankkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..You just said what half of AMERICA thinks…YOU GO BOY!!!!!

    • De Vo

      I think the Cock joke, nice titty, round ass and bikini posting bastard that runs this site got this one right. ESPN has nothing to do with government they just like all business,can like or hate what they want ! Because just like Hank they are free too. Hank got to call the current president Hitler…. on a publicly and nation wide broadcasted channel. And he isn’t dead or jailed that’s fucking freedom. It pissed ESPN the fuck off so they axed him..also freedom. Not the hardest concept to understand.

    • rican, ever lived in England? Do some research before you answer next time. There are several censoring bodies for film, recordings, TV and God knows what else, and the decisions made by their heads, usually appointed by the Home Secretary, are binding. The internet makes them crazy because they can’t regulate it. Just an example – f you wanted to buy a copy of “Spycatcher” in the late 1980′s you wouldn’t have been able to find it, since the government banned the book before it was published, and wouldn’t allow the supposedly free press to either publish it or print exceprts in any newspaper. FYI, “free press” applied to book publishers, as well as newspapers. It also tried to suppress it in Australia. The Official Secrets Act is a great umbrella, because the government can classify anything embarassing to it as “secret”.

      Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index gave the UK a score of 6, ranking it 19th in the world, behind Denmark, Japan, Malta and Estonia.. Go do some research on “D notices” and get back to me.

      Oh yeah – you’re a moron.

      • rican

        Justifiable, yes I lived in England, long enough to get a UK citizenship & passport. I guess that makes me as much as an expert on the matter as you are. You obviously have a limited and unclear understanding of what you are talking about, including the D notice. So blow me, wanker.

      • rican

        And another thing, I just RESEARCHED that Reporters without Borders index, and Uk evidently has more “free press” than the U.S., which further confirms your moronic understanding of this subject matter.

    • You can get stuffed just about any time, you berk. When you can’t buy a book because the British government has banned it before it was even published, and H.M. Customs is authorized to seize it if you dare to bring a copy into the country, there is no” free press”. When the government – in peacetime – can prevent any news from being published on fear of imprisonment and fines, using an all-encompassing act that allows them to designate what’s “secret” and what isn’t, there is no “free press”. When the police can use that same Official Secrets Act to threaten a newspaper into revealing its sources when it reports the Metropolitan Police did nothing for decades regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal – as Met did just last month – then there still exists a very real threat to what you so loosely term a “free press”. When the Act can be used to criminalize anything that’s embarassing to either the government or its police force, ther is no “free press”. Add the British libel laws where the burden of proof is on the defendant, so that terrorists can actually sue a paper for damages, and you’ve got a pretty shitty situation

      And FYI, the D notice has been abused by the government in the past – the fact that they tread a little lighter in this decade still doesn’t make its very existence null and void. You’re still a moron.

  2. Tim

    He never called Obama Hitler. He made an analogy about playing golf with Hitler. Never once did he say “Obama is Hitler”. But you cant even question Lord Barry these days without being accused of racism! Hank should have known that by now!

    • JesseJimmy

      Did you listen to the tape? And you seriously don’t think his analogy was that Obama was Hitler? I’m sorry about your extra chromosome, then. You can defend his right to say it, but to deny he said it, meant it, and knew what he was saying is, to be politically correct, fucking retarded.

      • RobertAquafreshisadouche

        you are a douche. Hank Williams Jr (who is a no talent ass-clown with exactly one song anyone knows – a theme song btw – and has only attained the modicum of fame that he has because of his father) got fired for being an idiot. The Fox News people asked him more than once if he wanted to clarify his words. He didn’t. He’s an idiot. Lots of people get fired for being idiots. You are an idiot, I imagine you understand what I mean. It’s NOT a freedom of speech thing. You know what is? My right to call you a douche, which, just so we are clear you most definitely are. Need further proof of your own incredibly douche-baggery? You actually said, in polite company I might add, “racism, sexism or some other ism”. Read that again. D.O.U.C.H.E.

      • tlmck

        Listened to the tape, watched the video, and read the quotes. Nowhere in there did he say Obama was Hitler. In order to come to that conclusion, you would have to insert words that were not there(interpret), as the media did on purpose to generate controversy. The media does this because they know that for every lie they tell, there are millions of morons out there eager to repeat it as the truth.

