Halle Berry’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Photo Shoot

October 7th, 2008 // 123 Comments

Halle Berry is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, 2008. Check out her pictorial by photographer Cliff Watts which sort of makes me regret pummeling print journalism with an iron fist. Well, that, and it’s not like I can take my laptop in the can. Or maybe…

UPDATE: Two laptops and a case of pink eye later, I can safely conclude magazines still serve a vital function in society. You may now call me “Savior,” field of journalism.

Photos: Esquire.com

  1. Chris

    Very nice

  2. Chris

    Very nice

  3. Chris

    Very nice

  4. LawnGnome

    Still looks good. The best I’ve seen her look in a while.

  5. mamadough

    for being the sexiest woman alive, this year, she sure as hell can’t keep a man, least of all keep him satisfied. i beat she’s a real dead fish in the bedroom.

  6. Skinng


  7. Buddy Love

    This shoot isn’t even sexy. No cleavage, no nudity. Fucking SLUT WHORE

  8. dave

    Could they be any fuzzier?

  9. Max Planck

    OK, but sexiest woman alive?? I think these guys need to get out more.

  10. Spurious

    Weird armpits.

  11. Sport

    Nice ride.

  12. Clarkehead

    And this is post-pregancy? Good lord, the human body is awesome. I love her.

  13. packinwood

    Sexiest woman alive? NOT!!!

  14. Clarkehead

    Hot, and you’d all hit it. Don’t kid yourselves.

  15. mer

    Everyone digs a black chick with the features of a white chick.

    Except me.

  16. OJ's Mom

    They have to keep her all covered up because her stomach and tits were destroyed after the baby. I cant imagine what kind of fucking train wreck is being hidden under that shirt. *shudder*

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Katie Holmes dick.

  17. jiggawhat?

    Sexiest woman alive? Ridiculous. The list’s makers are probably queer. She’s an 8 at best. Now more like a 7. Every single douche-bag reading this shit knows, works with, fucks or lives nextdoor to someone sexier than Halle Berry.

  18. Anonymous

    She’s good looking…..but the sexiest woman in the world BY FAR is Brooke Burke. No one else even comes close.

  19. catwoman

    she still hasn’t gotten back her original figure. still looks good though.

  20. lamar davidson

    = Exploding Penis.

  21. jesus

    not bad for a half human, er, i mean half white

  22. Marko

    WOW… Im hard as a rock!!!!!!!!

  23. Brad

    #22 fuck off with your racist comments, your upset because your wife is fat, ugly and pasty . It doesn’t matter if your not into Hallie ( which is impossible if your really a man) she would never be into a prick loser like you, that’s why your haten.

  24. @5, She was not a dead fish in Monsters Ball. That a video I can watch over and over again!!

  25. Gossipgrrl

    if sexiness was a state of mind, why does she have to be nekkid in this shoot?

  26. Mary

    In what why are her features white?? she has brown skin, a wider nose and full lips?

  27. Mary

    In what why are her features white?? she has brown skin, a wider nose and full lips?

  28. ph7

    I feel sorry for the poor ignorant racists posting here.

    First, Halle Berry wins the well-deserved sexiest woman alive crown for 2008, And they are going to spend the next four years being lead by a black man more intelligent and talented than they are.

    Oh, it’s always been hard to be a uneducated racist who blames others for life’s disappointments. But it now has just become cruel….

  29. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    That’s one FINE-ASS Bitch!!

    She’s half-spade like me, right?? If not, I’ll go white. Ain’t too proud…

    Michelle be gettin’ kinda tired, Yo.

  30. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    Heard a great joke today:

    What do Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden have in common??

    Give Up??

    Both have friends who tried to blow up the Pentagon!!


  31. Realist

    She’s hot! Anyone who says not is either gay, a enuch, or deluded. Sexiest woman alive? Don’t know. Maybe 5 years ago. Maybe before the kid. She’s dropped a little. But still one of the hottest women around!

  32. Lisa

    # 27 Shes half white. She looks half white and half black.

    Shes gorgeous but not ‘the sexiest woman alive’. Thats ridiculous.

  33. Good God

    Halle berry… mmmmmm….

  34. SOS

    WTF, sexiest woman alive… you know a lot of these rankings really kiss Halle Berry’s ass, like seriously. KISS her ass.

  35. Strong

    she is really sexy. seems that she is very hot on **Fitness loving. Com*** that is a fitness singles and sports lovers dating club. she must go there to find someone. i also saw her hot pics and videos on that web. unless you watch it, you won’t know how…she is.

  36. Robyn

    Those shirts look like someone stuck a sticker on her, or like that crap quality screen print that I could scratch off with my fingernail. I’m too distracted by the shitty shirts to even look at her body.

  37. Joe Mahma

    Funny how they don’t show her stubby legs.

  38. ummm...yeah

    All You motherfuckers need to shut the fuck up!!!
    You would screw that fat ass hog Britney fucked up Spears but not Halle?
    Something is seriously wrong with the motherfuckers on this site!!!!
    What a bunch of ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. jesus

    lucky for her she got a lot of white features. but she still has those skinny ghetto whore calves.

  40. YAWWWN! This is the most boring photo shoot ever! Especially for a “most sexiest woman ever” photo shoot, or whatever the fuck it was. And they picked her as the sexiest woman ever? Give me a break. She’s attractive, sure. A lot of people think she is, and that’s why they picked her. They went with a safe fucking choice, because 9 times out of 10, these magazines always pick this woman for no reason. But let’s face facts, here. Halle Berry is not the sexiest woman. Maybe 6 to 10 years ago, but not today.

  41. a

    she’s black, as her what color she is and she won’t say half white. If you have any black in you, you are black bottom line. So to all you racist idiots how does it feel to have a black women as the sexiest women alive, and a a black about to be president all in the same year. Take that shit you fuckin idiots







  44. Blah

    She’s very pretty, yes. But sexiest woman alive??? I think not even close. Not now, not ever. She’s always had a great figure and a pretty face; but I would give her at most a 9, when she was in peak form. Probably more of an 8, really. She is over-rated. And didn’t she have a nose job anyways to thin it down? …So much for natural beauty. But she does look amazing for her age; she looks like she’s in her late 20′s, early 30′s; Nice genes.

  45. jesus

    berry and obama are both half white. there hasn’t been a true full blooded nigger who ever accomplished anything. except raise the violent crime statistics.

  46. SHE JUST CAN’T HELP IT, folks!!

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