Hank Baskett Might Be Cheating on Kendra

July 7th, 2010 // 42 Comments

Just in time for the release of her book “Sliding into Home,” Kendra Wilkinson‘s husband Hank Baskett has reportedly been caught cheating with strippers on the side. Apparently that didn’t bother Kendra yesterday because she seemed to be the exact opposite of wanting to Elin Woods him in the face during her book tour stop in New York. Life & Style reports:

An acquaintance of Hank’s, Carl Miller, tells Life & Style he accompanied Hank to Rick’s Cabaret in Houston on Nov. 28 and then to the King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club in Miami in early February. Their first raunchy night out came on the eve of the Indianapolis Colts’ 35-27 victory against the Houston Texans.
“Hank went to the private VIP room with two girls,” Carl, Hank’s acquaintance, tells Life & Style. “Everyone knows what goes on in those rooms — I don’t need to spell out what happened.”
Kendra was at home and ready to pop during Hank’s first indiscretion, but his second dalliance happened right under her nose while in Miami for the Super Bowl in February. While Kendra was busy hosting a bash at Passion nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel and doing a bikini photo shoot, Life & Style has learned that Hank went to a Diddy-sponsored party at the King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club that weekend. While his rep denies that Hank attended the strip-club soiree, others insist he was there. One King of Diamonds dancer, Dolce, says Hank didn’t mind the amenities (including more than 40 VIP rooms) at what’s touted as the “world’s biggest strip club.”

Wait. How the hell does any of this constitute cheating? Getting a blowjob from a stripper is just like masturbating except you pay to use a woman’s mouth that’s not your wife’s instead of your hand. It’s perfectly natural. Now that that’s settled, you can see Kendra’s nipples through her shirt in some of these shots, so let’s focus on the real issue here instead of arguing over how awesome I am at semantics.

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  1. Que

    Que do Kendra por que make betr.,

  2. me

    Take half his shit

  3. First


  4. I don’t see why this hard faced harlot gets any press at all.
    As to the “story”, why should anyone be surprised? This is the type of trash Mr. B likes to rub up against.

  5. techman

    I figure that when your wife has more plastic in her than a sex doll does, it can’t be considered cheating.

  6. Gene

    With tits like that…the dude was probably tired of getting his eyes poked out.

  7. Nice tits. More power to Hank if he can motor boat those and get some strange with out getting into trouble.

  8. Superfish!
    I referenced my love for you in my blog post.
    Made you sound better than CNN.
    http://nikkyraney.com :) Enjoy

  9. stinky mcpoop

    This is the couple that just greenlighted her “sex tape”, and the same broad that said her son will someday learn something from the tape. It’s not like she could spell the word “scruples”, let alone understand what they are.

  10. Kendra
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m such a whore :D

  11. pimp

    her tits look great…makes me wanna lick on her asshole…

    • Cock Dr

      That’s how they get ya.
      Install plastic tits, men get in line to insert face between butt cheeks.
      So predictable!

  12. havoc

    It was that annoying fucking voice and laugh of her”s.

    Can’t imagine having pound on a blown gasket like her”s AND listen to that shit at the same time……


  13. Rough--shooting from the lips&hips

    I’m no fan of that oval head butter finger, but Carl Miller is a snitch bitch…It had to be said!

  14. YM

    She should of named her book, ‘sliding into my rather large hole’.

  15. I love it …wearing a see through shirt to a public book signing. I wanna see her in 10 years after this generation passes and the next has never heard of Girls Next Door.

  16. …and what pro player is NOT cheating on their wife. Whores on the road are like room service. I love how the media is always shocked when a report comes out like this. Next we’re gonna learn that airline pilots cheat too !

  17. Commented on this photo:

    Not bad to look at (at times) but I cannot STAND this hag. Just another fame whore, actually in her case ACTUAL, all-around whore.

    Slept her way to fame with the crypt keeper, took her clothes off for money – and then wants to pretend she isnt that person and didnt do that stuff and we are supposed to believe she has TALENT because now she ‘is a mom.’

    Crash and burn lady.

  18. The Man

    Just another black man cheating on a white woman . . . what’s new here! Blacks and whites just were not meant to intermingle and intertwine

  19. shore2shore

    I don’t care about this. I have a really important question though, i thought that there was more than 1 sex tape of kendra?

  20. Is it just me?
    Commented on this photo:

    Or is she still fat? Not real person fat, I mean Celebrity fat. She’s Celebrity Husky still from the baby

  21. barroom hero

    * C O A L – B U R N E R *

  22. g_girl

    omg, haa anyone ever even been to a strip club?
    you probably never went to a VIP cause that costs more than 20$ tho.
    let me explain something to you then.

    there is NO SEX in strip clubs, dumbasses

    • alyce

      Every time I have ever gone to a strip club, I have been offered favors and have had more than one lap dance that ‘crossed the line’. When you are a pretty girl who happens to also be a lesbian, strip clubs are magical places. Ive never gone home with a stripper before, but I have had many an orgasm in the VIP room. For the record… I initiated none of them. Boys arent the only ones getting hand jobs and blown in the back. Just sayin.

  23. Angela

    Why is there even press about this duo/dynamo……post Heffing ‘scarlet’ and her post has been probable Asse in the hole with Heff….unreality “scarelets?”

  24. houstongirl

    well im from houston and that place is nasty i mean 2 dollar hooker nasty so if he was there he might need to get tested for aids. its on a bad side of town also how gross.. i thought they paid nfl players. i go to better strip clubs then that

  25. captain america

    her brains were stuck in her tits whenshe was born.

    that’s why she acts this dumb, folks!!

  26. heywood
    Commented on this photo:

    that is what she gets for marrying a shitty football player…. When she gets divorced he wont have any more and will probably have to pay him…

  27. Kaz

    I’m best

  28. Slig


  29. Commented on this photo:

    who would cheat on her

  30. leslie
    Commented on this photo:

    She could’ve at least worn a bra.

  31. mshook12

    What a couple of losers. I would be shocked if there were more than 10 idiots who showed up for this retarded “book” signing, including the superbowl “most shittiest player” basket and his retard whore wife.

  32. David

    who is kendra?

  33. Andreach
    Commented on this photo:

    Does no one notice you can see her nipple in a bunch of these pics?

  34. Commented on this photo:

    This is good as it gets for black and white trash! No morals and no shame. The only shame is, is their son with parents like these two. Kendra and Hank deserve each other, because their on a collision course and are about to crash Hard!
    The only Miracle that can happen here is: If their son does not turn out like either one of them.

  35. ViKing

    I’m just waiting to see which one of these celebs gets reported on the Report Your Ex website first. I mean, imagine if you googled a celeb and their dirty cheating affair was posted on THAT site. I doubt any famous person’s ex bf or ex gf would actually have the guts to do it, but it would be friggin hilarious to see an Ex Report for someone famous for once. The site is full of non-famous people, but I haven’t seen someone famous on their yet….but it would be hilarious, that’s for sure.

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