    • Correct Tim. But the liberal idiots who run the media wouldnt dare speak the truth. Even the Superficial shows their liberal bias by using a deceiving headline(yeah I know that is what you do) while making it sound like they are for free speech while providing a half ass explanation as to why Conservatives should not criticize those who criticize Hank. This wouldnt be an issue if Williams was not fired but liberals dont get fired for their opinions because it would be racism, sexism, or some other ism that they can only be victims of and the end result is the involvement of the NACCP or some other liberal group to generate a shake down of the company. If Williams was Springsteen bashing Bush under the same terms, hes having lunch with Michael Moore or getting to go on The View to have his ass kissed. This is just the latest example of how Liberalism has destroyed every aspect of what makes this country great.

      • jumpin_j

        Librul media blah blah blah… yawn. Do please expound on your theory of librul media. It’s almost all corporate owned. Dunce.

      • Ben Dover

        Hey Douchebag aquafresh tell us all how you feel about the Dixie Chicks

      • “liberals dont get fired for their opinionsbecause it would be racism, sexism, or some other ism that they can only be victims of and the end result is the involvement of the NACCP or some other liberal group to generate a shake down of the company”

        Bill Maher, fired by ABC on May 14, 2001. Peter Arnett, fired by NBC In March, 2003. Ashleigh Banfield, fired by MSNBC in April, 2007. Juan Williams, fired by NPR in October, 2010. Keith Olberman, fired by MSNBC in January, 2011.

        You got anything else other than a racist fallback argument? Never knew that bigotry and fiction was what “made this country great”.

      • stephenj

        The first paragraph of this post is just horrible journalism and proves Acquafresca’s point. If it wasn’t for the nip slips and vag shots (though incredibly sparse lately) I would have left this site long ago.

      • It must suck being a Conservative.

    • I’d be curious if anyone can produce a SINGLE person who was called to the carpet (no less fired) for any of the over 12,000,000 Google hits on comparisons between George Bush and Hitler.

    • Juano

      Ridiculous, he knew exactly what he was saying and he intended for it to be controversial. And as for comments that he is being canned by the “liberal media,” even the commentators on Fox News who he was talking to knew he was out of line and gave him repeated opportunities to soften the comments to avoid crossing the line between a reasonable attempt at contrasting the two people and making degrading and offensive comments.

      And my suspicion is that if any of the “conservative” posters on this site thought he meant Boehner, we’d be hearing a very different tale…..”how dare he! fire his ass! insulting and degrading.” Funny how things don’t work in reverse.

    • jazzy

      When people on the left compared Bush/Cheney to Hitler they were skewered for “giving comfort to the enemy in a time of war”, when the Dixie Chicks said they were embarrassed of Bush they lost concert dates and ticket sales from their trailer trash fanbase. But when trailer trash Hank Williams Jr compares Obama to Hitler (during a time of war) he is in the right?? Fucking teabagging conservatives, they are always the victims. i am so glad ESPN kicked that piece of garbage off the air, he hasn’t had a hit in a million years anyway. LOL!!!!

  3. chinto

    He didn’t even go so far as to call Obama Hitler. He made a comparison that the MSM had a heart attack over. People need to get a life. The freaking football song sucked anyway, so no loss there, but we have another victim on alter of Political Correctness.

    • mpath1

      Um… Megan Fox did something very similar remember? and she was summarily canned by Speilberg. Words have consequences. How difficult is that to understand really?

      • chinto

        Big deal. I am not saying ESPN can’t fire his ass. I am saying that making an analogy isn’t the same as calling someone Hitler. For example, I could say your understanding of this situation is similar to the way Amelia Rideau understood the use of the word “niggardly”. That is’t quite the same as me just calling you an ignorant dumbass.

      • me

        So our standards are now set by what happened to a hopeless actress?? Oh brother……..

  4. chinto

    That’s a sweet look Hank has going on, by the way.

  5. Anon

    I agree that it’s idiotic.

    Honestly, I don’t even think the comparison is that offensive. He did NOT call Obama Hitler. He said that Obama playing golf with Boehner is like Hitler hanging out with Netanyahu… It’s a pointless charade that everyone knows won’t lead to anything. Geez people. Just because Hitler and Obama are both in the same few sentences doesn’t mean that he said Obama = Hitler.

    • TomFrank

      Later in the Hank Williams interview on Fox & Friends:

      Gretchen Carlson: “You used the name of one of the most hated people in all of the world to describe, I think, the President.”
      Hank Williams, Jr.: “Heh heh, that’s true. Well, that is true, but I’m telling you like it is… Like Fred Thompson said, you don’t want to give me a question, ’cause I’m gonna give you too straight of an answer. Talk about something else, talk about something else.”

