Halle Berry makes anti-Semitic joke on Leno

October 23rd, 2007 // 133 Comments

Halle Berry made a joke Friday on The Tonight Show that some are calling anti-Semitic. Halle was promoting her new movie “Things We Lost in The Fire” and was using her laptop to show Jay distorted pictures of herself. Sounds like comedy gold to me. What could possibly go wrong? Page Six reports:

According to one audience member, “She introduced the first photo by saying, ‘Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!’ – it was a picture of her with a huge, distorted nose. No one laughed, and Jay nervously said, ‘I’m glad you said that and not me.’ When the show aired, they cut out her ‘Jewish’ comment and added a laugh track to the bit.”

A very tearful Halle Berry contacted Page Six to set the record straight:

“I so didn’t mean to offend anybody – and after the show I realized it could be seen as offensive, so I asked Jay to take it out, and he did.What happened was I was backstage before the show and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said [of the big-nose picture], ‘That could be your Jewish cousin!’ And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I didn’t. I didn’t mean any harm.

So Halle Berry makes an anti-Semitic joke and who does she blame? The Jews. I believe it’s time to hire a new publicist. You know, one that isn’t Hitler. In the meantime, somewhere, somehow, Mel Gibson has a giant boner.

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  1. max

    so what , it is true THEY HAVE BIG NOSE!!!

  2. omg

    this world is TOO FUCKING SENSITIVE. Even God Himself has a sense of humor. I hate how someone cant make one single joke without offending someone. I HATE IT. It’s a stereotype, and every walk of life has them, and NO ONE needs to be offended at a joke. I got in trouble at work the other day when I referred to black people as “they” 5 minutes into a conversation where I had already addressed we were talking about black people.

  3. max

    i think you have a big nose!!!

  4. ^Jodi

    I agree with #165 too, except I would replace the reference to “God” with “Mr. Mongoose”, and remove the references to “black people” and replace them with “Buddy Holly’s Official Tribute Band Members”.

    See, it’s all better.


  5. Doomhammer

    Himler would be proud. Nice work Hitler, er I mean Halle. Go find the cyanide now, your reighn is over.

  6. Mr. Bean

    God Himself? As if God is a male or a female.

  7. Shit4Brains

    Well at least the Jewish men with big noses have big dicks, so maybe that kind of makes up for having the big nose.

  8. Jasmin

    obvioulsy you were talking to me, not ONLY to me but I was one of the few people you were refering to. I wrote alot obviously….and if you werent at least reffering to me in some way then I dont know who else you were talking to because I was one of the few on the post that wrote a “essay” amount on here.(I took it wrong I guess, shot me)Actually I wrote the most on here period besides the Jew list up top and some people that had a paragraph or 2……so if you werent talking to me than who the were you talking to? Nobody…..IDK whatever.I never said you were lazy….I said IF your too lazy (I i dont know if you are or arent )then dont read it. Your comment say’s dear Jasmin at the top so I did read it to the end because it was adressed to me, next time I wont assume your talking to me or anyone else because i sux at life and I dont know the difference between too and to.

  9. Lisa

    I have dis-liked this women ever sense she attacked Howie Mondell when he was filling in for Regis on the View.

    He came out with the Joke, ………”was that Halle Barry back stage that ran into me? I turned around and she was gone”
    ha ha get it? her hit and run was pretty fresh at the time…….Instead of having a sense of humor,

    She came out and attacked Howie, and the studio went silent. Kelly was at a loss for words, (for the first time ever)……..and everyone was so uncomfortable……Howie is a comic first, host second. Halle has NO sense of humor and has a difficult time admitting she could do anything wrong. Every broken realationship, she shows up on Ophra crying about how the Man did her wrong. Always a victim. OH dont even get me started on the fact that she thinks she won an oscar for all the women of color who deserved to get one, but never did.
    That one had me raging for weeks.

  10. Jasmin

    Im not pissed either……I not even sure why you wasted your time scolding me because I said I could write as much as I want……..i can and will write as much as I want and thats all I was trying to say….it really had nothing to do with you personally.

  11. lifeis a shithole

    Just like every other fucking celbrity she fucking blamed her staff. Remember when Angelina did that because of her little memo to the press. What these attention whores don’t realize is that they are really insulting themselves when they blame everyone else. Halle just proved that she doesn’t have an original thought in her tiny pea brain and that she pays people to think for her. I call bullshit, she doesn’t have any jewish staff members she’s full of shit and so is her fake apology.
    News flash bimbo an apology is when you own up to doing wrong not when you say I’m sorry but it was someone else’s fault; that’s called the politicians apology and it aint worth fucking jack shit. BITCH.

  12. Miss Anthrope

    @ 25

    ALL of these posts are on point.

    Considering she is ALWAYS yammering on about “how hard it is for black actors”, this was a stupid thing to say. Anti-semetic? No. Why is she always f***ing crying about how tough she has it, “as a black woman”. She needs to stop her incessant whining.

    It’s pretty obvious she’s not terribly bright, so just excuse her stupid comments. She can’t help it.

    What I would like to know is, why is it so God damn hard for this twit to keep a husband around? She’s supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world and she has money. What gives?

