Halle Berry has a baby girl

March 17th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Halle Berry gave birth to a baby girl last night which is extremely fortunate. These pics from Saturday suggest that baby is about to pull some Alien action at any minute. No one bursts through Halle Berry’s mochalicious chest on my watch. You hear me, fetus! People reports:

Halle Berry – who only recently said, “I want to stay pregnant forever” – had a baby girl Sunday and “is doing great,” her rep has confirmed.

Hopefully, Halle’s daughter will continue the legacy of Berry super sexification. God forbid she follows the sad pattern of hot actresses giving birth to circus freaks. I believe the scientific term is “Acquired Rumer Willis Syndrome Of Mutant Grossness” – or ARWSOMG!!

Photos: Splash News

  1. KATHY

    i doubt anything that comes from Halle will be like that poor ugly Rumer…..

  2. keller1974

    Hooray for Halle and Gabriel; they are, no doubt, over the moon. I’m sure the baby will be absolutely gorgeous, like her parents!

  3. sidv

    Another Scary Spice story?

  4. fergernauster

    Her man is the epitome of male beauty.

  5. sam

    Scary Spice doesn’t have a double chin.

  6. kitty cupcakes

    that jamocha baby is going to be foxy fine

  7. JM

    I don’t want to sound racist here, but holy cow that van is white.

  8. Did I tell you all I am the daddy??

  9. Hank

    Come on, Fish, be brave. Find some story about a super-skinny white model and proclaim her incredible hotness, especially compared to Scary Spice (complete with a handy link back to that story). I want to see some more 200+ comment threads, and that’s not going to happen otherwise, unless somebody dies (“RIP! An angel!”) or Jennifer Love Hewitt is photographed trying on pants while wearing Maidenform briefs that, on her, look like a thong.

  10. Congratulations, Jimbo!!

  11. Great. Is it wrong that I no longer wanna fuck her?

  12. I am sure your girlfriend is ecstatic..

  13. fergernauster

    I need to see what the beautiful mocha-babe looks like…

  14. mike

    Jimbo’s girlfriend has chronic tendonitis.

  15. howsoon

    Her boyfriend isn’t black so she better get to work on that fat ass soon.

  16. agree

    Good for them. Isaw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a lthyRomance.com” last Oct. Apparently she met her husband on that site.

  17. morga

    those sunglasses are awful

  18. alec

    Don’t worry, the baby will resemble her — as soon as it also gets a nose job and a weave.

  19. FRIST, I told her when I first found out. She knew Halle was on my celb pass list so everything is OK.

  20. fergernauster

    See the reflection in her sunglasses?…! That white complex?…!


  21. Funny – I was just going to say her expression indicates she’s looking at something disgusting.

  22. #18 – they don’t look so bad when you imagine them covered in lines of ejaculate…

  23. #12 Halle is going to be so disappointed..

  24. Kind of nice to see a celebrity actually look preg. Her kid will be gorgeous.

  25. Rachel

    She did a good job of carrying that baby. See, some of them ARE made to be breeders. The important point is that it’s not a problem until they get on welfare.

  26. Hey "B"


    Congrads girl. Expected the child in April (?), from I read previously. Hopefully, everything’s on the “green” to go….Take care and hope to hear in ten to fifteen years more good news. Keep the chin up, and the good work, love you all….Take care (God Bless)..Tell them haters, “Talk to the Hand”. Peace…

  27. want meds

    #21–how in the world did you decide to look at the reflection in her glasses? pretty funny, tho.

  28. Trover

    I hear the kid came out and asked for some Ribs, some malt liquor and some Barry White tunes. Oh yeah….

  29. rosa

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  30. bootlips

    Gonna wash that nig right outta my genes.

  31. Little McBeaner

    id lay my peter to rest on that nose

  32. kimmy4lsu

    i hope some of you racist assholes never breed. oh, and halle’s mixed black/white by the way, so all those stupid ass comments about ribs and weave are just ridiculous. look at skanks like britney spears and tara reid, then get back to me about why you want to immediately say stupid, stereotypical bs about anyone that isn’t white.

  33. Jimmyjam

    Yea, really smart woman…meet pretty boys, have one move in, mate with this pretty boy, go around saying how great it is to be pregnant and soon to be a mom which is what you always wanted…didn’t want to get to really know this guy first, then go to marriage, then get pregnant…naw, what do those idiots know about life and raising kids?

    Me, Halle Berry, well I know it all and this kid is mine…like my pets. Who needs a man beyond just the sperm? If this guy doesn’t work out, down the road he goes…I can raise a kid by myself…I know it all! Fuck the laws of nature, I’ll define what works and what doesn’t!

    I know this shit ’cause my head has been in shit so long!

  34. Samhain

    This psycho bitch is in for a rude awakening. She’s probably on the phone right now, screaming at her agent to get her a nanny ASAFP. “I need my beauty sleep for my “People” cover tomorrow and this thing won’t shut up!!!!!”

    She ran over someone and “forgot” about it…had an illegitimate kid – what ever will she do next for attention?

  35. Jo

    There r the most ignorant people on this. The statements that people have made about Halle r ridiculous. Everyone other celeb can do the same thing, but u have negative comments to say when she does it. Right!

  36. steve80

    She’s having a baby with male model who’s 10 years younger, and spends all his time on photo shoots with girls who are half her age and twice as good looking. Halle sure knows how to pick ‘em.

