Halle Berry is single

April 30th, 2010 // 86 Comments

Gabriel Aubry has reportedly kicked Halle Berry to the curb but at least was decent enough to do it before he stuck his penis in much younger women who aren’t aging before his eyes. And thanks to Tiger Woods and Jesse James, that’s actually remarkably chivalrous. RadarOnline reports:

“Gabriel just felt it wasn’t working anymore,” the source says. “When they were first together the 9-year age difference between them didn’t phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated and he was totally in love. But as time went on he started feeling it more and more.
“Also, Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to others, and he felt it just wasn’t right to stay with Halle in those circumstances.
“Gabriel is a really nice, decent guy and he would never cheat on her, but I suspect that he had become attracted to someone and that he felt he needed to break it off with Halle before anything developed any further.”

I’d offer myself as a rebound, but Gabriel has probably turned Halle off to dating anyone attractive and possibly even men at this point. Which makes it a great day to be Samantha Ron- wait, I said men.

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  1. Que

    Que where line begin?

  2. itsme

    i wanna eat her dirty black asshole

  3. Ryan

    Poor Halle, I’ll have to pick up the pieces and begin where this douche model guy left off.

  4. gigi

    eh, feh….. wasn’t it inevitable? next…

  5. Disco Dave

    She’s got to be ultra boring in bed or something. This is the third or fourth guy that’s cheated on her.

  6. Finally! I have a shot!

  7. Nameless

    When you are as fine as she is and can’t hold a man’s attention, there’s got to be something wrong. She probably wants sex only a couple times a year.

    Rest of the time, the dude has to fend for himself.

  8. Pigs live in mud

    The bitch is getting old and her hair is manly. Why would a good looking white guy want to stick around and watch her getting old when he knows he can score a fine blonde…long lovely blonde hair. OR brunette or redhed etc.
    Good move.

  9. Rick James

    OH YOU KNOW YOU GOT JUNGLE FEVER NOW!!!! She still looks amazing!!

  10. Tiger Woods

    CALL ME !!!

  11. Valerie

    that was cool of him. Most people lie, cheat and sneak around, like me.

  12. Gweb

    I’d still jizz in Halle Berry.

  13. Tek

    Hey looked suspect to me, so that pretty much explains it. Hell, I heard they didn’t even concieve their child the conventional way… so maybe he pulled a Ricky Martin.

    Anyway, I still love me some Halle. Come to daddy, Halle. I’m available and I don’t give a shit if you’re a decade and a half older than me, you’re still fine! ^_^

  14. JungleRed

    Which of the following best applies?
    a) He’s gay.
    b) He couldn’t take the crazy anymore. (I mean, come on, she’s an actress.)
    c) He’s banging someone else, the press just hasn’t found her yet.
    d) All of the above.

  15. McHuge

    @ #6 – you’re right, every guy she gets cheats on her – she’s probably bad in the sack or doesn’t want it at all… such a shame.

  16. Meh

    A fine lady. I want to eat that ass.

  17. Jammy

    Well im not at all suprised, i knew it would only be a matter of time before he got bored of her, good looking guys like that can never stay faithful because they have too many other options available to them, studies show that relationships where the woman is better looking tend to work out the best because the man is the one who dictates the dynamic of the relationship and if the womans better looking than him he will work harder to maintain the relationship and keep her happy. He should of thought about leaving her before they had a child together because that is a life long commitment, unless he was just in it for the money. Hopefully he doesnt try to milk her for alimony or child support becasue that would add insult to injury.

  18. being Rough, in a classless world

    He’s a pussy. I heard, he’s running because he cuts his upper lips on her nappy nether region several times. That’s no excuse to bail…Take the pain!

  19. Carolyn

    The nine year age difference didn’t FAZE him, not PHASE. I see this more and more.

  20. Carolyn

    The nine year age difference didn’t FAZE him, not PHASE. I see this more and more.

  21. Wow, do the racists just wait for you to post anything related to anyone brown or NOT completely white?! Halle’s mom is white, but I guess to racists if you’re not pasty and blonde you’re “Black.” Go buy a box of crayons, pull out the black one, and think back to kindergarten when you learned your colors. Idiots.

