Halle Berry’s Boobs Went to a Thing


I’m all for Aaron Carter trying to get his life back together, but watching him do these pity party interviews is starting to make me want to get addicted to benzos too. [TooFab]

Andrea Bocelli is like the Chuck Norris of blind musicians — the guy windsurfs, skateboards, and horseback — OH SHIT HE FELL! [TMZ]

American Idol’s dumpster fire is starting to smolder: Katy Perry might be dropping out due to delays. [BreatheHeavy]

The only thing wrong with Young Joc wearing a dress, is that dress… [Dlisted]

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are getting divorced after 8 years if that does anything for you. [Perez]

One day at a time, Anthony Weiner is praying away his “bad habits”… Oh, you mean sexting teenagers, Anthony? [WWTDD]

To all these people trying to make Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci into this friendly talk show personality — stop. Just stop. This guy is a piece of shit. [EvilBeet]

Arranged relationship for publicity, my patootie! Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner will fly 2,500 miles just to have dinner, see a movie, and have their picture taken together! That’s REAL LOVE! [IDLY]

Ted Cruz’ pornogate saga continues (he likes sex now btw). [Celebitchy]