Halle Berry is clear for breast feeding

October 9th, 2007 // 52 Comments

Halle Berry made an appearance on Letterman last night and she’s definitely getting that pregnant glow about her. I also couldn’t help but notice her breasts, I mean eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful and plump and round. Yes, they truly are the window into the nipple. I mean, soul. Window into the soul. Halle Berry has a beautiful soul. I’m interested in her as a human being and not as a giant mammary canyon that I could build a cabin in. And possibly start a ranch of mid-size cattle. Do you think there’s room for a duck pond?

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  1. leatherdaddy

    she looks old, 7 FIRST!!!!

  2. aaaaaaaaaa


  3. leatherdaddy

    i meant & instead of 7. THIRD! too

  4. Mike

    Soon to be the MILF of MILFs.

  5. Auntie Kryst

    Old? No way, she looks great. I bet she can even fit in her Catwoman suit again except she’ll need even a bigger top.

  6. havoc

    Halle Berry with big tits. It doesn’t get any better than that…..


  7. jrzmommy

    So how long til the father dumps her?

  8. lux

    Soon she’ll be wearing pads in her bra to keep from staining her clothes and smell like rotten milk. Yeah…that’s sexy.

  9. jenny

    she’s so…..

  10. lux

    That hair is horrible. It looks like a wig. She is one of the few women beautiful enough to look better with short hair.

  11. but, but...

    …but she said anal wouldn’t lead to children! another 18 years of child support? aarrggh.

  12. She was hottest in “Boomerang”

  13. I was wondering about the 7 leatherdaddy 6, pretty much9 thought it was a ty4po

  14. I wonder if chocolate milk comes out? That would rule.

  15. freakwad

    who is the father?

    she looks amazing.

  16. mister answerful

    The father is Mike Tyson

  17. Oh I love his chicken tenders

  18. mister answerful

    ohyeah!!! and have you tried the new flavor? it’s called “Ears”. they are scream-your-head-off good. Although nothing is as tastey as the date rape flavor.

  19. leatherdaddy

    hey frist, where have you been? i was hoping to be second too. aaaaaaaa messed that up for me.

  20. igroovin

    she looks cute:)ehhh, i look at her and her man and they just dont fit together. it has nothing to do with race, there’s just something that isnt right about them. he’s sexy but also very feminine looking or something.

  21. igroovin

    she looks like janet jackson with long hair.

  22. boobies

    She’s purdy and her boobs have always been big, infact they ain’t growing that much compared to some preg ladies (slama and haguillera). Berry actually looks best with short hair which is really rare most women look like nasty dykos (no offense lesbians) with pixie cuts but Halle actually looks best with one. Something about her face she ends up looking a little plain and mousy with long hair which is strange cuz long flowing hair is so feminie and beautiful… when it’s real which I guess it never is in Hollywood.

  23. Spongebob Gangsta

    She’s using him for his genes. Procreating with an enhanced potential for attractive progeny. It’s like having sex while holding a magic power crystal in hand.

  24. PunkA

    Great legs on that preggo babe. She looks pretty HAWT. Of course, she is only 4 months, so she still has time to go Hayek on us.

  25. Well, leatherdaddy, you should focus less on the number you are and more on yout typng skiills cause that’s raelyy all that mattters


    See? That was dumd, cause it took me 5 minutes just to write this.

    Ear flavor, eh?

  26. leatherdaddy


  27. SouthAfricanHottie

    shes hot..no doubt! but she has nothing on me….fuck im hot..

    this is why im hot:

    im hot coz im fly!!!

  28. Minthon

    I’d like to see her really throw herself into motherhood, and do a great job at it. Not because I care about her or think Hollywood should have at least a few role models – I just want her to stop making movies.

  29. NoAngel

    She looks great, and happy.

    I have nothing else to say.

  30. veggi

    wow, #29, that was really interesting to read. thanks for commenting.

  31. BodaciousBoobs

    Those bodacious ta ta’s look yummy. After the child is born maybe get a picture of the baby resting it head on Halle’s chest looking at the camera with a milk moustache and a caption that say’s “GOT MILK?”

  32. craigj

    I love pregger boobs.

    She really doesn’t look all that tired. I guess she’s not chucking up every morning.

  33. mother fucking veggi

  34. You can see she enjoys being a star

    in 1986 She was 1st runner up in the Miss USA Universe pageant

    and the winner in the Miss USA World Pageant later that year

  35. yolatengo

    her baby daddy is HOT

  36. jrzmommy

    At least she picked the right dad, to dilute some of the dysgenic material in the egg.

  37. CS


    That’s racist! ):^(

  38. Tiffany

    Mammary canyon!

  39. blah

    LOL @ 36…. Dumb ass ugly white bitch

  40. J-Sin

    #36. Fucking racist bitch.

  41. nagger please

    people only make a big deal out of her because she is half simian.

  42. J-Sin

    @#41 and your mother is half whore.

  43. p0nk

    These pictures make me uneasy. I read somewhere that we often think they’re smiling and waving, but actually they’re showing their teeth and trying to make themselves look bigger, in an aggressive display. I wonder who provoked Halle?

  44. Mama Pinkus

    Hmmmm……yet another Hollywood actress squeezing one out before her career and her crotch dry up. Yawn.

  45. jacknasty

    Congrads Halle! You are a crappy actress, but I am sure you will be a great MILF!

  46. Makemepuke


  47. Too funny

    36. jrzmommy,

    You should probably pray for some of that good dysgenic material so you can finally grow an ass, get some shape, have some rhythm.. good skin.. good teeth.. basically, have normal genes. And hopefully don’t fall apart and look like crap after 25, like every other white broad I know does. Corny jealous cunt

  48. Blondamnation

    #20-I agree about the father-he doesn’t fit with her, he’s too pretty and feminine looking. She needs to balaance her good looks with someone more rugged.
    #36-???? WTF? That was a cheap shot and not even funny. What’s the point?

    Oh and #47-Aren’t you stereotyping? I look way better now than I did at 25, 2 kids and size 3..don’t generalize the way other poeple do

  49. sexy pretty gorgeous classy decent mom! wish i had a mum like halle berry~

  50. really?

    “so you can finally grow an ass, get some shape, have some rhythm.. good skin.. good teeth..”

    You forgot to mention develop a taste for watermelon and fried chicken! Way to demonstrate two wrongs making rampant idiocy.

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