Haloti Ngata Broke Roethlisberger’s Face

December 6th, 2010 // 54 Comments

One of my readers who loves taking pictures of his/her television – And who doesn’t, really? – sent in this shot of Ben Roethlisberger after having his nose rearranged by Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens during yesterday’s game. Granted, the blow itself wasn’t as epic as Richard Seymour’s sucker punch from two weeks ago, I’m pretty sure if my nose looked like that, I’d shit my pants until it stopped trying to rub my cheek. Which, coincidentally, is yet another example of why I’d suck at rape. Ladies?

EDIT: Wait. Where’d these pictures from Saturday’s Lingerie Football Game come from? It’s almost as if they forced their way into this post against its will. It really shouldn’t have been dressed like this.

Photos: Splash News


  1. Who’s the fat chick with the football?

  2. Lingerie Football League
    Commented on this photo:

    I might be first.

    Also, Picture #15 made me laugh a little and go whaaaa??

  3. I don’t normally look at football, other then to see who’s ass looks the best in those tight little football pants, but that dude’s nose looks SCARY. That guy should be fined for doing that…

    • Pangulin

      No way! The guy should get an award for punching this raping SOB square in his face. It’s really what he deserves for his actions and attitude. Two games, two punches landed on the rat’s ass rapist, sounds like a theme is beginning to take shape! Go Defense!

  4. Lingerie Football League
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    13… 14… 9… 16… BUTT BUTT BUTT!

  5. Mena

    Its all he deserves and more for his raping ways.

  6. AbsolutVodka

    I bet those pussys smell like a Korean fish market after games.

  7. RoboZombie

    NICE! Definitely an improvement. And it looks like it was a real punch, not like that shove he got against the Raiders. But I’m sure he’ll get an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for that fall.

  8. Lingerie Football League
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this supposed to be erotic?
    Because to this straight woman it looks like a field of angry looking dykes.
    Loved the nose shot. I guess the NFL ain’t all million dollar paychecks, hot cheerleaders & just-for-fun sexual assaults down at the pub.

  9. McFeely Smackup

    I think I define “lingerie” differently than these chicks do. A ruffle trim and ribbons stitched on sports bras isn’t what I call lingerie, I call it kind of sad and tacky.

  10. Melissa

    haha…. dicknose

  11. Lingerie Football League
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    Sitting face ass mine tongue smother wow

  12. BodyForWife

    That nose is now perfectly designed for motorboating Audrina Partridge.

  13. Anonymouslyawesome

    How will he get women now? Oh wait …

  14. Steve-o

    Coach he brokedid my nose!

  15. Deacon Jones

    I’m just glad to see this whole feminism thing is working out.

  16. just here for laughs

    That shit looked like it hurt like hell.

  17. Lingerie Football League
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    i haven’t been to this club yet – looks cool`
    hope they have a decent DJ…

  18. Lingerie Football League
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    The thumbnail of this pic makes the chick look like one of the dudes from Black Eyed Peas. I’m sure she’s pretty on a normal day & all, but man does she have the shape of a teenage boy in this shot.

    • Steve O

      Uh…yea..ok. Are you insane? Then again, I imagine you speak from experience being the authority on teenage boys and all…

  19. Lingerie Football League
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    I would suck on that ass until doomsday

  20. Jimmy

    The best part of the game was when they were chanting “no means no” at Roethlisberger.

  21. Lingerie Football League
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    Now thats why I come here!!!!

  22. Hate

    This pile of sun warmed dog shit has not right playing pro sports. I wish he was hurt worse.

    • pcb11

      and you have “not” right in trying to type haha. Most famous football players are losers at life, so i think he fits in with the rest of ‘em. Ray Lewis should be in jail but instead he’s playing really shitty football for the ravens…

  23. Sure, Big Ben shouldn’t be playing football anymore for raping a woman, but Vick should be given another chance because he went to jail for a couple of years for being the head of a Dog Fighting ring????

    Anyhow, Big Ben is a douche and now he is a douche with a broken nose. Big dealith …

    • Steve O

      You arent really that ignorant, are you? To NOT see the obvious difference between those two? Opposite sides of the spectrum, tough guy. .. Vick did jail time for his offense, learned from it (do the research, its unfortunately not all that uncommon down in the area he grew up, sort of like cock fighting in Mexico, etc) and hasnt had issue one since.. Big Ben got what… suspended for a few games for forcing himself on a woman and having his goon security guards prevent her friends from being able to check on her and get her out of the situation… yea. I can see the similarity…

      • Actually I’m not ignorant at all. The difference being Ben R didn’t serve time AND wasn’t convicted of actually RAPING ANYONE. I can’t stand Big Ben. He’s an idiot. Being an idiot unfortunately is NOT a crime, otherwise you’d be in jail a long time ago. Oh yes, and If having sex with a drunk out of her tree college girl and then her regretting it afterwards is rape, then half of the worlds college men are committing rape!!! I’m not defending what he did, especially his Bodyguard stopping her friends from going into the bathroom to make sure she was okay, but was it rape? It was ignorant and stupid and disgusting, but did he really force himself on her? Do we even know what happened in that bathroom? No, but YOU seen to know. You had a toilet cam there obviously. The police didn’t press charges because there was no proof, but they were wrong too. He raped her. Yes indeed he did according to you.

        Vick and his boys fought dogs for SPORT. He bred them for the sport of dog fighting. I don’t care if he served time for it and if it’s the national sport of Mexico for fuck sakes, it’s wrong, it’s murder and its illegal. Trust me, I’m not a PETA animal higging dickwad. I love eating animals, but what Vick did was and is inexcusible, especially considering HE WAS ACTUALLY CHARGED AND CONVICTED WITH THE CRIME by a federal grand jury. He has his second chance and is making the most of it, good for him, but all of those hypocrites clammoring for Big Ben to be suspended or banned because of his douchebaggery should shut up and actually LOOK AT THE FACTS, including you.

      • Fartblossum

        They’re BOTH pieces of shit.

  24. This turned my bad day into an awesome one.

  25. Lingerie Football League
    Mike Walker
    Commented on this photo:

    I never took Nuno Bettencourt for an athlete.

  26. Lingerie Football League
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    Just think what the world would be like if this and the Mickey Mouse Club had swapped creation points……

  27. Lingerie Football League
    Johnny Four Eyes
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    I would like to make out with her ass bro

  28. Lingerie Football League
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    there’s no possible way this was born a chick

  29. Lingerie Football League
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    Oh this is just gross. Football should be good male-on-male action with no females involved. Good quarterbacks always press firmly against the chode of the center. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how i prefer it!

  30. Mr. Roethlisberger, please point on the doll where the bad man touched you.

  31. ghost

    I hope the next hit Roethlisberger takes fractures his skull.

  32. mfb

    Big Ben is as tough a QB as you’ll ever see!!!! Broken foot and broken nose he still rallied his team to victory!
    The last thing Roger Goodell wants to see is Big Ben and Michael Vick in the Super Bowl, but guess what? It might happen(if only Tom Brady would just die in a car crash). GO STEELERS!!!

  33. Lingerie Football League
    bum looker
    Commented on this photo:

    WOW….just amazing, there needs to be more of this and I’ll start watching sunday games :)

  34. Dread Hutt

    “Haloti Gnata breaky Ben Roethlisberger facey in football gamey wookie,” said Jabba The Hutt to Boba Fett and the gang.

    Lingerie Football League? GMAB!

  35. Lingerie Football League
    Cardinal Fang
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    She has a man’s waist and a woman’s butt. Not sure I’d hit it.

  36. Lingerie Football League
    Dorian Gray
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    All the evidence that’s needed to support the position that boob men don’t know what direction up is.

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