Halle Berry makes anti-Semitic joke on Leno

October 23rd, 2007 // 133 Comments

Halle Berry made a joke Friday on The Tonight Show that some are calling anti-Semitic. Halle was promoting her new movie “Things We Lost in The Fire” and was using her laptop to show Jay distorted pictures of herself. Sounds like comedy gold to me. What could possibly go wrong? Page Six reports:

According to one audience member, “She introduced the first photo by saying, ‘Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!’ – it was a picture of her with a huge, distorted nose. No one laughed, and Jay nervously said, ‘I’m glad you said that and not me.’ When the show aired, they cut out her ‘Jewish’ comment and added a laugh track to the bit.”

A very tearful Halle Berry contacted Page Six to set the record straight:

“I so didn’t mean to offend anybody – and after the show I realized it could be seen as offensive, so I asked Jay to take it out, and he did.What happened was I was backstage before the show and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said [of the big-nose picture], ‘That could be your Jewish cousin!’ And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I didn’t. I didn’t mean any harm.

So Halle Berry makes an anti-Semitic joke and who does she blame? The Jews. I believe it’s time to hire a new publicist. You know, one that isn’t Hitler. In the meantime, somewhere, somehow, Mel Gibson has a giant boner.

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  1. Jews control Hollywood

    How come there are never any shows about blonde haired (which are the sexiest people) germanic or scandinavian peoples? Of course the heebs support their own kind. Like there are not millions of actors and musicians that could take any of their places. The virtues of real Americana have been subverted in place of Jewish ones.
    We do not need doctors as Nietzche extolled, they are for the genetically weak, lawyers do the work of the rich and Hollywood is counterculture for perverts and idiots.
    Read books and be productive with hobbies. Build a better world like we used to do here before the commy kikes took over. And the Anglo-philes decided we should be socialized as peasant industrial slaves.
    Wake up ya’ll.

  2. shosho

    #179 riiiiiiight on..!!

    #72 and #200 GO FUCK URSELF!!!!

  3. 215 is pathetic

    This country was built on WHITE virtues and christianity not JEWS whom Ben Franklin even did not want here because they are parasites and go for the financial jugular of all nations. We do not need these half borns and quarter born Jews. Nor do we need lame sympathizers like yourself.
    The world has been controlled since the days of the Bible to replace indigenous religion with the psuedoreligion of the “bible” itself concocted by a dying Roman empire to trick the masses into believing in a rewarding afterlife to make up for their slavery. hahahahahahahahh

  4. shosho

    #216 BS

    i just like Halle Berry and happened to agree with some comments here!!

  5. jews are cool. i hope bee movie is good.

    i like doctors, my lawyer, money, inventions, intelligence, good jokes, cute funny men, i like jews. maybe some hicks are just jealous that jews are smarter and have gone farther than their inbred selves.
    what halle said wasn’t that bad. but she doesn’t know how to take blame for things.. like this and her car accident.

    number 215, all 72 did was list all the jews in hollywood. did it just piss you off to see how many hot famous people are jews? cause they didn’t say anything else.

  6. good for her! she probably didn’t ask them to take it out though. the damn jews probably did it for her and then tried to put the blame on her just like they did with jesus.

  7. Stevie

    She is another no talent. Obviously had a nose job. Probably has lightenened her skin also,

    She certainly struts and thinks a lot of herself. What is the last thing she did that was memorable anyway?

  8. methodist

    wait but she blamed them for something she said….
    the jews get blamed for everything
    and i know jews who eat pork

    jesus was crucified under pontius pilot ( a roman )
    mel gibson is roman catholic so he tried to make pontious pilot sympathetic in passion of the christ.
    and he was rude to helen hunt and jamie lee curtis in the movies he did with them because they are jewish.

  9. tournamineyes

    I don’t mind being owned by Jews, they are awesome. They Rule!!

  10. Worthless spineless Goyum

    All cowards who love Jews more than whites should leave

  11. Jew Lover

    Whatever Nazi. I’m not going anywhere.

  12. Black Lover

    I love black people too, what are you going to do about it? Ha, just stew in your own hatred you punk.

  13. Vernita Green

    At some points in history, Jews have been enticed to come to predominantly Christian cities because they brought needed skills and services. For example, in 1084 A.D. the bishop of Speier attracted Jews to that city because of their professional skills and because they would provide loans, which Christians would not do because they believed that usury (lending money for interest) was immoral. Jews were quite willing to lend money and thereby provided a needed service for the community. However, as Christian mores changed, usury became an acceptable Christian enterprise, Christians moved into the professions Jews had occupied, and conflict between the groups began to intensify.
    Many Christians blame Jewish victims for their plight, insisting that some characteristic of the Jews causes them to be persecuted. Despite this assumption, the evidence is overwhelming that the primary cause of discrimination is the desire to gain an edge in a conflict over scarce resources (jobs, the best housing, the best educational opportunities). For many decades in the United States, universities and professional school had quotas for Jews. Only a limited percentage of Jews would be admitted each year, regardless of superior qualifications of Jewish applicants. Christians have often used their power as the dominant group to places Jews at an economic disadvantage. Ironically, those same Christians have then labeled the Jews as being the ones who are devious, manipulative, and driven by economic interests.

  14. Vernita Green

    Ahem. I’m staying too, people. :-)

  15. me

    First of all no one even knows who half of them are.
    Second, the other half have had nose jobs.. LOL
    Third, oh just shut up.