      Hank knew what he was saying. He WAS comparing President Obama to Hitler.

      And it’s not like no one’s been comparing Obama to Hitler for the last two and a half years, because we’ve all seen those signs at the Tea Party rallies. Even if Hank didn’t mean to directly compare Obama to Hitler—which I’m sure he did—you can’t make that kind of analogy without invoking those smears.

  6. Casey

    No, Fish is right. ESPN did have every right to do what they did.

    • Sure they did…but having the right to do something doesn’t make it any less idiotic. Caving to political correctness is bad enough, but by all appearances nobody even cared about the stupid comment in the first place.

      • JesseJimmy

        Really? Fox News anchors APOLOGIZED for it right after Hank said it. When you offend Roger Ailes, you know you’ve crossed a line.

      • Casey

        I’m not saying ESPN was or wasn’t being hypersensitive, just that it has nothing to do with a violation of the first amendment. Especially since ESPN isn’t a government agency.

      • Polk

        It was just a good excuse to get away from the stupid hillbilly music spoiling the start of a football game.

    • This has happened many times in the past: Jimmy “the Greek” was canned for his opinion on the “breeding” of African-Americans; Howard Cossell was chastised for his blurting out “look at that little monkey go…” when referring to a black running back; Rush Limbaugh made some assholean remark about black quarterbacks and got the axe (no, NOT the “ask”). There have been many cases of this nature and what they all boil down to is you don’t shit where you eat.

      • Actually, Rush Limbaugh was fired for making the painfully obvious observation that Donovan McNabb was a fairly mediocre quarterback, and that the media was jizzing all over him because he was a black quarterback…rather than because he was a great one.

        It was true, everyone knew it was true, but that wasn’t the point.

    • TomFrank

      Plus, didn’t Monday Night Football fire Dennis Miller for HIS comment: “I haven’t seen an offense so unable to advance since the Nazis at Stalingrad.”

  7. lucci

    WW2 started 72 years ago, TSW.

  8. Eddie Baby

    Here’s ESPN’s rules:

    Bush Hitler–acceptable.

    Obama Hitler–not acceptable.

  9. ace11

    Even if he did call Obama Hitler…his remarks would have been accurate

    Well said Hank

    • DFENS

      Are the gas chambers hidden under the White House? Sneaky Obama …

    • I must have missed the part where Obama was gathering a specific race for extermination. Sorry, but the analogy is beyond the pale, Republican, Democrat, whatever. Until they start gathering up a race for genocide, it’s not an acceptable analogy.

      • Mitch

        Barack Obama is gathering the American people together for an extermination of sorts. He is destroying the middle class and you dumb fucking liberals are totally ignorant of what is happening.

        But of course Barack gives such good speech so it’s OK in your books. Idiots.

      • it had to be said

        Well, Obama does want to rebuild highways and Hitler built the Autobahn system. Actually, I guess that means Eisenhower = Hitler.

      • Casey

        Mitch- an extermination of sorts? Seriously? Do you know what that word means? And even IF the current problems of the middle class were Obama’s fault, that is not comprable to Hitler mass murdering humans. Don’t be fucking stupid.

    • mahogma

      Did you leave most a yer thinkin’ parts on the side of a cliff,too?

  10. blurpyfart

    I am thrilled that we won’t have to listen to that assclown’s crappy song any more.

    • Steelerchick

      Are you serious?? That song is “Monday Night Football”
      That sucks that it won’t be on anymore.

      • Polk

        No one wants to hear some bad hillbilly trailer park anthem before a football game. It’s an insult to America’s intelligence.

      • Funny

        I’m pretty sure that America is built on those people. Unless you all are wrong about the theory that a very few rich people are trying to destroy the middle and lower class. (because THAT would serve them so well, you know)

  11. Brownshoe

    Wow The Superficial writer is as angry as Hitler. BOOYAH!

  12. Dexter

    If he had actually compared Obama to Hitler this would be a different story. But he didn’t.. He used an analogy. And its poor reporting to lead people to think differently (that’s you Fish). Here is what happened..
    When describing the June “Golf Summit” — in which President Obama teed off with Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich — Williams said “it was one of the biggest political mistakes ever.” “Come on. Come on. It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu,”

    • Johnny Cochran's Tumor


    • mpath1

      ESPN just didn’t want to be in a position of defending or being associated with that comment so they fired him. What’s the problem?

