Halle Berry makes me want to strangle a mountain ox (Suck it, Megan Fox)

October 16th, 2009 // 95 Comments

Here’s Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry at the 6th Annual Keep a Child Alive Ball in New York last night, and nothing helps a child stay alive more than knowing a blogger is getting laid by an Oscar-winning actress. No, really, I’ve crunched the numbers and it’s better than taking the little scamps to Olive Garden for never-ending pasta. You can’t fight the math.

Photos: Flynet

  1. tiz nizzle

    damn shes sexy, good thing i’ve seen her tits already

  2. Someone.else

    her makeup foundation looks horrid..but other than that..hot per usual..but her ego must b taking a punch in the nuts beside her roman god of a husband..yum..yum yum yummy..iam a red blooded female..so hold ur gay insults

  3. Taz

    She has great tits

  4. mike jones

    i really dont understand whats so great about her.. really dont get it

  5. Intermino

    They make such a sexy couple, mmmm

  6. nancle22@hotmail.com

    @4… you are retarded.

  7. isa


  8. Gary

    I never liked her short hair. She needs to grow it long.

  9. kingofbeer

    me to super!

  10. mike jones

    @6 good argument, mind elaborating though?

  11. Get a clue

    @2…news flash. Halle isn’t married to the guy.

  12. Long time listener, First time caller

    Halle Berry is nearly twice as old as Lindsay Lohan, but she’s 100x better looking. Aahh…drugs and bad genetics!

  13. She’s trying too hard to be noticed. It’s sad.

  14. Long time listener, First time caller

    Halle Berry is nearly 2x older than Lindsay Lohan, but she’s 100x better looking! Ahhh…drugs and bad genetics…damn you!

  15. spinal

    Good god…how is this woman in her 40s?

  16. jt

    sweet jesus. she’s sick

  17. 7L

    she’s butt the fuck ugly.
    i’d take the monster kardashian over that.

  18. janet

    i agree with comment number13, she is trying to hard, it is very sad

  19. Sport

    classy. HOT. And will continue to hold up well and put younger ladies to shame for years to come.

  20. Long time listener, First time caller

    I have to say, she’s actually dressed for “her age”. There was a time when she would show up at award shows in a bikini top and her g-string hanging out…literally…a bikini!

  21. janet

    i agree with number 13, she trys to hard, it is very sad

  22. don promillo

    i’m with #8, she is even more wow with long hair, like in ‘things we lost in the fire’ and any number of flicks of around that time.

    (13&19) how is she trying too hard, what am i missing here?

  23. abba

    i never really thought halle was as breath taking as everyone in lala land made her out to be but she looks friggen stunning in the pics.

  24. Orange

    Very nice! She is the only woman I can think of who looks better with short hair than long.

  25. Th Cynic

    The hair looks bad and she’s looking a little long in the tooth. Other than them hooties, she’s seen better days.

  26. me

    she’s a beautiful woman. . . There’s nothing bad I can say about her. She’s a beauty. period.

  27. ppl

    by far the best looking old broad… unlike Pamela

  28. Brooke

    You know, I know she’s pretty, and she CAN be pretty, but I think she looks awful in short hair (it emphasizes her bad nose job) and she just doesn’t do anything for me. And she’s a bad actress… I still can’t believe she got an Oscar.

    Why do black women in Hollywood all want Caucasian noses? Black women are beautiful when they don’t try to make themselves white…

  29. maudina

    Oh Gabriel is so hot! I would love to have a threesome with these two!

  30. ha

    It’s nice for once for the mind-bendingly beautiful actress to be with someone who’s on her level. The lopsided couples are very sweet and all, but this pair actually makes sense together.

  31. Venom

    ^^^ Yawn. You just knew someone would make race an issue.

    … moving on. Congrats, Fish. You’ve actually posted a real (beautiful) woman. You’ve been slipping all week, but you’ve redeemed your self and closed it with a bang with this one.

    And for what it’s worth, I’ve always dug her more with short hair. It actually makes her look younger.

  32. gigi

    meh…. cute dress… nice pumps…. Gabriel should try more tho- he looks so shlumpy

  33. biotch on wheels

    i can’t believe no one mentioned the slight nipple peeking out in pic 1!

  34. Bert

    She is a nice looking white lady.

  35. Leah

    The thing that is sad is that there are people posting comments about how unfortunate she looks. what is unfortunate is how jealous some people are. this woman is a mother in her 40′s and she looks that great. cant say that for many people. she is gorgeous.

  36. lola

    Halle is a very beautiful woman. The dress looks smoking on her, but it is a little too tight on top. She always looks so classy and put together. One of the few respectable actors in Hollywood.

  37. @ 28 – Yeah. Hang in there Pam Anderson. Just one more year and you’ll look like this.

    Actually I don’t like that dress and the hair isn’t working at all. Hope she isn’t listening to Tyra Banks.

  38. capitanne

    Shiloh who? Their daughter is going to be the most beautiful creature on the planet. Hope they make a few more.

  39. sexchill

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  40. Niqua

    I’ve never heard about her having a nose job!

    Can someone elaborate?

  41. Elisa

    She’s trying too hard???? Where????..and can I please look like this when I try too hard because even when I don’t, I do not look anything like this!

    Leah @ 36, I completely agree with you! I would love to see what these people look like when they make these comments.

  42. idiots

    @ 29. Brookes dumbass

    “”Why do black women in Hollywood all want Caucasian noses? Black women are beautiful when they don’t try to make themselves white”"”


  43. anon

    gorgeous gorgeous woman, damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. me09

    she is a very pretty and classy woman but the dress has got to go !!!!!!!

  45. I’d let her spin around on my crank shaft.

  46. meow

    Every time I look at her hot boyfriend I have to go jump on mine. Damn

  47. Meh

    Fucking hell, she is gorgeous.

  48. look hard

    i agree with 29, she had a nose job, what was wronge with the black nose you had, and yes she is now long in the tooth, when a women starts to age, she over do it, with to much breast showing, flap jacks, sagging down, to much botox, those eyes look insane, and white make up on face, clown, the most important thing about her, because who give a dame about her looks, her acting is like a retard, sorry, she can not act. keep your money.

  49. pretty but her makeup is too light

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