Halle Berry makes anti-Semitic joke on Leno

October 23rd, 2007 // 133 Comments

Halle Berry made a joke Friday on The Tonight Show that some are calling anti-Semitic. Halle was promoting her new movie “Things We Lost in The Fire” and was using her laptop to show Jay distorted pictures of herself. Sounds like comedy gold to me. What could possibly go wrong? Page Six reports:

According to one audience member, “She introduced the first photo by saying, ‘Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!’ – it was a picture of her with a huge, distorted nose. No one laughed, and Jay nervously said, ‘I’m glad you said that and not me.’ When the show aired, they cut out her ‘Jewish’ comment and added a laugh track to the bit.”

A very tearful Halle Berry contacted Page Six to set the record straight:

“I so didn’t mean to offend anybody – and after the show I realized it could be seen as offensive, so I asked Jay to take it out, and he did.What happened was I was backstage before the show and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said [of the big-nose picture], ‘That could be your Jewish cousin!’ And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I didn’t. I didn’t mean any harm.

So Halle Berry makes an anti-Semitic joke and who does she blame? The Jews. I believe it’s time to hire a new publicist. You know, one that isn’t Hitler. In the meantime, somewhere, somehow, Mel Gibson has a giant boner.

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  1. ^Jodi


    Yeah – fucking Mor(m)ons! They brought down the Hindenburg, and they baptised the dead! They stole my fucking dog too and ate it with peppers and small rodents. Still can’t believe they killed Diana and tried to blow up the Moon. Fuckers.


  2. PunkA

    #79, Keri Russell is NOT jewish. She is ex-Mormon. Look it up. That list is BS.

  3. Thats Hawt

    Oh Indy!!!

  4. well

    if you hate jews that much and don’t want to support them Punk, maybe you should stay away from hospitals and never watch tv. there is a jew behind pretty much every tv show or movie.

  5. Josh Simpson

    What a bad, bad girl. She needs a spanking for what she said…. from me.

  6. PunkA

    #117, who said anything about hate? lighten up, retard. Jus tsaid that post was too long, like we all needed some huge list to educate us here. sheesh. some people….

  7. me

    nndb.com also says she is jewish

    so does wikipedia
    n 2005, several reports claimed that Russell was set to adopt Scientology, after working with actor Tom Cruise, who is a Scientologist, on Mission: Impossible III. Russell’s representative subsequently threatened to sue the reporter who first made the claim.[6] Stories about the incident had noted that Russell is of Jewish heritage and religion;[6] older reports, which had originally suggested her conversion to Scientology, had mentioned that she was once a member of the Mormon church.[7]

    As of 2007, Russell resides in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn.[citation needed] Russell and Shane Deary, a carpenter she met through mutual friends,[3] became engaged in 2006 and were married on February 14, 2007 in New York.[8] Russell gave birth to a boy, named River Russell Deary, on June 9, 2007.[9] Russell had a midwife-assisted hospital birth;[10] she has described her pregnancy experience as “real great and easy”.[11]

    She also dated Felicity co-star Scott Speedman throughout the show’s run.

  8. it's only been one morning...

    …and already ^Jodi is our least favorite commenter.

  9. PunkA

    a jewish ex-mormon. how confusing. she must feel really persecuted. :)

  10. Dick Richards (Racist)

    Now, You know I don’t have a problem with racial jokes. Actually, I’m quite fond of ‘em. That being said, if it was Naomi Watts, or some shit, and she was looking at a picture of her newborn covered in it’s own shit. Then said to Doushe-Leno, “Here’s a picture of my baby. She’s covered in her own waste, just like black people.”, the NAACP would have Jay Leno’s show cancelled. The less than affable Al Sharpton would be at NBC’s studio protesting; getting his air time. Poor Naomi would be forced to go on rolling-stone-Jesse Jackson’s radio show and perform an anal tongue-washing. This is just a representation of the double standard here in America. What Halle said wasn’t bad. But a lot of the shit people say about blacks isn’t bad either.

  11. she is

    nndb.com says she is jewish too, so does her bio on wikipedia


    says she is of jewish heritage, but attended mormon church

  13. ^Jodi


    Hahaha – I deserve that more than Halle deserved her Oscar.


  14. blpressure

    If it wasn’t for jews there’d be no Larry David and no Cartman to make fun of jews so TV would be in a much worse state.