    “That some people are calling anti-Semitic…” I wonder who lol ?
    It’s funny that someone makes a joke that’s not even offensive (unless you are uptight and Jewish) It was just not “politically correct” but what’s even funnier is the reaction.
    For something that wasn’t a big deal it sure brings out a lot of people who are unbelievably descriminative themselves. I don’t see why you bother trying to argue how bad someone is by making a worse comment yourself.
    It doesn’t take much for all the hatred and REAL bastards to come out and spout their shit.
    It’s not just Jews versus non Jews but we also have the racists out as well because of who said it…
    Get over yourselves.

  16. sammi

    #25 … and Italians fart garlic…

    #19… parmesan fuck you are.

  17. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, and sweet lady – I know she feels worse about this than anyone.

    People are just so darned hyper sensitive anymore. If everyone would start paying more attention to the important things in life and less to the trivia little, silly stuff – everyone would be a lot better off.

  18. How Ironic

    I’m reading this as I sit at my desk contract Information Technology Job for the Federal Government and I pursue my MBA and think “Wow. According to White Poeple on Blogs, I’m a worthless, idiotic, piece of shit.” Who knew because I could have sworn that I was an independant, professional, goal oriented, women who just happens to be black.

    I guess, I’m just whatever some man behind a computer says I am……………………………….

    Yea. Right. While you’re typing all that nonsense I’m contributing to society. ; )

  19. How Ironic

    Excuse my grammar. I meant to say that I’m reading this AS I SIT AT MY DESK WHERE I AM WORKING AS A DATABASE ANALYST FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Later on this evening I am going to attend my MBA class which will help me to continue to be the productive member of society that I and the rest of my circle friends currently are.

  20. chiari

    we’ve all put our foots in our mouths. she shoulda said “here’s where i look like i did before my nose job!” that woulda been funny.

  21. Tonya

    @Andie – October 23, 2007 1:31 PM

    For the life of me I can’t figure this shit out. Judaism is a religion, not a race. ANYBODY can be a Jew. How do people ‘look’ Jewish? Seriously, aside from traditional dress or hairstyle how are you supposed to be able to tell? This is so stupid. Can somebody ‘look’ Lutheran? How about Baptist?

    My take on it is this, like I’ve always said:

    Yes, I am very prejudice. I have a huge prejudice against ass holes of every race, color, creed, or gender.

    –I agree with you!! :)

  22. virgin mary

    #149 my boyfriend is a jew and he is sooooo freaky! lucky me!
    I’m from eastern europe, so to me latino guys were exotic, i was so attracted to them, so i had three latino lovers – they were no better than white guys! just the same. Not super hot how I expected. My jewish b/f beats them all!!! My best lover ever! big cock too! love screwing him!!!

  23. to #234 and andie

    #234 and andie: you’re both ignorant. jews are indeed an ethnic group and yes, they do have specific features by which you can tell they are jewish (e.g. big nose lol). Unlike other religions, they do not accept easily, to convert into judaism is a VERY hard process, very few get accepted and very rarely. You have to be born from Jews to be a jew.

  24. Dick Richards

    #231. You ever wake-up in the middle of the night in a panic and think that maybe you’re “contributing” to a white society? It must be horribly confusing to be black. On one hand, you’re black-trash if you don’t work for the white man; on the other hand, you’re an uncle-tom for not being poor and uneducated.

  25. faizah

    FUUUCK that! So what she said that?? Jews are RACIST and the hole joke of a jewish state is racist! They are doing the same god damn thing Hitler did. Why is it ok for them to do it? You people are stupid and are a bunch of zombies that can’t think for yourselves. She can say anything she wants isn’t america a free country? Besides, the jews wee the ones who owened the slavery ships.She can whatever she wants.

  26. jdater

    LOOK on JDATE and find me a jew who doesn’t have a big nose.

  27. Oh please! Why is everybody so bloody paranoid in this country? Anti-semitic? Anti-semitic for joking with the noses? In the meantime I read headlines on the newspapers calling the President of Iran an idiot… Get a life.

  28. ender

    It’s funny how racist American’s are toward people of African descent, but support Jews and Israel in general. Most American Jews are decent, friendly people. Needless to say, Israel has conducted more violence against the U.S and our interests than any other foreign group. One example was the Lavon Affair. If anyone cares, the term TERRORIST was coined by the British as a term to refer to Jewish tactics against them (the British that is). The most successful espionage conducted against the U.S. is by Israel, our supposed ally.

  29. felix

    don’t really know what’s so interesting about the nose-joke itself. stereotypes are the basis of most jokes. and the nose-stereotype is certainly the least malicious one among stereotypes about jews. what’s more disturbing is that berry seemed to be scared shitless of…whom? those merciless revengeful humorless jews who control the media?

  30. Gloria

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  31. Gloria

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  32. ethereal

    uh, your OWN STORY relates that the JEWISH ASSISTANT wrote the joke. was that all a Zionist Plot against Halle? lol. a Jew wrote the joke, you admit it yourself. Halle merely repeated it, with the confidence that if a Jew wrote it, it wasn’t offensive to Jews. and “anti-Jewish” is the proper term, not that word that names your Sworn Enemy’s Race, thanks. are you attempting to semantically “wipe Semitic People (such as Arabs) off the map”? or perhaps you’d like a return to common everyday use of the word “Nigger”, since you seem to hate civilization, and love to drink koolaid. is that what you’d like to see happen? rofl. you’re a JOKE!

  33. Alfred Rosenberg

    Omg a harmless joke about Jewish noses. From a Jew.

    Somebody call the NKVD! Hitler has risen from the dead! Israel is doomed! They are firing up the ovens now! Flee Flee! [/sarcasm]

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