      I don’t blame them actually…why risk losing ANY viewers or revenues over the politics of some curmudgeon associated with the two-bit jingle used to advertise a few games?

      • me

        So when somebody says people are like “two peas in a pod” they are really saying those people are being compared to vegetables, small, green, cookable, freezable, cannable and tasty. Makes absolute perfect sense. I think Hank should not only be fired, but he needs to issue an apology to all the Jews, the country of Germany, all the golfers of the world, appolgize to fans of Netanyahu, and the creator of analogies.

    • Jill

      I don’t mean to nitpick here, but by using an analogy ins’t he comparing the two? Isn’t that kinda what analogies are all about? I get the point that he didn’t directly call obama hitler, but he most certainly compared him to hitler through the use of analogy.

      • Casey

        I agree with Jill. When you use an analogy, you’re comparing the two. Saying it’s like a golf match between Hitler and Netanyahu is basically saying one of them is a responsible for evil deeds against a certain people and the other is the leader of those people. So is Boehner the “evil” one in Williams’ mind? No, it’s Obama. Thus, in his analogy, Obama is in Hitler’s spot, and Boehner is the leader of the victims, or the good guy.

      • ACA

        Did he even say who was Hitler and who was Netayahu in this analogy?????

      • Dexter

        “I enjoy the Superficial like a cat enjoys a bowel of milk” is an analogy right? So obviously because its an analogy I must be saying I’m like a cat right? Is it said I have to use an analogy to explain what an analogy is? lol

      • Artofwar

        …It’s about time someone schooled these cretins as to the definition of Analogy:

        Analogy, noun—A similarity between like features of two things, on which a COMPARISON may be based: Source Merriam-Webster…Nuff Said….Artofwar

    • Piper

      Not like it really matters, but Williams Jr could’ve meant Boehner is Hitler and Obama is Netanyahu. Its just more sensational for everyone to assume his analogy means that Obama = Hitler.

      • TomFrank

        Except Gretchen Carlson pointed out the Obama-Hitler comparison he was making, and Williams owned up to it. So, no, your theory fails.

      • Laura

        No. When you use a bridge sentence in an analogy you HAVE to keep the sentence the same. For example – Orange:Fruit as Pea:Veggie. An orange is a type of fruit and a pea is a type of veggie. I can’t change the two things around. The way that he phrased the sentence makes him compare Obama to Hitler and Boehner to Netanyashu. That’s how an analogy works.

        And since everyone is saying that he is using an analogy, then they are saying that he was, infact, comparing like features of two things (the relationship has to be the same). A simile, on the other hand, compares two unlike things using like or as. So if you actually want to argue that he wasn’t calling Obama Hitler, then I suggest you say that he was just using a simile to make his point. But by using an analogy, he was basically calling Obama Hitler.

    • You’re several posts behind, dude. He confirmed what he meant in a subsequent interview and apparently realized that he had crossed the line when urging the interviewer to move on to another topic.

  13. Schmidtler

    didn’t Madonna once compare G.W. Bush to Hitler, and she’s the superbowl halftime performer, but that’s ok?
    Not a thing wrong with what Hank Williams Jr. said. I bet even Obama found absolutely nothing offensive about it. Now if he had said Michelle Obama’s cooch smells like the monkey cage at the zoo, that would be offensive. to the monkeys at the zoo.

    • mpath1

      That decision would be made by the ones who hired her. The Dixie Chicks weren’t so fortunate (regarding Bush). Neither was Megan Fox (regarding Michael Bay) for that matter.

  14. Mitch

    The irony here is that the NFL couldn’t wait to get back to kissing Michael Vick’s ass after he did his prison time for murdering dogs and acting like a thug.

    What did we learn here? Abuse animals and you’re golden. Call a spade a spade and you are kicked to the curb.

    • NFL had nothing to do with is fuckface. So fuck you you fucker. In case you can’t tell I’m a Philly fan…. Even though we suck for now… That is all

      • Fucking fuckface motherfucker, fuckety fuck fuck you the Eagles have always sucked!

      • Steelerchick

        And always will suck! Vick or no Vick !!

      • Mitch

        Listed here you dumb fucking Eagles fan, I never said that the NFL yanked Williams, I said that the NFL has it’s tongue so far up Michael Vick’s prison stretched asshole that it’s ironic Williams got the boot for using “Nazi” in an analogy that had to do with Barack Obama.

        The fact is that Obama is a socialist and Hitler was a National Socialist party member. Both are socialists, one was a Nazi for sure and the other clearly hates Jews enough to throw them to the dogs if it appeases his Arab and Chinese overlords. (That would be Obama for the ignorant liberals).