  15. black man

    i see your point #124

  16. fish is a jew

    I LOVE JEWS< THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. PunkA

    well, i am a mormon. so make fun of me. I don’t care. I have a sense of humor. which some people on here clearly do not. all in good fun.

  18. ahh sooo

    yes! the jews def don’t have a sense of humor…. wait
    by the way napolean, you don’t have very much comdeic range

  19. ^Jodi

    @ 131

    Good for you PunkA – I mean, it doesn’t make up for being a Mormon in the first place, but it’s a small step! Next stop: recanting beliefs! Let’s hit polygamy first.


  20. PunkA

    thanks jodi, but the jews and arabs started polygamy. we just stole it from them, then gave it back. one wife nagging you t odeath is plenty, thanks.

  21. J-Sin

    Can we all agree Jay Leno sucks?

  22. Andy

    Just like a black person can’t be racist, by definition, so too a white person can’t say anything truly “bad” about blacks. Because in all likelihood the worst thing you can think of holds true for at least about half of them. And it’s getting worse all the time, because we don’t talk about it any more. Forget missions to Africa, somebody needs to save the American ghetto-rwandans from themselves, and it sure as hell won’t be Al Sharpton.

  23. J-Sin

    I’m black and i don’t like Sharpton. He doesn’t speak for me. I luuuuuvvv me some Halle though…

  24. PunkA

    I love it when i get me some ice cream with a chocolate/vanilla swirl almost as much as i love halle.

  25. i say

    i saw we have a jewish history month. they are a smaller minority than blacks and have contributed a lot to entertainment, medicine, rocket science etc.
    i like peanut butter, but i was watching good eats with alton brown and found out that george washington carver actually didn’t invent peanut butter, he just grew peanuts.


  26. PunkA

    I though Charles Schulz created Peanuts. He was jewish, no??

  27. anyways

    paul rudd is hot

  28. Italian Stallion

    @96 and 97………

    That’s fucking hilarious. I can’t stop laughing. That’s what sucks about getting high. You can’t spell as well as usual. The whole fact that I was making fun of a bible humper and called them “truely stupid” and spelled truly wrong really made me look like an idiot. I can’t stop laughing……….

  29. deddog

    a joke that doesn’t offend at least one person is not a joke

  30. Ript1&0

    Yeah see, I’ve had this prob too. One day a Jewish friend of mine started off a sentence with, “I don’t want to be a Jew about this, but…..” And then I cracked up laughing, but that wasn’t ok. So people can joke about themselves, but I can’t laugh with them??? Not fair. I love Jews!! It’s just all in good fun.

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  32. D. Richards

    #136. I hope you’re joking. I think you are, but racism didn’t begin when whites started owning blacks. Racism’s been around for eons. The Romans persecuted the jews. Racism. The christians killing the barbarians. Racism. The ethnic cleansing in Africa is the result of racism. And you know that Africa is mostly comprised of black people. I’ve never understood that whole, “black people can’t be racist”, thing. Just because you know what it’s like to be discriminated against makes you impervious to hating others? Sure. I know for a fact that the lighter blacks in a family are looked down upon for being lighter than the rest of the family because it means they might have some white in them. That’s racism right there. Being a racist is a two-way street. You hate whites because of the way they look, or more appropriatly, act? That makes you a fucking racist. I watch black comedians (when flipping through channels). All the shit they say about whites is racist. Not to mention unfunny, and unoriginal. Somebody please explain to me how blacks can’t be racist. Bullshit. Even better, black gangbangers are racist towards hispanics. Check out the gang bullshit in LA county. Right? Right.

  33. anonymous

    at least she did it for the lulz, amirite?

  34. Andie

    For the life of me I can’t figure this shit out. Judaism is a religion, not a race. ANYBODY can be a Jew. How do people ‘look’ Jewish? Seriously, aside from traditional dress or hairstyle how are you supposed to be able to tell? This is so stupid. Can somebody ‘look’ Lutheran? How about Baptist?

    My take on it is this, like I’ve always said:

    Yes, I am very prejudice. I have a huge prejudice against ass holes of every race, color, creed, or gender.

  35. Orally Fixated

    I am so hot for jewish guys. They’re smart, cute, funny, rich, and I heard they were freaky in bed. Any Jewish men want to verify the freaky part?

  36. anyways

    me too #149, esp paul rudd!

