Halle Berry’s child will not go hungry

October 25th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Halle Berry attended the London premiere of her new movie Things We Lost in the Fire last night and she brought out the big guns. Sure, she’s in some hot water for her anti-Semitic joke on Leno last week, but I think Halle Berry has made a generous peace offering. Or two. (Hint: I’m talking about her boobs. In case you got lost back there.)

Photos: Splash News, Getty Images

  1. PunkA

    Thanks for the mammoreies Halle!!!!!

    Chunky butt outweighed by her nice developments.

  2. haha


  3. haha

    fuck u punka!

  4. Piet


  5. Second:)

    Why is she so shallow… Gabriel must love the feeding sessions, hehehehe

  6. Those things are nice!

  7. spy

    That diva is stupid….She never looked that good anyway.

    Imagine her talking about any topic other than herself for five minutes….. Impossible!

  8. jimbo

    awesome. i would’ve busted a nut if i hadn’t jacked off 3 times today. so far. oops. too late.

  9. HalleInAfrica

    Halle should go to Africa with Paris. She’s gotta enuf milk to end starvation.

  10. Bigheadmike

    I never realized she was that busty….. Milk it does a body good.

  11. Hecubus

    If I hit her repeatedly in the stomach with a baseball bat until it was completely flat then she’d be damn fuckable, until then though I couldn’t fuck her with that huge baby belly. It’s like fucking while a dog watches you or something, it’s just not cool.

  12. Alfred Nobel's Ghost

    Ok, what retard gave Al Bore my peace prize. Take it back & give it to Halle for the nice cans, or I will haunt your ass. You don’t piss off a ghost who knows how to blow shit up!

  13. JP

    12- I hope you feel suicidal.

  14. Balls Johnson

    What about fucking a dog while humans watch? Is that cool? if so……… I’m the shit……..

  15. Fumus

    Ew…she’s preggers…

    Don’t do preg, don’t do beasty.

    Unless the dog is really hot.

    Inwhich case…

    no no just kidding.

  16. BABY

    OHHH MYYY!!!!




  17. Paco

    Considering they are mostly Silicone they may go hungry

  18. Karmacidal

    Stay classy, Hecubus.

    And wow, she looks beautiful. I mean, even more so than usual. Did anyone see her drinking pepper juice on Leno? Crazy chick.

  19. Chester

    Oh, baby. Oh, baby MOMMA.

  20. Dr. Phil

    This advice is for her unborn child: I suggest you breast feed until you’re 15.

    It’s the same advice I gave J-Lo’s twins, by the way.

  21. MrSemprini

    Really now… Think how old that milk is…

  22. @8 Fuck you troll. Get a life you fucking losser.

  23. ilovehalle

    ridiculously hot from the boobs up…

  24. chimpy

    Are those tits real? ’cause if they are I’m in loove, deep in loove.

  25. She really is an elegant woman. I wished I had designed her dress…

  26. fatty fatty 2x4

    Woooohhhhh she is gonna get FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.
    Her ass is already cellulite city.

  27. schalack

    actually, cellulite is hereditary. I should know. I have a TON of it.

  28. Frick

    I was about to say, Wow, stunning!…and then I got a load (haha) of her diaper butt. And the bizarre shape of the dress in general, once you get past the top part. @25…yes, I believe those milk duds are au naturel; haven’t you seen her topless in some of her past films? They sag too much to be fake. But she is a beauty; She’s mulatto and definetly got the best of both worlds from her white & black genes.

  29. feg

    her ass is not going to recover. she’s going to end up with a Kirstie Alley shape you watch.

  30. jcwbnimble

    MMMMMMMMM! Sweater meat! OOOOOH! Snack trays! AAAAWWW! Jumblies!

  31. nipolian

    Holy 21 Jump Street!!!!! Those fun bags are giagugic.

  32. lulu

    why is she rarely photographed with her hottie babydaddy????…

  33. luisa

    is she having a boy or girl?

  34. We were all thinking that Angelina Jolie was the philanthropist – Halle Berry could end world hunger right now!

  35. KamUK

    She looks fucking brilliant.

  36. Zeuz

    OMFG !!! the things i’d do with those…

  37. kpol

    Does anyone else think “ready for the porno money shot” when they look at picture 3?

  38. hill

    ok, ok I know you gain weight when your preggers, but can we PLEASE avoid the back fat showing?!? please? Good god, I just puked. And her ass? Good luck getting rid of THAT!… very kardashian if you ask me.

  39. dude

    Holy shiite muslim.

  40. Roxie

    “OMFG !!! the things i’d do with those…”

    Like what, exactly? I could understand saying that type of thing about a girl’s pussy, or even her ass (you sick fuckers, you just love to see us mixing pleasure with pain, don’t you?). But boobs? Unless you’re living out some type of mommy fixation, they should hold your attention for only a little while, on your way to the places where the grownups live.

  41. Texas Tranny

    Blue looks good on her.

    Has anybody noticed her……………………TITS?

  42. DD's

    Never heard of a titty-fuck?. Oh your so small your BF can’t do that?
    I love to have a hard cock sliding in between my tits up to my mouth and then the jiz shot on my face.

  43. Rusty

    Eh … not my style. I prefer ‘em to be a bit more natural. Those just look silly.

    Sorry … I had to say it.

  44. titty fucking is for people who are bad in bed and stupid teenagers

    DD you must be an ugly slut with a dried up nonsensitive vagina if you let your bf titty-fuck, your prob a young boy.
    that shit is a joke.

  45. Roxie

    #44 – sorry, I forgot to specify that my comment didn’t apply to sex with hookers.

  46. Brenna

    that dress is awesome.

  47. DDDD

    yes, i love it when my 13 year old bf bumps his “head” on the chin of my ugly zit filled face. that is the only kind of ‘sex’ we have because i don’t want a baby and im too poor to by condoms and i don’t give good head, and im not exhibitionist enough for anal.
    i have big tits that look like a road map, that means im pretty and he likes me.



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