    Everyone needs to stop being so God damn sensitive. We all need to be like the Irish. Find humor in everything and use it as an excuse to drink. Ya know, because all Irish are drunks.

  13. The Jewish Cousin

    Pardon, But as a Jew I think you’re taking this a bit too far.
    This is not an anti-Semitic joke, this is just a stupid joke, not really funny and not really worth the mess.

    As a jew, I don’t see the point of doing a big deal out of this. God knows we all have enough problems, more important than to deal with and Halle Berry’s silly pictures and not-too-funny jokes.

    Just get off it. Honestly.

  14. morons

    Judaism is not a race and religion is the resting ground of the mentally retarded enjoy morons.

  15. uclapiglett

    It’s a freakin’ nose joke!!!! When are you people (and by “you people” I don’t mean the jews) going to stop taking yourselves so seriously? I hate people!

  16. Smell that Sulfur?

    These Jews are masters of deceit. I’m not being sarcastic, I am in awe of their evil cunning and manipulation of the human mind.

    They’ve given the world a shit sandwich and made people think they were eating steak.

    They’ve taken the souls of millions, and those millions APPLAUD them for it.

    They’ve rigged the whole game. They make movies that lie about history, then they give each other awards for it.

    They’ve made everyone forget Christ and worship Jon Stewart.

    They control both the right-wing and left-wing and they have made people think that Bush is Christian when he works for Israel.

    Again, having big noses is the least of their achievements. Seriously, these guys make Lex Luthor look like an amateur.

  17. Lenina

    Anti-semitic jokes are only okay if they’re funny, and that one wasn’t. =(

  18. gigi again

    …come to think of it, my hottest f* buddy ever was very cute, freaky and Jewish — he was not less then 9″ too and about 9 & 3/4″ on a good day.. no lie…. he also had a bunch of cool little freckly moles all over his body that I liked to connect with a watercolor magic marker [so we could wash it off in the shower] :) he didn’t have a big nose tho… Adrien Brody would be fun I think — who btw did that famous kiss with…who?? Halle Berry! there ya go! [btw, I'm one of those hot black chicks Aleks...] ::wink wink::

  19. well, she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed & i think that leno was a pussy for editing the broadcast

  20. Samhain

    This cunt is Black when it suits her. I live near where she grew up. Plenty of blacks and mixes just like her. Yet, she whines about how awful her childhood was in her “white” neighborhood. Her mom is lily-white, which is the only reason she’s attractive – gotta mix those genes up to look pretty. Plus, when she was here and ran over that woman, she left the scene, then claimed she got AMNESIA! I notice she didn’t pick a Man of Color to be her Baby-daddy! I hope becoming a mother drives her insane, and gives her big silvery stretch marks all over her Black belly. Maybe then we won’t have to hear about her any more.

  21. Blah

    Samhai.stfu. Halles neigbourhood was white back in the 60′s! idiot.
    Anyways, only people who are upset by this are jewish women no jewish man would get offended by this infact no one cares…except for the jewish women ofcourse who got nothing better to do.

  22. myoldtestamentlord

    That was a bad joke but not anti-semetic. Get real.

    On another note I always thought it would be a good idea to round up everyone in Hollywood and make them do some good old forced wageless labour in isolated camps for awhile.

    But shit, throwing that idea around might actually get me labelled a nazi.

  23. Reminder

    Halle said:

    “We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my ***Jewish friends*** SAID [of the big-nose picture], ‘That could be your Jewish cousin!’

  24. Ok ok guys, let’s take a break from EVERYTHING for just ne second, ’cause I just want to say: I HATE ITALIAN STALLION! Can we fucking ban him, fish? ‘Cause for as long as I’ve been around I have not seen a single post from him that was funny, and he’s annoying and irksome, and stupid, and cant spell, and makes fun of everyone but can’t take the heat when people make fun of him (#19 anyone?), and JESUS HE’S JUST SOME ANNOYING FAT LONELY FUCK LIVING IN HIS MOMMA’S PIZZA SHOP BASEMENT HELPING HER MAKE RAVIOLI and please please please can we push him in front of a car and be done with it?

    K I’m done with my rant, I just hate him so. :-)

  25. Poopy

    I’m Jewish and I have a big nose and I hate it and I just said the word ‘and’ a lot in this sentence.

  26. Italian Stallion stays

    As far as I am concerned only cowards want anyone banned. I think he is funny, the fucking WOP!!! You should leave then, jerk-off.
    Oh, Jews are a hideous abomination, blighting the earth with their megalamoniacal plots and Godlessness.
    Ban J E W S (from the world)

  27. Samhain

    184 – She didn’t go to school in the 60′s fuck-brain. Maybe she went there in the 50′s – oh wait, that’s wrong too! The bitch had it just fine – she’s a pathetic liar. I hope childbirth splits her in two – one white half and one black half.

  28. Samhain

    184 again – Where do you think her momma’s black lay came from? Did they ship him in from Detroit? Or, were there no black people there either? All the black people lived – where? In the South? Dumb ass!