    • mr natural

      Hey Kristijan, how does it feel to be rooting for a subhuman who gets off on torturing animals? I can just see him guffawing as a dog writhes on a noose.
      He still has the same punk ass attitude too. Same ol’ asshole. Reformed? Please.
      You philthy fans are fucking pieces of shit.

    • @MItch:

      You do know that Socialists and Nazis are different, right? The fact that socialist is in the acronym for Nazi doesn’t make them the same. In fact, they have completely different ideologies. And neither of their ideologies are similar to Obama’s. Who, by the way, appointed as his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one of the staunchest supporters of Israel in America. I’d suggest you look up what “Socialism” is before you start quoting Glenn Beck. Because it doesn’t mean what you think it does. Clearly.

      • Mitch

        Barack Obama respects Hillary Clinton about as much as a drunk frat boy respects the fat chick he banged the night before.

        I suggest that you pay attention to what our incompetent commander in chief is actually doing these days. He’s tossing Israel under the bus and setting the stage for a global nuclear war. Barack Obama doesn’t even know what his own ideology is from one day to the next, he just focuses on whomever he needs to impress or beg forgiveness from as he goes.

    • Juano

      Interesting, Mitch, that you used the word “spade.”

      • Mitch

        I happen to be an avid gardener, glad that you noticed.

      • Artofwar

        ….Mitch, an avid gardener you say–yea, you sound like the type—anyway I strongly suggest you stick your green thumb up your anus before what’s left of your brain leaks out.

        Concerned citizen….Artofwar

    • Really

      North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Is it a democracy? Assuming that the Nazis were socialists shows a complete misunderstanding of German politics in the mid-20th century. Not to mention that fascism, by definition, is an anti-socialist system.

  15. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    What really pisses me off is that every self-proclaimed “news” junket keeps “reporting” that Williams called Obama Hitler.

    He didn’t, so it’s not factually accurate. So, it’s not a news report. It’s a opinion/analysis derived from the facts.

    The fact that so many people now will accept such information as “news” should terrify us all.

  16. it had to be said

    I was so tired of that shitty song. Thank God something happened to make it go away.

  17. STFUP

    Nice try, Hank, but you were FIRED before you ‘quit’. It’s too late to save face – and you’re going to really, really miss that weekly paycheck for your song being played before games. Idiot.

    • Dude of Dudes

      You really think HWJ needs an ESPN paycheck for one little song ? Have you glanced at his music catalog not to mention his FATHER’S?

      You’re an idiot.

  18. He’s was wrong though. Hitler was a Nazi. Obama is a socialist.

    • mr natural

      Nazi is short for National Socialist Worker’s Party

      • The Nazi’s weren’t Socialists. Look up what Nazis stood for, and look up what Socialism means. The fact the word is in their name doesn’t mean they stood for socialism, any more than the People’s Democratic Republic is either democratic, or a republic. And Obama does not have a socialist ideology. Look up what socialism is. Then look at what Obama has done to prop up our capitalist economy, including the banks. Raising the marginal tax rate IS NOT SOCIALISM. Jesus f’ing Christ.

      • Mitch

        Barack Obama does whatever the special interest groups or lobbyists tell him to do. They donated millions to him that he used to confuse and trick the liberals into voting for him.

        You didn’t think that Obama was going to actually do what he said he was going to do when he lied to get your vote, did you?

      • me

        Mitch – declared winner.

        I was one of those voters that believed what he said, but now I have woken up from the haze of “hope” and is experiencing reality. Back then it was between a gauranteed war with Iran or Hope with a new guy that gives great speeches and has a great smile. Either way we were screwed.

  19. claudia

    I’m more offended by his songs than this, but glad they fired his racist ass. His song sucked ass anyways.

  20. Deacon Jones

    As an independent that voted for Obama, I don’t see what the big fucking deal is.

    Someone (probably Jewish) at ESPN got their panties in a bunch and crusaded to fire him. This is the problem with society right now, everyone is so paranoid about offending people that we’ve figuratively chopped our country’s balls off.

  21. Tinklepants Astronaut

    All I get from this is that everyone involved acted like an idiot at some level. If you without thought get your political opinions from anyone in the entertainment industry, you too are an idiot. The hyperbole given to anything negative said about Obama is getting tiresome, and I think the hysterical reactions people have harm him politically by making him look fragile. So, everyone shut up please and move on to something else.