  22. fap

    What a joke: some random guy who’s name we’ve only heard of in conjunction with Halle Berry, thinks he’s better than Halle Berry? fff good luck mate =)

  23. Fey

    A nice guy my ass! the only reason he didn’t hook up with another chick before leaving Halle was so that he wouldn’t jepordize his part of the alimony payments he expects to be recieving as part of thier divorce settlement. When the guy cheats the courts usually look down on that and they don’t recieve as much money. He probably went into the marriage looking for a payout.

  24. ME

    Halle is gettin old. She is not as famous or good-looking as she used to be. So why would a young attractive guy stay with her.

  25. aras1234@yahoo.com

    As for all the racist comments that pop up on here every time there is a post on someone who is even slightly not perfectly white, you have to accept that there are other races in this world other than caucasian, you can’t choose what race your born so theres no reason to be making racist comments everytime there is a post of a black person or some other minority, they didn’t choose to be born black. Black peolpe and minorities are here to stay whether you like it or not so why not make the best of it and just stop the hate.

  26. Sam

    opps acidentally posted my e-mail, i have several, rarely use this one, hopefully everyone is mature enough on her not to send me stuff

  27. mensa

    @ 28-29 too late, I already forwarded you my Viagra and penis enlargement spam mail. Too bad.

  28. JungleGreen

    @23 and 27: THANK YOU!!

    Every time I read ridiculous, racist comments on this site, I just try to chant in my head: “They’re 15 years old and they just want attention. They’re 15 years old and they just want attention.” Which, 90% of the time, I think must be true…

  29. Fati87

    Single and ugly. I don’t see her appeal. Monkey face with stick-out ears. Blah.

  30. ham

    I’d like to point out that every human being is, in fact, aging before your very eyes. On topic though, I always thought she’s beautiful and spunky, and can definitely do better than some model guy. Please, there are plenty of similar-looking dudes dying to take his place, if beauty is what she goes for. I just feel bad for the child they had together.

  31. issi


    no wonder he dumped her- she doesnt know how to behave in public- he is quality- he doesnt need a woman embarassing him like that. you dont kiss other men in public like that and keep a guy like him.silly woman!

  32. tuesday

    @23, 27, 30 – i prefer overt racist, at least i know where they stand. i hope you’ll not waste your time and energy on such topics on this site. after all, it is called the superficial. there are a ton of other sites that promote equality and unity.

    as for the post, halle is a mother over 40 and pretty damn hot! i’ve seen her in person and she’s a stunner. i’ve heard she’s a handful though. i think she probably needs to get with an older guy whose not in the business or a crew guy who understands the crazy, like jessica alba and her man. he’s an AD, he’s experienced at dealin’ with actor bullshit.

  33. Zed

    The cliche appears to be true: “Someone, somewhere, is fed up with her”.

  34. captain america

    …………Please Continue!!

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  36. cellphone

    This is what’s called ‘politely calling it quits’ folks.

  37. bimbamboing

    Is there someone who wanna call it quits!? No!? Okay,then it’s still on!

  38. gando

    That’s very well-mannered of him to call it quits before whoring around!

  39. bill

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  40. marie

    wanna bang her too. shame on u Gabriel!

  41. who dat

    Halle needs therapy. She was abused as a child. Therefore she constantly chooses guys who treat her like shit. She will never be satisfied in a relationship, until she deals with her issues.

  42. Not far from the bottom of the hill now old lady

    She’s getting old looking the dude can do waaay the fuck better. He got what he wanted now he is going to move onto whiter I mean greener pastures.

  43. vaganogo

    O.K its official…….her coochie is made out of sandpaper that flows toxic liquid if your are even lucky enough to get her wet.

  44. julio tena

    i like know her and married…. kisses Halle Berry !!

  45. cmon

    for those of you who are saying that men cheating on her means she is “bad in the sack”, maybe its the exact opposite. maybe shes so awesome, powerful, and amazingly hot that these lesser known dudes get inadequacy complexes and feel the need to recoup some of their manliness by cheating on her with women that do not intimidate them. i mean, remember the liz hurley/hugh grant debacle? methinks its the same thing here. bc there is no way around it, she is freaking gorgeous.

  46. toni

    i’m so tired of how this bitch is considered so beautiful. the ho has had plastic surgery. she’s hardly a natural beauty. overrated .

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