Halle Berry sexually assaults Jamie Foxx

June 2nd, 2009 // 51 Comments

Thanks to the news-suck that is the MTV Movie Awards, I completely missed the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards on Saturday where Halle Berry mauled Jamie Foxx’s face after presenting her the “Decade of Hotness” award. Not only that, she went in for the crotch grab thus permitting Jamie to get a handful of Halle-ass. Personally, I would’ve gone for the Immediate Sex on the Podium maneuver, but I was bitten by a radioactive spider which removed all sense of decorum. Ladies?

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  1. First.


  2. Shallow Val

    So, does giving someone an award of antlers symbolize that you want to mount them? Because that would be awesome.

  3. g_girl

    At the first glance she looks the same as 10 years ago, but after awhile you can see that she’s not perfect anymore. Even she’s getting old, and that’s kinda sad.

  4. Irrk cheap simulation such as this makes me queazy, im glad i didn’t see it…

  5. LLcoolJ

    I thought she was engaged/ married/ has a young child and should not be makin out with the foxxxx on live tv?

  6. G-PewNit

    Sure, she’s not perfect anymore but she’s 42 ffs! She looks 10 years younger than that and is still hotter than 95% of other women in their thirties. *drool*

  7. DeviousJinx

    Well said G-PewNit, she puts most of Hollywood to shame! Very HOT!

  8. HaroldBawls

    I’d hit it, and even call back.

  9. dude

    I hope I’m not compromising my journalistic neturality by saying this, but I would eat Halle Berry like pancakes. Then make the hunky-bo-bo with her until dawn.

  10. me

    I must be looking at a different page then you all cuz what I see is pretty much the same as what I saw 10 years ago when I looked at her. She has not aged a bit or at least I can’t tell.

  11. ardgelina

    This is so inappropriate for a committed woman!! I love halle don’t get me wrong but this is tasteless! Jamie should so be ashamed of himself!!!!!

  12. yfujf

    looks gorgeous but way to lose your class and to lose it to that douchebag foxx? wtf. thats too gross to take.

  13. KoRneY

    the crotch/ass grab pic would certainly incense me if I was her guy

    i might go chris brown on that bitch

  14. Tastless

    Who does she think she is, Madonna??

  15. mikeock

    Jamie Foxx looks like a cross-eyed retard.

  16. blumama@gmail.com


    It’s all just to reinforce Foxx’s image of heterosexuality.

    Everyone out here knows he’s gay.

    He’s been getting into some shenanigans with a lot of not-so-downlow dudes of late.

  17. blumama@gmail.com


    It’s all just to reinforce Foxx’s image of heterosexuality.

    Everyone out here knows he’s gay.

    He’s been getting into some shenanigans with a lot of not-so-downlow dudes of late.

  18. alfalfa

    From classy lady to trashy whore. What a move and I’m sure she has gained even more respect from her boytoy so that he will never cheat on her now

  19. Miss Brown Eyes

    Simulated or not… I thought she had more class than to hang out with trash like Foxx… Meh.

    She just lost major points with me.

  20. Lousy taste in men, obviously.

  21. damn

    this woman looks amazing!

  22. Beastman AIDS

    If I was Foxx I would have leave the stage stooped hunched over my raging erection.
    It’d be like that time Van Damme was on a talk show and got a boner when some lady danced with him.

  23. harry nutz

    He’s got that tramp stamp on the back of his skull so guys have something to look at while Foxx is knobbing them.

  24. HEY HEY


  25. HEY HEY



    HER NOSE WENT FROM THIS… http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/onlyonaol/images/pg/pg_hal_01_090704.jpg

    TO THIS…

    she barely even looks like the same person. i like halle but i think it’s so funny nobody ever talks about her plastic surgery!!!! i feel bad for the new hot sexy stars that come out, one tweak to their nose or lips or boobs and nobody gives them credit for being hot but halle gets a free pass. just funny is all.

  26. Jamieracistcocks

    What happened to the Miley racist statements ? Why is he still around? Why is he not taking a Michael Richards vacation ? BULLSHIT ! BLACK IS THE NEW GAY !! As long as you are not white you can say any damn thing you want too……. because the media is racist !

  27. HEY HEY

    in case you all didn’t notice from those links, she thinned the TIP of her nose to look less ethnic, much like lil kim, janet, etc. it’s a popular proceedure among black women. funny thing is, nobody seems to care about this but god forbid a white girl pump up her lips. strange double standards! again, i think hall berry is cool but i just don’t think you guys had any idea of the work she has done, just spreading the word to my fellow superficials.

  28. zane

    Without the hair extensions she looks like the Slumdog Millionaire kid.

  29. Dr. Know

    @ Hey Hey

    You know, I lost 22 lbs. and people also think I had a nose job as well as cheek implants.

    I’ve seen those before and after photos of her.

    That could easily be from weight loss.

    She looks VERY heavy in that first shot.

    It’s pre diabetes diagnosis and diet change.

    Also, her nose is fairly similar to that of her mother.

    Plastic surgery is not necessary to achieve that.

  30. Adonis

    She’s very beautiful and probably always will be, but seeing her hanging all over that loser just completely turns me off. Nothing much worse than Jamie Foxx, and she definitely does not need to be groping him for attention. I half-believe the guy who said he got her to do it to prove he’s not gay.

  31. lily12

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  32. JJ Abrams

    FUCK. I don’t know who’s hotter than her. It’s ridiculous. Head to toe. Front and back. She’s basically superhuman.

  33. jc

    Everybody knows that Halle had a nose job and full porcelain veneers. Nobody talks about it because it’s a racially sensitive topic. She went from looking like a Black woman to looking Indian.

  34. bobz

    When was Halle Berry ever classy? Remember that Hit and Run incident? What about the illegitimate kid? And who could forget all the gratuitous nudity?

  35. FACE

    Isnt she married or with some punk ass white boy who knocked her up? I wouldnt accept my woman gettign up on some dude in front of a national television audience for any amount of so-called entertainment value. SHe looks like a ho in those shots.

  36. Jamie Foxx is hot? I beg to disagree.

  37. Guys more NSFW pics here



  38. I’d like to mix my peanut butter with her chocolate…

  39. i would bang the hell out of her and not kick her out of bed.

  40. Caitlin

    Ah, reminds me of Hollywood’s old, glamorous Oscar winners: Tracey and Hepburn, Newman and Woodward…

  41. Nero

    I think she doesn’t get enough sex! What’s her age?

  42. DMZ

    Halle Berry is another Hollywood SLUT with a nose job and Jamie Foxx is a useless fucking, has been asshole actor (latest movie BOMBED) so who the fuck cares? I only read this useless article so I could post my thoughts about these two fucking negros that would be a bigger drag in Kenya someplace. If you don’t like my comment then too bad and FUCK YOU TOO!

  43. me 2

    Honestly I think everyone is taking these pics too seriously. They’re just friends who are joking around. Why is she friends with Jamie Foxx? I don’t know. But they’re obviously just doing this for the reaction.

    She looks ridiculously good. I don’t think she can pull off the short hair quite as well as she could 10 years ago but, generally speaking, she looks insanely good for a woman in her early 40′s.

  44. This was a bit too much for me. A little kiss is one thing but they were all over each other. Yuck!

  45. Nick N

    I’m not sure why foxx is getting so much hate, the guy does have some shred of talent. I’m not understanding why you are all acting like he has gold teeth and talks about killing bitches and hoes. Relax white people!

    Also, Halle Berry is the annoying one with her nose job to look less black. Amazing how she went from looking black to looking hispanic.

  46. Valerie

    43 I’m with you. She can do whatever the fuck she wants. Yeah it was over-the-top….but she’s been through 2 failed marriages, so she probably needs the ego-massage of that award–even though she’s fucking a male model 10 years younger than she is. Let her go nuts, she’ll look old SOMEDAY. She’s one of the few female celebs who actually has an undeniably perfect body MOST of her career so she gets mad propz for that. WHY Jamie Fox, though? Dunno….

  47. Courtyardpigeon

    Honestly, she has to be the most attractive human on the planet. She doesn’t age at all, so maybe she’s an alien, but my God she’s attractive.

  48. Marcy

    HEY NUMBER 47…

    it’s called BOTOX, and the fact she is part african american (they wrinke less, show less sun damage, etc), a mixture of both of those things with a sprinkle of good bone structure keep her looking young. but people really do give her too much credit, she has had work done like 95% of actresses.

  49. Superbiggerevil

    I don’t know, but Jamie Foxx has always looked dirty to me. By dirty, I mean he doesn’t clean up very well even for award shows. It looks as though the phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook with movie offers either, which proves the Oscar he got for “Ray” was a throwaway for that year.

    (Okay all you welfare recipients just waking up can go on and vent now.)

  50. Akari

    Halle looks great and she is rockin the Toni Braxton hair cut from the 90s.

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