  22. “Are you ready for some Godwin’s Lawwww!”

  23. kerrcarto

    Nazi = National Socialist Party.

    Obama is Hitler.

    Fire me.

    • jumpin_j

      We’d like to, but since no one here hired you, we’ll just settle for calling you a douche.

    • 10 seconds on Wikipedia is all it takes to get more knowledge than you.

      Nazis were fascists. Fascism is NOT socialism in any way, shape or form.

      Just because it was called the National Socialist Party doesn’t mean it was socialism as we in America understand it today. It was a different country and a different decade. Read a goddamn book once in a while.

    • go home

      Since I can’t fire you, I would gladly light you on fire though. douche.

    • Juano

      Not sure we can. Aren’t morons a protected class at McDonalds?

  24. Joys of roughing

    ESPN is not infringing on Hank’s free speech right, they are simply and carefully stirring him to live in the 21 century like the rest of us. Leave it as is, unless he can come up with a just comparison, I say.

  25. DeucePickle

    Attention all celebrities and people in the public eye,
    If you want to continue working for your current employer,

  26. They should replace him with Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time. That guy’s 10x more entertaining, plus he has the beard.

  27. ELI

    Hell, Hank should be beatified and cannonized!

  28. ELI

    H!TLER took all the guns away from the JEWS; then he killed them!

    NOBAMA wants to take all the guns and pocket knives away from the U.S. Citizens; then he will kill us!

    • Jill

      I’ve heard this said before I have still never heard any proof whatsoever that this is even remotely a concern for Obama, other than he is a democrat and as such more likely to enforce stircter gun control laws. If anyone has any further information as to this secret plot to steal everyon’es constituionally granted arsenal away form them leaving them defenseless and alone in the middle of suburbia, please let me know.

      • TomFrank

        Um, Jill, this guy’s obviously an idiot. You’re almost certainly wasting your time thinking you can reach him with such tactics as logic and reason.

      • Well said, Jill. Sometimes you gotta wonder where these people pick up this nonsense and why they believe it as well as spread it.

      • Mitch

        Fast and Furious (Obama’s gunrunning to mexican drug cartels program) was nothing more than an effort to make their BS story about US guns flowing unfettered into mexico a reality so the current administration could begin a strict, anti-gun campaign and totally outlaw guns in the USA.

        Not too hard to figure out their plan.

    • Schmidtler

      thanks for the warning. I’ll make sure to put my tinfoil hat on before I go outside.

    • you are just not smart at all. i hope you don’t vote.

      • GunOwningDem

        Jill’s completely right here. So far, the Obama administration has lifted the ban on concealed weapons in National Parks, decided not to fight the court decision allowing the sale of handguns in D.C.

        The only thing that could even possibly be construed as anti-US gun owners was the Fast and Furious program that limited the number of certain kinds of guns that federally licensed firearms dealers could sell PER DAY, if their store was within a certain distance from the U.S. Mexico border (Note that stores near the Canadian border have no such restrictions).

        The kicker is that this program was not created or pushed by Obama appointees, rather it was a creation of the U.S. Border Patrol, working with all the Mexican law enforcement people who were complaining about the cartel violence in Mexico. You know, the violence that right wingers like to say is why we need to shut the border and kill all the Mexicans?

        Yeah, it takes a double pointy tin-foil hat to see how we get from a limitation on the number of certain guns can be sold PER DAY at certain licensed firearms dealers to be “OBAMA IS TAKING MY GUNS!!!1!!1!!!!”

      • Mitch

        “Stupidity” didn’t stop the ignorant liberals and negroes from getting out the vote in 2008.

    • milan8888

      HITLER sent all the JEWS in the shower – there he killed them!

      YOUR MOTHER wants you to take a shower – then she will kill you!!!

  29. listen again

    Couple of points:
    1) Well after hank makes his analogy and as the interview is wrapping up, Gretchen says “you used the name of one of the most hated people in the world to describe – I think – the president”, and Hank says “That is true”. IMO, he interrupted her before she finished her sentence, and in particular was responding to her comment in the context that he used Hitler in his analogy, as opposed to saying that Obama = Hitler. One of the other anchors didn’t understand the analogy either, which reflects rather poorly on their intellect. Maybe he should have used something that they could have handled like “dog and cat”. Of course they’d have probably assumed that they were calling Obama a dog then.

    2) People get fired for staying stupid things all the time. Remember Don Imas? I think we were “Ready to replace that tired old intro” anyway and this was the perfect opportunity. How many people will tune in Monday? Ratings boost!