  29. TheTenia

    Whats the difference between a n i gger and a bag of shit? The bag.

  30. Vernita Green

    Every single one of you who has something disparaging to say about anyone based on their race and/or heritage should be ashamed of yourself. It is comments like the ones above that take this website from harmless poking fun at celebrities to bigoted, baseless slander.
    Everyone here, let’s take a step back and think for a minute before posting a prejudiced, ignorant comment: would we want our mother/child/favourite teacher/religious leader/neighbor or even a stranger to judge us solely on this comment?
    I know the Internet is a nameless, faceless world, and that is why I’m sure many people make comments like these; however, think a minute about if people you knew you saw these words. Think of what your comments say about you as a person.

  31. nagger please

    I hate racism and nlggers.

    Is halle ashamed of her nappy head?

  32. TheTenia

    Oh Vernita, how sweet. You voice of calm reason. Halle is a half nig hypocrite. She deserves whatever she gets. Blacks are inferior, sorry. It’s a fact. Don’ t argue with me about it though. I merely parrot the scientific community. As Nobel Laureate James Watson said: The evidence that the black race is mentally inferior is irrefutable. He runs the Human Genome project. You just LIVE in the Projects.

  33. JJ

    Shes no anti-semite…big deal one whoopsie and the world carries on turning – shes still a beautiful actress.
    However Mel Gobson, thats different, he just hates jews (i am one too). Or should u even try to make a stupid cartoon about Mohammed like in Denmark, look at the extreme reaction! When they do one about Jews, we just sigh and hope they will learn eventually. Its just a picture..its just a comment….big deal, stop giving extreme reactions and the world will be a slightly better place.

  34. Reptikon

    Silence you dumb human animals. You all are equally worthless, except served up raw and bloody at meal time. Tastes like chicken!

  35. Jeos

    How come there is a word for racism against Jews (anti-semite) but non for other races/people?! I suppose to Jews in Hollywood, it don’t matter if they show blacks as gang members and rapists, or Mexicans as thiefs, but name me the last recent movie you saw that made fun of a Jew’s nose or something. What a world it is when Halle Berry, arguably one of the most talented actresses around, and the only one with an oscar, is so freaked out that she has to speak in tears for fearing offending the Jews! I like to see one of the Jewish studio directors in tears when they stereotype every other single race!!!

  36. JewishFeller

    Number199: Jews control Hollywood and media…deal with it!

    Niggars like you got your rap and hiphop, Mexicans got…whatever it is they do South of Border!

    When was the last time you heard of a Jewish gang.

    jews are smarter than blacks or mexicans whichever you are.

    Maybe if you stopped killing and gang raping people, you would get some respect. For now, bow before the Hollywood Jews or you better play basketball or rap or join a gang or something.///))))

  37. CruisingForCock

    I’m bleeding from the va jay jay.

  38. CruisingForCock

    I bow down to Italian Stallion.

  39. Vernita Green

    It’s funny how you assume I live in the “Projects”. Where did that idea come from?

  40. haah

    pink is a jew? wow, go figure

  41. Halle Berry's TWIN


  42. I don’t care about how far you’re concerned you buttsex face. I want you banned because you’re a stupid unfunny twit. And you’re stupid. And annoying. And oh, no, I won’t be leaving. But I really encourage you to. Because you’re stupid, you buttsex eye-talian. And why are you ranting about Jews to me rofl. I’m not Jewish and I don’t fucking care. But you’re a hideous abomination with your stinky period-smelling jokes and a blight upon the Earth with your greasy Italian hair and fucking lame comebacks. Kiss my ass, shhhhhhhhhhh, and LEAVE you stinky shittypoo.

  43. PS

    PS. Do you like how I spelled Italion? You’re so lame you don’t deserve a proper spelling in the header.

  44. Ben Shepherd

    saying she looks like her jewish cousin is anti semitic. Anymore than joke about English peoples bad teeth are anti english. If she said I look like my jewish cousin and that the jews rule the world and want to kill all muslims, then that would be anti-semetic.

    It was a through away line, and you all knew what she meant.

    Jes you guys are sensitive. If I was as sensitive as you guys as a middle Class, Middle Aged, White,Jewish, British Citzen I could barely turn on a TV without someone making a joke about me.

    I just have a snese of humour :-)

  45. UM

    I don’t get it ?

    I am slow?

    What is the fuss?

    What is wrong with her joke?

    Jay Leno is a comedian and he constantly pokes fun at peoples looks and everything……

    I mean,,, it sound like something he would say? Doesn’t it?

    Why do comedians get away with the jokes (insults)??????

  46. wangkos!

    OMG! Those long comment makes me crazy! I also saw the hot forum on richmingle talking about this. I’m going to have a rest now.

  47. my comment

    What do you expect from a dimwit actress.

    She wishes she had Jewish brains.

  48. Narcissist

    She has terrible luck with public relations. Hit and runs, insults, whining.

    But she’s HOT HOT HOT! And slightly off-white! And appears to have razor stubble under her arms in pic 1! And found a happy medium for pregnant wear, in my opinion!

  49. #206 has no protoplasmic value

    Hopefully a meteor will land on your head…

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