  37. Amber

    Some of you are racist and ignorant. What a shame.
    I’d hate to be in high school with some of you all.
    I’d put some of you on spot and leave you embarrassed.
    Halle Berry is biracial herself.
    Now I really see how white people talk amongst themselves.
    America will never prosper..ugh…so negative.
    God just shakes his head I bet.

    All people care about is skinny girls, that’s not so attractive.
    How is having a fat butt equal to actually being fat?
    I think I know why white people obsess with being skinny,
    b/c if they get fat, it doesn’t look hot..no hips, no butt, no curves.
    Their fat doesn’t go in the right places like some of us ethnic groups :)

    So..anyway..every other woman can do anything and not be blamed,
    but once Halle Berry comes up, the negativity sparks. Jealous people!
    I hope she does good to blow out all the HATERS.
    Congrats to Halle and her beautiful baby.
    I hope they’re doing well.

  38. newnew

    whatever…bake your skin to look like us, don’t wash your hair to have it locked up like us and try to shake your ass to the beat of our music

    admit it whities
    u want 2 be black


  39. whitenproud

    to newnew,

    no, you monkeys want to be like us! look @ your role model halle berry! Famous Whites don’t breed with Blacks! Remember this Nigglet!

  40. B

    #38 How much of a hypocrite can you be? You say that white people are judging others and then you put us down? And how do you know there all white people making them comments anyways. Other races can be just as racist.

    Just because theres a few fuckheads doesnt mean that “white people” all think like that.

    I cant believe how racist and ignorant you really are.

    Its funny…you try to make a point and it totally backfires on you. Just didn’t think huh?

  41. Listen

    #40-How can you say that famous white don’t breed with black? In slavery days white where raping the black women, why their white women was in the main house.

    The white man somweimes took the baby and tried to raise as it own if it was light to pass as white or kill if it was to dark, because it was not to be known that he had been with a colored women. And the white women was sleeping with black men as well. How do you think mix kids started?

    You need to check your facts on who started f****ing who (WHITES). Blacks didn’t start this whole racial affair whites did. Not trying to sound racists

  42. Mr Miyagi

    my neighbour’s dog’s name is Nuhla.

  43. daisy

    halle is beautiful, congrats on the baby girl. i know she is stunning, like her mom and daddy.

  44. jojo

    All of you people who commented negatively are ignorant and insensitive. Halle Berry is a human being , not to mention a diabetic who had a healthy baby. Do you t hink she really gives a shit about what you think!
    Halle you are beautiful and talented!!! Congratulations and enjoy your new baby girl!!!

  45. sonia

    all those haters who posted negative comments are very hateful and ignorant towards halle. halle berry and her boyfriend are both beautiful and so will be her baby so do me a favor stop hating. halle you are beautiful. congratulations on your baby girl so proud to hear the news.PS i am only 13 and you are my favorite actor.
    love you

  46. Biracial Love


    Halle and your boyfriend looks so wonderful together. Your baby girl must look so beautiful.

    I am black women who has a white husband. We have a biracial child. I am hoping that my daughters would marry a white man. The children look so beautiful mixed. They look better than pure children. If, my sons would marriage black or half some eles the mixed would stay in the family.

    Biracial children has the best of both worlds.

    my daughter (Adrianna which is eleven)is light complexed with long beautiful brown curlie hair that she can wear striaght or curly. She has very beautiful feature.

    My son ( David who is 7)is a curlie blond with Hazel eyes. He has more European looks than my daughter has.

    My younger son (Sean who is 5) has red curlie hair & freeckles with green eyes like his dad. Both of my sons skin is fair. May be they can pass.

    My daughter ( Mercedes who is 3) is very gorgous She has beautiful dark green eyes and her hair is redish blond. She looks very exotic looking. She has mariah carey skin tone. Mercedes hair has naturally large spirally curls all over her head.

    Yes, I do have one more. My new baby which 12 month.( Mariah) she is beautiufl. Since ,she is so young i do not know if she would beable to pass or not. She has jet black curlie hair so far and light green eyes. She is very creamy white skin. She looks like an porclain doll.

    My children are very beautiful My children feature are so different and so amazing to look like. I must be the most happiest & blessed women in America.

    I do love my race but mixed children have advantage. They just look better.

  47. I’am a white person and I can’t believe what I am hearing. Stop acting like their isn’t any white people on welfare or have any children out of wedlock, is their any fat white peope (yes) is their not any white people with weave or big ass noses (yes) what would make you people think that black people want to be like you no asses can see your veins through your skin, wrinkles at 30 year old looking like you are at least 45 at 30. and for the white guys thats making stupid ass comments your are just hatters because no one wants you dickless ass and your women is always in some black guys face and for the white women with your comments if they would have your ass you would be all up in their faces. and as for the black women that is married to the white man you have to be the most vain I ever heard up good you think your birracial children are beautiful (that’s you opinion) because they are your children. Because I’ve seen Beautiful all white children and Beautiful all black children or whatever you are being Hispanic or Indian or whatever. I know haters when I read them Some black guy on welfare with a malt liquor bottle must have stole your white women,

  48. If you want to talk about someone talk about that trash Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Linsey Lohan and out of wedlock teenager Jamie Spears seems as though they have had some Malt Liquor Oh they get drunk and kiss all over each other and grind on each other how gay or sleep with your daughter hold her captive for 24 years having sex with her and fathering her; 7 children Iam a hispanic women I can’t stand the fact that someone could say what Ive read.

  49. GOD bless you, Halle, Gabriel & Nahla! ! ! Welcome to this world – make awesome changes – LOVE GOD!
    * Halle if you need a babysitter – - hit me up diva! ;-D

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