  30. Chewie's Friend

    Isn’t it time for Hank Williams Jr. to stop treading on the memory of his father. Get a job you hillbilly.

  31. DFENS

    Poor Wank. Maybe other celebrities will learn from this and STFU. Noboby wants to hear your political opinions.

  32. stephenj

    Has anyone actually listened to the interview? He never called Obama Hitler. He made a really bad analogy about pairing polar opposites. Sometimes I think people hear what they want to hear. Again, hypocrisy is alive and well in the liberal minds. Where was the outcry when Bush was compared to Hitler or Satin on a daily basis. I do agree with President Obama on one point. We have become a soft nation. I wish he would have just came right out and said a nation of pussies!

    • Schmidtler

      Obama would have said ‘pussies’, but his wife won’t let him say that word, because she finds it offensive.

  33. rican

    This is all bullshit, fuck Hank, fuck ESPN, fuck Hitler, fuck Fox News, fuck Obama, and fuck you Fish! More Tits, Less Hicks!

  34. I’m beginning to think that analogies shouldn’t be used around stupid people…they can’t understand them, so they pick out a few words and form their own thoughts around them.

  35. stephenj

    Secondly, I am saying this as a huge NFL fan…..ESPN/NFL MNFootball will allow and glamorize players that have been on the wrong side of the law. Rape, assault, drugs, and even murder. Yet someone refers to another as Hitler and suddenly they make a stand. It’s honestly almost enough to make me want to quit watching ESPN and the NFL altogether. Who am I kidding? That is never going to happen, but you get my point!

    • Schmidtler

      If Chris Berman wasn’t enough to make you want to stop watching ESPN, nothing ever will be.

      • stephenj

        Yeah I actually preferred cnn/si before it went off the air. Lately I find myself enjoying college football more than the NFL. Not sure why, but Berman probably did have something to do with it.

      • Listening to Chris Berman is like playing golf with Hitler…wait, huh?

    • Steelerchick

      If Hank compared John Madden to Hitler they’d all laugh but it was Obama he compared him to.

      • John Madden isn’t the fucking PRESIDENT of the United States! Nor are the felonious football players that are lionized by the tv pundits.

        Whether HW, Jr. meant to compare Obama to Hitler, or not, the fact remains that the POTUS is black. Williams’ comments reeked of racism as well as right-wing conservatism. I don’t believe any tv network would let that go, including (jeez, I hope) FOX.

        Even if the comparison wasn’t intentional it does, indeed, stir up a load of controversy, as evidenced by the posts in this blog. When was the last time you saw so many serious comments in the Superficial? I think this sets a record.

  36. Hank Williams Jr Obama Hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait, another stupid redneck doesn’t like that we have a President that is half black?

    Imagine that!

  37. herrderr

    Wait wait wait, so using the word “rape” outside of it’s legal context is wrong and bad, but comparing people to the biggest mass murderer in history is ok? This free speech thing is confusing…

  38. Stuperficial

    So… slow day for hot celebs? Can we move on from this hideous troll and the trolls?

  39. Dan

    This whole thing is hilarious to me.

    Whenever someone uses a Nazi reference about anything in the US it is more than likely a lie or they have no facts.

    This is bad as when some really acts like a Nazi in the US we will have cried wolf so many times it won’t mean anything.

    Until Obama bakes Sarah Palin in an oven, he is not Hitler. Honestly I think Obama is trying to do what he thinks is right… though I disagree with most his economic policies they are really about the same as Bush’s.

    I agree with Obama more on social issues – and that is where some of the difference is…

    But really there is very little difference between the two major parties because they are both trying to appeal to the middle voters of the US. They are really only different in their rhetoric, but mostly do all the same things.

    No one bakes Jews or thinks that is a good idea.

  40. Hank Williams Jr.

    So I guess after this mess, I better scratch the holocaust jokes off my pre concert warmup routine? too bad, they’re comedy gold. for instance, this one had Willie Nelson pissing himself:
    Q: What’s the difference between a Jew and a Pizza?
    A: A Pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven.
    of course, Willie smokes alot of weed, so maybe it’s not all that funny.

  41. Guy Smiley

    And now we see what happens when they give redneck Republicans money.

  42. Upskirt Celebs

    I’m not sure why people always bring up freedom of speech – it is very limited and not what people think it is. Many countries have far more freedom of speech than here.

