Halle Berry & Sarah Palin Are Related

We already know Halle Berry is batshit crazy, but what we didn’t know is that it apparently runs in the family. Extra reports:

“You wanna know who I’m related to?,” said Berry. “Sarah Palin… That’s what I said! Ah!”
She added, “In some twisted way… somebody sent me this information that she was my distant…”

Keep in mind, Halle Berry dropped this bomb seconds after Tom Hanks revealed he’s related to Abraham Lincoln, so for all we know the voices in her head went, “BLICKA BLABBA SLOOPA SLABBA!” But if it is true, by misusing Halle Berry’s misuse of the One Drop Theory we can safely say Sarah Palin is black and another glaring example of how our education system fails minorities. Fortunately, she has a giant penis, so that evens the playing field. Another racial calamity solved, America, well played.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN