Hang on, Balloon Boy! Miranda Kerr’s coming!

October 15th, 2009 // 51 Comments

You’re a little late, Miranda. so I’m going to have to stare at your ass now. Balloon Boy would’ve wanted it that way may he rest in peace – at the neighbor’s house playing Xbox. You can come out now, dude. We’ve all watched your YouTube video and it’s pretty obvious your dad’s not going to ground you. In fact, he says you can have your gun back. No foolin’.

UPDATE: And the little scamp was in a box in the attic. Ha, kids. Always causing national dramas.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Meugh

    Shame about the face.

  2. I think shes cute / hot

  3. Victoria

    The humor here is not appropriate. You wouldn’t be laughing if it were your son.

  4. Victoria

    What the fuck?

    For the video. Miranda is crazy hot.

  5. Steeeeeve

    mmmmmmm nipples… FIRST!

  6. Steeeeeve

    mmmmmmm nipples… FIRST!

  7. PlasticSurgeon

    See what happens. Miranda came to me with those balloons. She wanted them implanted on her chest. I said no way you’ll look like Pamela Anderson so she takes ‘em and has a photoshoot. Go figure

  8. Victoria

    That first Victoria is not me btw. She sounds like a douche.

  9. glace neuf

    probably a good joke about her hanging out under a couple of big black balls, but i’ll let somebody else get after it.

  10. bribios

    Yeah, but it’s not my kid, so its a FRIGGIN RIOT!!!!!

  11. Bill

    I’d put all my kids in a runaway balloon if she promised to grab two of my ball shaped objects!

  12. The indoctrination of Rough

    That kid is showing sign of being a loser way too early in life. First his family starred in wife swap, now missed the biggest opportunity to tug at America’s heart string…Hope he’s OK

  13. Miranda Kerr is smoking hot.

    I hope the little boy is ok.

    His music video is three shades of fucked up.

    … that about covers it.

  14. Jibbly Biggins

    She. has. no. ass.

    Her back looks skeletal as well. Poster child for anorexia. If she gained ten pounds she would look amazing IMO.

  15. Up

    They just found the flight data recorder, but the cockpit voice recorder is still missing. That should let them backtrack the trajectory of the flight.

  16. chloe

    It was mean of you to use a little boy in this way. His dad is nuts, & the boy is probably dead.

  17. Randal(l)

    I’m working under the assumption that the Balloon Boy was a terrorist cell who was going to crash his balloon into the white house. Who would ever suspect a six-year-old of flying a balloon into the white house. Wll played Osama, you clever bastard, good thing we were just one step ahead of you. Balloon Boy is well on his way to the secret Gitmo hidden in the Rockies to be water boarded and stacked in a nude terror pile.


  18. F!!! Victoria!!!!!

    AHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Balloon boy…remember Radio Flyer?

    Sorry Victoria, some things that happen are just funny. Too bad the kid flew away but it is still a funny story!!!

    Now back to business. This girl is an ANGEL!!!! I would pay…

  19. Stupid does not equal Tough

    Judging by the video, Dad seems to thinks it’s a badge of honor to put his kids in harm’s way.

    Today he found the downside to that philosophy.

  20. Up

    Superfish was right….kid was just playing Xbox in the attic.

    Re: terrorist theory. This would’ve unfolded in the most interesting way if the balloon HAD been floating towards the White House. Can you imagine the story? The F15 pilot locking on to the balloon and knowing there might be a 6-yr old inside.

    Oh well….back to the usual programming. Nice ass Miranda.

  21. Crusty

    That kid is grounded.. for life.. as in forever..

  22. Randal(l)

    I’m not fooled by this kid for a second. this was just a test run. he wanted to see just what kind of security would be sent after a balloon with a 6 year old on board. I know the next balloons going to be filled with Anthrax and released on a wind current headed towards the White House. Nice try Osama, but your terrorist cell will soon be third in line in Colorado’s secret Giitmo’s Weekly elephant walk in front of your children tournament.


  23. BOOBS?|


  24. Hello There

    @3 OMG the boy is alive and well. Does that mean we can make all the jokes we want again? Douche bag.

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  26. John

    I wish that makeup brush was my man wand. Tickle, tickle.

  27. John

    You guys got to admit though, it would have been pretty assome if that little booger had hopped out the baloon when it landed. Little dude would have been hailed as the man.

  28. Guest

    Pretty face.

    Madonna-like zombie body.

    Not a fan.

  29. Richard McBeef

    She’s a bit odd looking but you are boldfaced liar if say you wouldn’t.

    @29 Agreed. That would have been money.

  30. Sport

    Fuck Off #3 this site is all about inappropriate.

  31. Deviant

    Forget National News. Try International News. It was one of the first news stories I heard when i got up this morning, and I’m in Australia. Though to be fair Australia has been lacking in helium based news for some time.

  32. PsyKo

    what a mighty fine body…

  33. Balls

    She makes my balls that color!

  34. MonkeyMan777

    Not a fan of chicks with elbows that could cut glass and wrist bones that could castrate a man if used inappropriately. Yeesh, heroin chic was so 1994….I am doomed to roam the tennis courts looking for healthy toned chicks to obsess over…..

  35. Parker

    I’m aching to analize her assets.

  36. huskey

    Miranda Kerr’s hot new Victoria’s Secret video

  37. Darth

    Let me guess,she just got her implants removed?!

  38. Rhialto

    Are these the size implants recommended by Orlanda Bloom?!

  39. OMG look at the weird skeletor hand applying her makeup @ picture 7! Who is that??

  40. SHGNA


  41. Turd the third

    I think she has a great ass and that black bathing suit is sensual without the standard slutty look that is all too common these days.

    However I do think the back of that suit would look a lot better with a load of white sperm all over it…

  42. Turd the third

    I think she has a great ass and that black bathing suit is sensual without the standard slutty look that is all too common these days.

    However I do think the back of that suit would look a lot better with a load of white goo all over it…

  43. too common these days.

  44. fffdd

    What is that a size small that has to be clipped in order to fit her properly because she is anorexic and flat as a board without photoshop, push-up bras, cutlets…..

  45. Noooo!!!

    Heroin chic in ’94? Nuh-uh. Those were the days Tyra Banks, Jill Goodacre & Stephanie Seymour graced the pages of Victoria’s Secret. Va-va-voom!

    But ever since, the fags in the fashion industry have been pushing anorexia. Which is a shame because Kerr could be adorable with those dimples.

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  47. It’s terrible, I do not like to see these.

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