  43. Not Hitler

    Honestly, Hank should not have apologized for what he said. He made an analogy. A very stupid analogy. He could have picked any number of historic and/or political figures to stand opposite Netenyahu, but he chose Hitler. Very specifically, Hitler. Why not Yassir Arafat? Actually more historically accurate, considering that there was no Jewish State during WWII. Hank wanted to drive the point home of some very radical conservative “minds” that Obama wants to Socialize or Communize of Fascisize (is that a word?) the United States of America. Interestingly, he has also dumped billions of dollars into banks, corporations and Wall Street (which, last time I checked, were the great bastions of our capitalist society, but what’ev). Hank was playing to his audience–the 24-hour news cycle junkies that watch exactly 1 “news” station (and this goes for the zombies that only watch MSNBC as well). What Hank failed to realize was that he was under contract with a company that employs a lot of people who might be offended by such a comment, might find it inappropriate, or even meant to incite negative actions against certain groups or even the government. I work for a company too, and there are a lot of things I don’t get to say publicly. I do not, however, feel that my First Amendment Rights are being ‘tread on’. Hank got what was coming to him, but if he feels that way, he should say it loud and proud, but he cannot whine when there are consequences.

  44. Ameeryqa

    Business trumps all. End of Story.

  45. I wish Thomas Jefferson would come back from the grave and just bitch slap the shit out of all of us.

    The 1st Amendment right to free speech does NOT mean you can say anything you want, wherever you want, and not face consequences. If whatshisface was thrown in jail for saying that, THEN it would be a violation of free speech, but instead he was just fired from a private corporation as a consequence of saying something that they perceived to be unacceptable. It’s called being responsible for your own actions, something 90% of the whiny assholes in this country don’t get. Especially if you are in the public eye, you need to be careful about what you say. Don’t like it? Then go back to obscurity and rant about Nazis all you want.

    Basically everyone in this situation is acting like a stupid child, but to blame the “liberal media” or “damn rednecks” is ignorant, because everyone, on both sides of the political spectrum, are acting like dipshits which is why our country is falling apart.

    • me

      Holy shit! Even if all the founding fathers would rise from the grave, do you really believe the media would give them any air time?????

      Yes, this is all about our liberal media with their fucking agenda. Wake your ass up! (no offense, I had to wake up too)

  46. Don't care

    Espn was just looking for an excuse to fire his old ass. They should just go with no jingle but will probably replace him with something for the “kids”, like the Black Eye Peas or Michael Bubble. How irritating will it be to have to hear football versions of let’s get retarded in here every week.

    • TomFrank

      Michael “Bubble”? Is that a character on Spongebob? How young are these “kids” they’re catering to?

  47. Compound9

    Free speech is neither free nor without consequence.

    You have the right to say whatever you want, you also have the right to accept that others will not agree with you.

    Hank, you spoke. NFL acted, you reacted. Your freedom to speak has not been tread on. Your freedom to use their stage and represent them has been tread on. Those are your consequences.

    Choose your words wisely, your opinion is your right to have and speaking that opinion is your right as well. But with a million different ways to word something using proper inflection and using different words could have gotten your point across without pissing people off.

    Fuck you all, Have a nice day.

  48. Stack

    Eh, fuck the ol’ hillbilly. The only thing offensive about his comment was that it made zero sense. Dude needs to learn better metaphors and similes.

  49. Rupert Giles

    Does anyone know how much that gig was worth for him?

    • Toby Weymiller


      • sobrietyisacrutch

        Are you SERIOUS?!!! Jesus H. Hitler, that’s a hell of a lot of money to walk away from! Even if he does own his dad’s catalog, I’m sure the salary was more. Guy must really stick to his guns.
        Or drinks waaaay too much….

  50. Dave

    I’m not from the states but am exposed to much of your media (which in your country seems to dictate peoples political opinions) but to me it seemed while Bush was in power it was accepted even made in vogue to criticize his every move, which is fine. Now with Obama people are not allowed to question the very person they elected to power. Its an odd situation and not a favorable one for your country.

    • But you see Dave, that’s different. Bush came from the party of Evil. Obama is from the party of Good. BULLFUCKINGSHIT. Both parties are the same. They are both run by the rich. Those who vote Democrat because they think they like the little guy are idiots. They don’t care about you or your problems.

      Some of you imbeciles have decided that Jr. here is riding daddy’s coattails and you are completely wrong. Take a look at Jr’s recording career and what he has earned on his own.

      • lolz

        See Fletch you just proved Dave’s point there. You couldn’t even articulate a reply without going off on a complete tangent!

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