  37. bean

    For goodness sake, is it really that big of a deal. She didn ‘t say I hate Jews or anything hurtful. We all need to get over ourselves!!!!

  38. Orally Fixated

    150 Oh yes, Paul Rudd is delicious!

  39. mr. sam

    The comment was offensive in addition to being totally hypocritical, coming from someone whose own nose used to look like this:


  40. masters of earth

    don’t mess with them they own us all

  41. Jasmin

    Geez….I know its wrong to make fun of jews and stuff but, I think people make to much of it sometimes….its just a big nose, if you want to take offense to that that’s just kind of stupid because Halle never said that having a big nose was bad or awful, just that it was big! I think people should lighten up slightly….its not like she said something horribly mean, but then I guess if you let one thing slide….you got to let them all slide, I dont know though I’m just talking to talk!

  42. Jasmin

    I think its more wrong that people think its bad to have big noses,they give people character and add to the diversity of the human race! What wrong with that? Everyone is trained to want small noses, so when someone makes fun of there large nose they get bent out of shape about it! be confident in yourself and dont be so insecure that you get offened by a comment made by someone who you will never meet and care about on a personal level.Why does it matter what they say anyway? be strong and blow it off, Embrace your looks! should big nose people form a big nose group against censoring comments about big noses! No, people would think it was silly! How about when people say shit brown eyes!( people have said that to me before but in a joking way) am I supose to get pissed that there making fun off brown eyed people! If there going to start doing that then they should just ban all joking, cause most jokes kind of have a mean undertone to them so thats why you have to laugh it off cause its not meant to be serious.that just ridiculous to get pissed off at Halle cause she said she looked Jewish in a picture….get mad at Halle if she says maybe something like she hates them for now reason…… or that there noses are ugly, that I think is bad.

  43. Jasmin

    Im ethiopian, egyptian, and Puerto-Rican, but I look like a real light skinned black girl…people don’t know that and most of the time just call me black which I dont mind at all….its just easier that way because there really is nothing you can call me besided a mixed baby:) I’ve been called oreo before by friends(black and white) and it makes me laugh, cause it’s cute I think….but I know some people who ask me like “wouldnt you get offended by that?” And I say”why? I love who I am and my natonalities, people who get offended are not proud or happy with what they are, and are insecure….and I’m not any of that”

  44. Jasmin

    K….get your facts strait and speak for yourself….Ive seen double standards on both sides….its stupid to try to compare who has it more fair than the other..thats childish.. children usually allways fight about whats fair and whats not fair because there immature and selfish and cannot see that nothing in life is going to be equal for everyone….if it were than there would be no conflict and sadness in the world only happiness….and that concept is unrealistic and Juvenile. BECAUSE LIFE IS NOT FAIR….for anybody…..we all are going to have bad stuff happen in our lives and were all going to die. WHITE OR BLACK…….speak for yourself cause I have never tried to act persecuted cause I’m a minority……I love being a minority and I dont need anyone to lower any standards for me…..I dont need white peoples sympathy or for them to do anything for me for that matter,thank you very much. Racist people are too worried about other people and not enough about themselves.

  45. ^Jodi

    Some people are obviously running for President in here. Good luck on the campaign trail!

    We don’t need essays – we need MORE STEREOTYPES.


  46. Jasmin

    I’ll write as much as I want……if your to lazy to read it all then don’t.

  47. Jasmin

    reading is good for you and it never hurt nobody.

  48. ^Jodi

    Dear Jasmin,

    You may be indicative of the problem here: you assumed the comment was directed at you. For example, Berry’s comment wasn’t actually directed at ANYBODY in particular, nor was it directed at Jews as a grouping, yet there will be those who will assume it was directed at them.

    As for me being too lazy (you need to learn the difference between “too” and “to” – it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it), I don’t HAVE to read every post in here to qualify for comments. Part of the ridiculous post-irony here is that I can choose to be ignorant, whilst still knowing what’s going on, then comment and piss you off unintentionally. Brainfuck or what? Wow. It’s like we are living in the moment that already didn’t happen again. Bogus. You know, I don’t even know what the fuck I’m talking about right now…and you are probably still reading, because you think this comment is really all about you, and you j.u.s.t. c.a.n.n.o.t. s.t.o.p.


  49. jela

    I’m jewish and I have a big nose, so what?
    I find the joke funny
    whoever was offended is a dumbass

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