Halle Berry makes me want to strangle a mountain ox (Suck it, Megan Fox)

October 16th, 2009 // 95 Comments

Here’s Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry at the 6th Annual Keep a Child Alive Ball in New York last night, and nothing helps a child stay alive more than knowing a blogger is getting laid by an Oscar-winning actress. No, really, I’ve crunched the numbers and it’s better than taking the little scamps to Olive Garden for never-ending pasta. You can’t fight the math.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Brooke

    @ #43

    Yeah, and I remember thinking that she’s half white when she won the Oscar, and how she talked about being the first black woman to win and blah blah… and we have a black president who is actually half white, but we don’t call him the first half-black president. All I’m saying is, I’ve seen her earlier work and she did NOT have that nose in the ’80s. She had a cute nose that showed off her African genes a bit more.

  2. Brooke

    @ # 41


    This is her high school photo. She was chubbier, but her lips/nose are totally different from how they are now.

    ….You know, I would rather have a woman who was naturally easy on the eyes and a good actress than these plastic bobble-heads running around Hollywood. How sad that an actress can’t get a job at 21 unless she’s had her boobs pumped, her lips injected, and her nose shaven?

  3. maximus


    Damn!!! Halle should be the freakin spokesperson for Rhinoplasty.

  4. cici

    I’m not a fan of the short hair but it’s better than the weaves she used to wear. The dress is totally tacky.

  5. cj

    Gay-Fed does not look like he wants to be there.

  6. j

    I know that some people think she can do no wrong, but come on. A cut out, low cut, sequined dress? That’s classy and respectable? We all know she’s got a great body, she doesn’t have to shove all that in our faces. I say she’s trying too hard.

  7. sYn

    @ 29
    i could ask…why do white women in Hollywood always want black people’s lips
    all those collagen injections…..

    its just a fricking preference not an issue wanting to look black or white :S

  8. Darth

    It seems like that this interracial couple is doing quite allright.

  9. Nero

    Despite that it can be the best and only solution sometimes.Only douches easily split up and marry like it’s a factory line.

  10. Rhialto

    She’s of mixed heritage.Technically that’s supposed to be the most ideal racial background in a multi cultural society.

  11. Sauron

    *Laughs* That works only in an ideal world with honest people.

  12. Gando

    Wtf!? Where have you been hiding all the time!?

  13. The nose knows

    All of the ugly people of the world wish they looked like the Nordic race, which is why they have surgery to look that way. Can’t say that I blame them. Evolution and poor genetics sux.

  14. Amber

    I saw this on another webiste and the headline was “Halle’s sweet berries!” LOL. Personaly they are somewhat on the small side and look smushed to me. I can think of 5 celebrities off the top of my head who have nicer breats, Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johannson, Adriana Lima, Brooke Burke, and even on the smaller side, Britney Spears before the babies, and well, during the babies.

  15. Amber

    Oh, and Angelina Jolie before she lost a lot of weight.

  16. William

    Gorgeous woman.

  17. Shannon

    #64, LOL you mean all those “blonde” woman enlarging their breasts and lips and tanning their fair skin?? those are “ethnic” features ( large breasts, full lips, etc). woman are all backgrounds alter their apperences.

  18. rhonda

    in number 15 picture she looks like and old white women who had botox, she is now starting to look her age, that dress is ugly along with those droppy breast, why do she think we have to see her all the time, because her movie is not coming out yet, and when is does it will be another boring let down like all the other ones. go be a mother, you are over 35 now,

  19. Oyster

    Halle has never had a nose job. She is one of the few Hollywood people that decided to live with what she was born with. Gotta respect that!!

  20. fefe

    oyster, if she did not have a nose job, than she needs one, what a hucker, why show those old nipples, we see everything in MAKE ME FEEL GOOD MOVIE,lol, what a sad person, her pr, got all those non speeking photographers runing after her, can’t a word of english escept, saying halle halle, that sh..t if funny, This is what an oscar winners has to do to make the public go see her movies, lol, She had bruce willis in one movie, he looked like he was lost, maybe wanted to just do her a favor, because everyone was laughing at this movie

  21. vanity

    if you want to see someone who was more beautiful and natural looking is the singer Vanity, she beat halle by a million points, way more natureal looking, girly face, halle now looks like her mother, butch looking, sorry, but the truth is the truth and she differnantly can’t act. she got by on all that pr she bought with her own money, but you know what they say in hollywood, past 35 for a woman is washed up, so now you will probably see her a tyler perry movie, she did nothing with that oscar, she did not open any doors, it was shout in her face, warren beatty was right, when halle walks in a room people starts to laugh, not because of her looks because they know the truth, she is a joke.

  22. Kane

    @72 Who want’s to read all that shit! Written by YOU!

  23. mark

    women are something, all of this for what, halle was hot, now she is like all women when they age, they like to try harder, to look good, but she will never look 20

  24. mark

    @73 is halle

  25. yowillie

    Smoke that

  26. jan

    I’m sorry but i agree with number 26, she is long in the tooth, washup looking, who wants to see her old bags, and her butt hangs, she does have man legs, not feminine looking, if you look at her eyes they do look crazy

  27. lara

    anyone who says that she looks bad or this dress is tacky is a hater! and she looks way better withshort hair than long…. she’s a beauty. and when people don’t look this good themselves they tend to get jealous.

  28. lara

    anyone who says that she looks bad or this dress is tacky is a hater! and she looks way better withshort hair than long…. she’s a beauty. and when people don’t look this good themselves they tend to get jealous.

  29. bill

    she looks older now, she has gotten wider, wronge dress for that day, that is now sexy, i hate to say this but someone is off, not feminine, manish looking

  30. Hmm…. Halle berry is looking so sexy in that black low cut outfit. Man she has got awesome figure. So sexy … Her killing smile is capable enough to arouse anybody.

  31. I agree.. Megan has nothing on Halle right now!

  32. meg

    bad worst dull boring actress, gay

  33. wronge

    #82 is halle, saying it about herself

  34. morgan

    im so jealous! she’s hot!
    Boob Job

  35. morgan

    im so jealous! she’s hot!
    Boob Job

  36. Lucy
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    Hi Kim I think u r awesome doll…my 5yr old girl loves all ur shows she wants to meet you one day. Love Paulina $ Lucy

  37. massiel guerrero
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    Ah! Thas so funny.

  38. goreti07
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    Hey kim
    I was at century city bk signing,my sis n i were very last ones. :) thanx! Love the new watch line..just recently got into different styles.really like the lace watch! With love goreti

  39. MM
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    You and your sister should come to Portland,OR for the book signing.

  40. *Lucy*
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    Hi kim

  41. moriano
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    Yup I did

  42. Laura
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